JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

HammondCast 29 KYOURADIO and KYCY Jon Hammond Hosting

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 29 HERE:

Jon Hammond HammondCast 29, Jon Hammond tells the story of meeting an actual ZIMMERMAN on his Wanderjahre at the bar of his friend's club UPTOWN NIGHTCLUB in Oakland CA. Zimmerman men are a centuries-old tradition in Germany of Carpenter Apprentices who walk around for one year fixing people's roofs and learning the trade of a Carpenter, without pay for food and lodging only..and there he was at the Uptown Nightclub! It is said that it's very good luck to see a Zimmerman! Music from Michael Maier-Falkenstein's cd "Hammond Explosion" original compositions: "Cry Until it Feels Good", "Time with You" and Jon's composition "Six Year Itch" covered nicely by Michael. Also a feature of Oakland drummer Ronnie Smith Jr. on "Thing in C Minor" *Songs from Jon’s new album “NDR SESSIONS Projekt” “Skylark” & “Our Day Will Come” on KYOU Radio 1550 AM's "Afternoon Slide" weekdays 3pm-3.45 Jon Hammond is a member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Union & ASCAP © http://www.HammondCast.com
Other Official Jon Hammond Hammond Cast Links:
ASCAP Network

HammondCast Blog


Jon Hammond International Powered by WebTV

Jon Hammond Band MySpace

Michael Maier Falkenstein, Wanderjahre, Wolfgang Luecke, Six Year Itch, Jon Hammond, Musikmesse, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, NDR Jazz, Axel Duerr, Knut Benzner, Blues, B3 Organ, ASCAP Network

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"BLUES IN THE MOSCOW WHITE NIGHTS" Jon Hammond and Igor Butman in Moscow Russia


Most of the day I stayed in the room practicing my instrument and looking out at Red Square. Jennifer and I wanted to get to the club early so that we could get a sound check and settle in. Faina picked us up and we stuffed my organ and all our equipment in her compact car and off we went to Le Club in the Taganka Theatre Building.
When we arrived the big friendly doormen picked up my heavy cases like they were toothpicks and brought them up the stairs for me! Vladimir the sound engineer for the club was very smooth and professional, and a very nice guy. We got a good sound on the organ and then came Eduard Zizak the great drummer! I had already met Eduard in New York the week before when he was there performing with Igor's quartet at Birdland. Eduard is an incredible drummer and also a very nice guy. We made a little soundcheck and right away I could tell that he had listened to my music and we would lock up with some very tight grooves...no problem!
But where was Igor? I was hoping for a little mini-rehearsel with Igor but when I saw the public coming in to have dinner I knew it was too late for that! Igor arrived with his entourage and it was great to see him...he told me not to worry and apologised for not coming earlier. Igor is in big demand with a very busy schedule, so I am very lucky and honored that he could take the time to perform with me together even as his new cd album "Prophecy" was just released on the Universal Label.
We had time only for a 5 minute soundcheck and I showed Igor my book. This was going to be a very spontaneous performance, no doubt about it!
We decided to record it, and Vladimir did a fantastic job on the recording on their new digital recording console that they had just brought back from New York.
From the first notes I knew that this would be one of those magic nights I would never forget. The response from the audience was wonderful. I could only say in Russsian, "Ya LuBlu Vas"...which means, I love you all. And when I said the words to the people I got a great feeling back from them. First set was just fine and then on the break I was introduced to many press people and some fantastic local musicians. I was very honored that they all came to greet me. And then Igor proudly introduced me to 2 of the legendary jazz musicians of Moscow-accordionist Vladimir Danilin and guitarist Alexei Kuznezov. They said they had their instruments in the car and so yes we decided right away to make a live session together.
It was incredible from the first song on the 2nd set, playing together with these fantastic Moscow musicians! It felt like we had been playing together for 20 years. These musicians are some of the greatest I have ever heard and played together with. The audience was loving every bit of it, just as much as I! I was so happy that Vladimir was getting it all on tape and Jennifer was also running the video machine and taking pictures also. By the end of the night I was very satisfied with how everything went. Igor personally drove Jennifer and I back to the hotel in his nice car with fantastic sound system.
Great night! © HammondCast

Other Official Jon Hammond Sites:

Jon Hammond Band Blog

Jon Hammond Band MySpace


Eduard Zizak, Hamburg Jazz, HammondCast, Igor Butman, Jon Hammond, KYCY Radio, Moscow Russia, Wynton Marsalis, ASCAP Network, Marat Garipov, Faina, Alexander Dovgopoly. Vershbow, HammondCast

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Friday, May 08, 2009

NDR SESSIONS Projekt: Special Thanks from Jon Hammond

Special Credits:
NDR Radio: Knut Benzner, Tobias Hartmann, Axel Durr, Dr. Peter Urban, Lucas Lindholm
Lufthansa: Charlotte Aphibal & Elfie Reimann-VIP Services & United Airlines Star Alliance
Hotel Pacific Hamburg: Sylvia & Thomas van Riesen,
Wardrobe: DG William Uniform-Shanghai China

*LISTEN TO AUDIO: HammondCast 28 http://www.archive.org/details/JonHammondHammondCast28 “Afternoon Slide” Show. Music from Jon Hammond’s new album NDR SESSIONS Projekt, track 3: “Theme from Black Orpheus”, “Blues in the Night” and later at end of the show: “Payphone Johnny”, recorded in NDR Studio 1 in Hamburg Germany with NDR Engineer RUDY GROSSER at the controls. Musicians: LUTZ BUCHNER-tenor saxophone, JOE GALLARDO-trombone, HEINZ LICHIUS-drums, JON HAMMOND-XK-3 Hammond Organ/Bass. This new album is on the Ham-Berger-Friz Records Label. *Mixed and mastered by JOE BERGER & Pro Tools Specialist JIM ROBERTS. Going back in the “Hammond Time Machine” to year 1971 with a live recording of Jon’s old Rock band HADES playing “Greasy Legs” in a Provo Park concert in Berkeley CA with musicians JIMMY “JAMES” THORSEN-guitar, STEVE WRIGHT-bass, DAVE “DA” DANZA-drums, JON HAMMOND-A100 Hammond Organ. Jon tells the story of his song “Get Back In The Groove” and track “Sidewinder”. Plus 2 selections from guitarist Claus Rueckbeil: “Here’s that Rainy Day” and “That Old Feeling” recorded at “JB Studios” in Berlin Germany. http://www.HammondCast.com

NDR Jazz, Axel Duerr, Knut Benzner, Joe Gallardo, Heinz Lichius, Lutz Buechner, Jon Hammond, XK-3 Organ, XB-2, XK-1, B3, Accordion, Excelsior, Blues, Funky, KYOURADIO, KYCY, ASCAP Network, Hamburg

Local 6 Musicians Union: Maria Kozak
Local 802 Musicians Union: Bill Dennison & Olga James
ASCAP: Francis Richard, Ken Cicerale, Mark Palermo
Hammond Suzuki: M. Terada, H. Ohno, Michael Maier-Falkenstein
*Note: Mr. Hammond played all bass lines live on XK-3 Organ
Excelsior Accordions: Marco Galeazzi, Roberto Lucanero, Donatella Milella
Alex Accordions & Guitar NYC
Sennheiser: Norbert Hilbich, Andreas Sennheiser
Superlux: Nico Teng, Jenny Shen, Cleo, David Liu
CASIO Europe: Ariane Klaening
Intermediate srl: Nello Gabrielloni
Stephen Page, Jon Russell-KYOU Radio 1550 AM
Steve Jobs, Nate Doss, Pro Care Team-Apple Computers

Special Thanks from Jon Hammond Band: Jennifer Frizzell, Pamela Sylvain-United Airlines, Eugen Hahn-Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jo-Jo Tucksen-Jazzkeller Hofheim, Chris Cortez, Chuy Varela, Clifford Brown Jr.-KCSM, Ronnie Smith Jr., Marc Baum, Tim Armacost, Matt Smith, Bernard Purdie, Bob Scott, Bob Barsotti, Mick Brigden, Eddie Money, Uwe Petersen, Sandra Hempel, Jon Paris, Derek Tracy, Barry Finnerty, Scott Rootenberg, Barry Melton, Dr. Iraj Akhavan, Tony Lakatos, Faina Antonova, Larry Schneider, Dr. Denny Zeitlin, Brad Riesau-DL Media, Igor Butman, Eduard Zizak, Cephas Bowles, Thurston Briscoe-WBGO, Joni Caryl-KKJZ, Al Jazzbeaux Collins, Al & Leslie Wilcox, Scott Cooper, Danny Woody, BB King, Yucel "Ali" Atiker, Derek Sivers-CD Baby Team, Bruce Hatch, David Angress-Guitar Center, Elke Abate, Wolfgang Lucke-Musikmesse, Bert Gerecht, Birdland Hamburg, Manhattan Plaza Operations, Joris Dudli, Francoise Pujol, Ron Polte, Nils Gessinger, Peter & Sigi Tangermann, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy "James" Thorsen, Jim Preston, Pat Martino, Bob Moog, Lee Oskar, Todd Anderson, Stephen Ferrone, Neil & Vera Witchard, John Entwistle, Alan Hall, Tootsie Bean, Lazy Larry Fredson, Olivier Hutman, Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Rob Howard-Accordions Worldwide, Corey James-Red Jazz, Jason Batchelder-CASIO, Mustafa & Maralyn Jammal, Kate Newman, Betty Heywood-Music China/NAMM, Bryan Tracy, Abe Thomas, Laurence Cottle, Joe Barnes-Whirlwind Cables, Glenn Derringer-KUSTOM, Andy Christo, Gabriel Coburger, Leslie Levitas, Teresa Nelson-S.F. Sheriff's Dept. Ray Grappone, Anatoly Kiryushkin-JAZZ-QUAD Minsk, Jaideep VG-RAVE INDIA, Wendy Oxenhorn-Jazz Foundation of America, Robert & Otmar Hutya, Terri Price, Matthew & Terence Hallinan, Joe Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Darhame, Tony & Joe Aloia at Digital Authoring Solutions,
All friends, family and musicians without whose support this album would not be possible! And all the Viewers of Jon Hammond Show tv show now in it's 26th year and Listeners of HammondCast Radio Show on KYOU Radio 1550 AM-San Francisco!
Jon Hammond & Band

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HammondCast 28 Jon Hammond Hosting KYOURADIO and KYCY

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 28 HERE:

HammondCast 28 for KYOU Radio and KYCY 1550 AM “Afternoon Slide” Show. Music from Jon Hammond’s new album NDR SESSIONS Projekt, track 3: “Theme from Black Orpheus”, “Blues in the Night” and later at end of the show: “Payphone Johnny”, recorded in NDR Studio 1 in Hamburg Germany with NDR Engineer RUDY GROSSER at the controls. Musicians: LUTZ BUCHNER-tenor saxophone, JOE GALLARDO-trombone, HEINZ LICHIUS-drums, JON HAMMOND-XK-3 Hammond Organ/Bass. This new album is on the Ham-Berger-Friz Records Label. *Mixed and mastered by JOE BERGER & Pro Tools Specialist JIM ROBERTS. Going back in the “Hammond Time Machine” to year 1971 with a live recording of Jon’s old Rock band HADES playing “Greasy Legs” in a Provo Park concert in Berkeley CA with musicians JIMMY “JAMES” THORSEN-guitar, STEVE WRIGHT-bass, DAVE “DA” DANZA-drums, JON HAMMOND-A100 Hammond Organ. Jon tells the story of his song “Get Back In The Groove” and track “Sidewinder”. Plus 2 selections from guitarist Claus Rueckbeil: “Here’s that Rainy Day” and “That Old Feeling” recorded at “JB Studios” in Berlin Germany. http://www.HammondCast.com

NDR Jazz, Axel Duerr, Knut Benzner, Joe Gallardo, Heinz Lichius, Lutz Buechner, Jon Hammond, XK-3 Organ, XB-2, XK-1, B3, Accordion, Excelsior, Blues, Funky, KYOURADIO, KYCY, ASCAP Network, Hamburg

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HammondCast 27 Jane Dornacker R.I.P. KYOU Radio and KYCY Jon Hammond Hosting

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 27 HERE:

HammondCast 27 from Organist/Accordionist Jon Hammond in New York City. This episode will have some never before heard music from the late JANE DORNACKER who tragically crashed and died in the WNBC Helicopter. This demo of her song "I Know it's Wrong to Want Another Woman's Man" was produced and recorded in my old recording studio-BackBeat Productions 20 years ago. Also music from my forthcoming album: "NDR SESSIONS Projekt" just mixed and mastered by Joe Berger and Jim Roberts in Somers NY and recorded in Studio 1 of NDR Radio-Hamburg Germany with Jon on the Hammond XK-3 organ/bass along with saxophonist LUTZ BUCHNER, JOE GALLARDO-trombone and HEINZ LICHIUS-drums. For radio station KYOU 1550 AM in San Francisco California. Including selections: “No X-Cess Baggage Blues”, “Besame Mucho” and from the LATE RENT cd: “Head Phone”, “White Onions” and “Party is Forbidden Here!”. Jon Hammond at the microphone and the Hammond Organ..and the Accordion! http://www.HammondCast.com
Other Official Jon Hammond HammondCast Sites:
Jon Hammond International WebTV

Jon Hammond MySpace JON HAMMOND Band

ASCAP Network Jon Hammond Hosting

I Create Music ASCAP Google HammondCast

Jane Dornacker, Jon Hammond, KYCY, KYOU Radio, NDR Jazz, HammondCast, B3 organ, XK-1, XK-3c, XB-2, Excelsior, Accordion, Blues, Funky, I Create Music, ASCAP, Local 802, Musicians Union

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HammondCast 26 KYOU Radio and KYCY Jon Hammond Hosting

HammondCast 26
*LISTEN TO HammondCast 26 HERE:

HammondCast 26 HammondCast 26 from New York based Organist/Accordionist JON HAMMOND, this show’s special guests: EDDIE MONEY, Jon’s friend for many years debuting the new Breakout Single “You Don’t Know Me” from Eddie’s new album “WANNA GO BACK” on the Big Deal Productions label. Also exclusive interview with BARRY MELTON original founding member of COUNTRY JOE and the FISH, guitarist and practicing Attorney of Law in Yolo County CA now. And a track from Barry’s album “THE SALOON YEARS”: “HARLEM NOCTURNE” along with the late JOHN CIPOLLINA on guitar. Jon plays new tracks from his forthcoming album NDR SESSIONS PROJEKT: “MY ONE and ONLY LOVE”, “EASY LIVING” and “LATE RENT” and news about upcoming Russia Tour and Germany Tour. HammondCast is heard weekdays on San Francisco’s KYOU Radio 1550 AM. Jon Hammond is a Member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musician Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher. Visit Jon’s official sites:
Jon Hammond Blog
Jon Hammond International WebTV

B3 organ, Eddie Money, Jon Hammond, Barry Melton, Country Joe and The Fish, ASCAP Network, Expo, AFM Local 802, John Cipollina, KYCY, KYOU, NDR Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues, Yolo County, Wanna Go Back

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

KYOU ASCAP "I Create Music Expo" HammondCast Special #1

LISTEN KYOU ASCAP "I Create Music Expo" HammondCast Special #1 HERE:

HammondCast KYOURADIO ASCAP "I Create Music Expo" special, with award winners Ann & Nancy Wilson HEART "Crazy On You", STEPHEN BISHOP, WENDY WALDMAN with MIETEK SZCZESNIAK, GARY BAKER, JACK TEMPCHIN with their stories and hit songs, enjoy! © Details and past shows available at: www.jonhammondband.com/
Last Aired: May 8, 2009
Hollywood CA–
JEFF LYNNE, HEART’S ANN & NANCY WILSON, WYCLEF JEAN, CHAKA KHAN, RICKY SKAGGS honored at annual ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” with coverage by ASCAP Member Publisher Jon Hammond on Hammond’s daily radio program HammondCast Show on KYOU Radio. Also Narada Michael Walden, Holly Knight, Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman, CEO, Creative Services/Lifestyle - Hunnypot Unlimited
ASCAP Network HammondCast
Jon Hammond and Ken Cicerale at ASCAP Awards Dinner and Reception Hollywood CA
Betsy Anthony
Senior Manager, Creative and Writer Services - Bug Music/Windswept Holdings

Phil Antoniades
COO and Co-Founder - Nimbit Inc.

Antonina Armato
Songwriter, Producer - “Seven Things,” “See You Again,” “I Still Believe,” “Bet on It”

Patrick Arn
Founder – Gotham Records and Gotham Music Placement

Billy Austin
Owner - Tuniverse Records
Publisher - Platinum Pen Publishing
Songwriter - “Leave The Pieces,” “99.9% Sure (I’ve Never Been Here Before)” “Put Your Best Dress On”

Johntá Austin
Songwriter - “Shake It Off,” “We Belong Together,” “Be Without You,” “Poppin’”

Cindy Badell-Slaughter
President - Heavy Hitters Music Group

Gary Baker
Songwriter, Producer - “I Swear,” “I’m Already There,” “Once Upon A Lifetime,” “Anywhere For You”

Martin Bandier
Chairman and CEO - Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Eric Bazilian
Songwriter, Performer – “One Of Us,” “Kiss The Rain,” “Private Emotion,” “All You Zombies”

Eric Beall
VP, A&R - Shapiro Bernstein & Co
Author - The Billboard Guide To Writing and Producing Songs That Sell: How To Create Hits In Today’s Music Industry

Natasha Bedingfield
Songwriter, Performer - “Unwritten,” “Pocketful of Sunshine,” “Love Like This,” “These Words”

Richard Bellis
Author - The Emerging Film Composer
Composer - One Special Night, Stephen King’s IT,Above and Beyond

Tony Berg
Musician, Producer, Music Executive - Air Supply, Aimee Mann, Peter Gabriel

Marilyn Bergman
Academy & Grammy Award-winning lyricist - “The Windmills of Your Mind,” “The Way We Were,” “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers,” Film: Yentl

Stephen Bishop
Songwriter, Performer - “On and On,” “Separate Lives,” “Save It For A Rainy Day” Film: Animal House

Sat Bisla
Founder/President - A&R Worldwide and MUSEXPO; Host, Music Programmer - Indie103.1’s Passport Approved

Tim Blacksmith
Co-Manager - Stargate

Brian “BK” Kennedy
Producer, Songwriter – “My Love,” “Distrurbia,” “If This Isn’t Love,” “It’s Over”

Chaka Khan
Performer, Songwriter - “I’m Every Woman,” “Angel,” “Through the Fire,” The Woman I Am

Dan Kimpel
Music Journalist, Author - How They Made It: True Stories of How Music’s Biggest Stars Went to Stardom, Networking in the Music Business

Emanuel Kiriakou
Songwriter, Producer - “Crush,” “What’s Left of Me,” “A Million Miles,” “2 in the Morning”

Brandon Kitchen
Creative, A&R - Artist Publishing Group (A Division of Warner/Chappell Publishing)

Sam Kling
VP, A&R and Film & TV – peermusic

Holly Knight
Songwriter, Producer, Performer – “Simply The Best,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” “Better Be Good To Me”

Greg Kurstin
Songwriter, Producer, Performer - “The Fear,” “Wow,” “Again and Again,” “Haven’t Got a Clue”

Kevin Kusatsu
A&R - Columbia Records

Ron Laffitte
Artist Manager, OneRepublic, Chris Cornell, Good Charlotte, The Decemberists, Sum 41 - Red Light Management

Jimmy R. Landry
Producer, Engineer, Songwriter; A&R Consultant – Cakewalk

Brian Lapin
Composer - TV: Gossip Girl, Joey, 20/20
Music Production Team - The Transcenders

Philip Lawrence
Songwriter, Artist, Vocalist – “Right Round,” “You,” “Everything is Everything”

Thomas Lee
Professor, Director of Bands, Conductor - UCLA Wind Ensemble

Songwriter, Performer, Actress - “The Show,” “Don’t Let Me Fall,” “Trouble Is a Friend”

Alejandro Lerner
Songwriter, Performer - “Hoy Es Adios,” “Todo A Pulmon”

Leeds Levy
President - Leeds Music

JR Lindsey
Creative Director, Urban Music, A&R - Chrysalis Music Publishing

Glenn Litwak, Esq.
Attorney - Law Offices of Litwak & Havkin

Steven Lowy, Esq.
Attorney, Partner - Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter

LeToya Luckett
Songwriter, Performer, Actress – “Not Anymore,” “Torn,” “U Got What I Need,” “All Eyes on Me”

Ankur Malhotra
A&R, Urban/Pop - Capitol Records

Johnny Mandel
Composer, Arranger, Producer - “The Shadow of Your Smile,” “Emily,” TV Theme: M*A*S*H

Craig Marks
Music Director, Music Editor - HorseTV
Composer - TV: Iron Chef America

Andy Marvel
Songwriters - “Shy Guy,” “Treat Her Like A Lady,” “With You,” “One Good Man”

Richard Marx
Songwriter, Artist, Producer - “Dance With My Father,” “Right Here Waiting,” “Don’t Mean Nothing,” “Better Life”

Gabe McDonough
Senior Producer, Music and Integration - DDB Chicago

Jonathan McHugh
Film & TV Music and Record Company Executive

Tracy McKnight
VP, Film Music - Lionsgate

Vince Mendoza
Composer, Arranger, Conductor - Start Here , Some Skunk Funk

Andre Merritt
Songwriter - “Disturbia,” “Forever”

Mateo Messina
Composer - Film: Juno, Hit & Run, Thank You For Smoking TV: The Office

Marcus Miller
Composer, Producer - “Power of Love,” M2, Tutu, The Woman I Am

Bambi Moé
Co-Owner - Courgette Records
Owner, Music Licensing – Unencumbered Productions

Chris Montan
President - Walt Disney Music

Lennie Moore
Composer - Games: Magic the Gathering, Dirty Harry, War of the Ring, Outcast

Michael Morgan
Conductor - Oakland East Bay Symphony

Nicole Morier
Songwriter, Producer - “Rock Me In,” “If He Should Ever Leave You,” “Heaven On Earth”

Walter Murphy
Composer, Arranger - “A Fifth of Beethoven” TV: Family Guy, American Dad Film: Foodfight!

Mark Needham
Mixer, Producer - The Killers, Iglu & Hartly, Metro Station

Joey Newman
Composer – TV: Little People, Big World, Privileged, Once & Again, Providence

Melinda Newman

Pamela Phillps Oland
Songwriter - “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do,” “If Ever A Love There Was,” “Digga Digga Dog,” “Monday Morning Quarterback”

Frank J. Oteri
Editor - NewMusicBox.org, American Music Center
Composer - Machunas, Fair and Balanced?, Imagined Overtures

Jake Ottmann
VP, Creative, East Coast - EMI Music Publishing

David Paich
President - Hudmar Inc.
Songwriter, Composer, Producer – “Africa,” “Rosanna,” “Got to be Real” Film: Dune

Stacey Palm
EVP, Creative - Opus 19 Music LLC

Todd Parker
A&R - Interscope Records
Engineer, Mixer

Don Passman, Esq.
Attorney, Partner - Gang, Tyre, Ramer, and Brown, Inc.
Author - All You Need to Know About the Music Business

Stephen Paulus
Composer - Sea Portraits Opera: The Postman Always Rings Twice

Nancy Peacock
Partner, Manager – Slugfest Records Nashville
President – Washington Street Publishing

Danny Poku
Co-Manager - Stargate

Amy Powers
President - Powers That Be Inc.
Songwriter - “Shine,” “Not Just Make Believe” Broadway: Sunset Blvd., Zhivago

Pat Prescott
DJ, Co-Host - Brian McKnight Morning Show (KTWV 94.7 FM, LA)

Neeta Ragoowansi
Director, Artist-Label Relations - SoundExchange

Kyra Reed
Principal - MarKyr Media
Author - Blog 101

Jason Reeves
Singer, Songwriter - “Bubbly,” “Realize,” The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales)

Andrea Remanda
Songwriter, Singer - Film: “Never Gonna Break My Faith” (Bobby), “Quest for Love” (Arthur & The Invisibles)

David Renzer
Chairman and CEO - Universal Music Publishing Group

Janet Billig Rich
Owner, Manager - Manage This Media

Lindy Robbins
Songwriter - “What’s Left Of Me,” “Incomplete,” “Cinderella,” “Just To Feel That Way”

Brian Robillard
Senior Manager, Online Marketing – Universal Music Group/Netreach

Irwin Z. Robinson
Chairman - Paramount Allegra Music

Pete Rock
Producer - “They Reminisce Over You,” “Dead Presidents,” “Down With The King”

Laura Roeder
Principal - roederstudios.com

Steven Rosen
Owner, President - Rosen Music Corp.

John Rubeli
President - Chop Shop Records

Peter Rutenberg
President - RCM Records
Conductor, Music Director - Los Angeles Chamber Singers & Cappella

Tom Salta
Composer – Games: Tom Clancy’s: HAWX, Tom Clancy’s: GRAW 1 & 2, Red Steel, Need For Speed Underground 2

Chris Saranec
Executive Director, Music Licensing - NBC Universal Studios

Steven Scharf
President - Steven Scharf Entertainment/Carlin America

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D - CA)
California’s 29th Congressional District

Steve Seskin
Songwriter - “Don’t Laugh At Me,” “Grown Men Don’t Cry,” “Life’s A Dance,” “I Think About You”

Alex Shapiro
Composer - Slipping, Bioplasm, Music for Two Big Instruments, At the Abyss

Marty Silverstone
VP, Creative Services – North Star Media

Danny Socolof
Founder - MEGA

Ricky Skaggs
Songwriter, Performer, Producer - “Crying My Heart Out Over You,” “Heartbroke,” “Honey (Open That Door),” “Highway 40 Blues”

Rapper, Songwriter - “Confessions of a Ghostwriter, ” “Year-End Wrap-Up,” I Ain’t Mad No More

Greg Sowders
SVP and Head of A&R, U.S. - Warner/Chappell Music

Lou Spisto
CEO/Executive Producer - The Old Globe Theatre

Billy Steinberg
Songwriter - “Like A Virgin,” “True Colors,” “Eternal Flame,” “I’ll Stand By You”

Jeremy “Jerm the Beat” Reeves & Jon “Jon Street” Yip (The Stereotypes)
Producers, Songwriters - “Damages,” “Why Does She Stay,” “Good Love”

Christopher “Tricky” Stewart
Producer, Songwriter - “Umbrella,” “Touch My Body,” “Just Fine,” “Me Against The Music”

Mark Stewart
Artist Manager - Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, The-Dream; President - RedZone Entertainment

Dave Stone
VP, Music - Bunim-Murray Productions

Tom Sturges
Executive Vice President, Head of Creative - Universal Music Publishing

Scott Szabo
Owner - Szabo Sound & Music

Adam Taylor
President - APM Music

Ryan Tedder
Songwriter, Performer - “Apologize,” “Bleeding Love,” “Stop and Stare”

Jack Tempchin
Songwriter - “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” ” Already Gone, ” ” You Belong To The City,” “Slow Dancing (Swayin To The Music)”

Allan Tepper
President - Tepper Music Management

Diana Turk
Director, Film & TV Music - Primary Wave Music Publishing

Jim Vellutato
Sr. Director, Creative Affairs - Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Randy Wachtler
President, CEO - 615 Music

Narada Michael Walden
Producer, Songwriter - “I Don’t Wanna Cry,” “So Emotional,” “Freeway of Love,” The Bodyguard

Wendy Waldman
Songwriter, Performer - “Save The Best For Last,” “Fishin’ In The Dark,” “The Sweetest Days,” “I Owe You One”

Jonathan Weiss
Music Supervisor, Music Publisher - Haiku Entertainment/Jonjaz Music

Katie Welle
Manager, A&R – Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Brian West
Songwriter, Producer, Performer - Whoa, Nelly, Folklore

Paul Williams
Songwriter, Actor - “Evergreen,” “Rainy Days and Mondays,” “We’ve Only Just Begun”

Dan Wilson
Performer, Songwriter - “Secret Smile,” “Closing Time,” “Not Ready to Make Nice”

Craig Wiseman
Founder - Big Loud Shirt Industries
Songwriter - “Live Like You Were Dying,” “Believe,” “Summertime,” “A Baby Changes Everything”

Doug Wood
President/Owner - Omni Music
Composer - The Omni Music Library

Donna Young
Founder, Owner – Donna Young Music

Adam Zelkind
Composer – TV: I Love Money, Rock Of Love, Flavor Of Love, Charm School

Michael Zildjian
Owner - Zilito Music Group

David Zippel
Lyricist - Broadway: City of Angels, The Woman in White Film: Hercules, Mula

Jennifer Blakeman
SVP, Creative - Universal Music Publishing
Songwriter, Musician

Antony Bland
Director, A&R - American Recordings
Stephen Bray
Songwriter - “Express Yourself,” “Into the Groove” Broadway: The Color Purple
Sabelle Breer
Songwriter, Producer - “On The Way Down,” “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life,” “Tomorrow,”"Sola En El Silenco”
Alan Brewer
Owner, Producer, Composer – BME/Brewman Music & Entertainment
Martin Briley
Songwriter, Artist, Musician - “Salt in My Tears”
Russell Brower
Director of Audio/Video, Lead Composer - Blizzard Entertainment
Composer – Games: World of Warcraft, StarCraft II,
Diablo III
Ken Bunt
SVP, Marketing - Hollywood Records
Jon Burlingame
Journalist - Daily Variety
Sean Callery
Composer - TV: 24, Bones, Medium, La Femme Nikita
Warryn Campbell
Producer, Songwriter - “Shackles (Praise You),” “Let Go, Let God,” “Heaven”
Donna Caseine
SVP, Creative Services/West Coast Director, A&R - Universal Music Publishing Group
Christian Castle, Esq.
Managing Partner, Attorney - Christian L. Castle Attorneys
Paul Chihara
Chair of Visual Media - UCLA
Composer - Film: Prince of the City, The Morning After, Crossing Delancey TV: China Beach
Desmond Child
Songwriter, Producer - “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” “Invisible,” “Livin’ La Vida Loca”
Barry Coburn
Co-President - Ten Ten Music Group, Inc.
Jewel Coburn
Co-President - Ten Ten Music Group, Inc.
Melvin “St. Nick” Coleman
Producer, Songwriter
Jay Cooper
Attorney - Greenberg Traurig
Michael Corcoran
Marketing Director - musicSUBMIT.com
Ralph Covert
Songwriter, Composer, Singer, Producer - “Not Dead Yet,” “Just Like The Monkeys,” ” With A Friend (The Pooh Song),” “Promises In The Dark”
Eric Craig
Director, A&R and Music Supervision - Lakeshore Entertainment
Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford
Producer - “A Milli,” “Diva”
Wofford Denius, Esq.
Attorney - Law Office of Wofford Denius
Tom DeSavia
VP, Creative - Notable Music
Dan Diamond
VP - NCM Fathom (A division of National CineMedia)
Ann Donahue
Senior Editor - Billboard
Chris Douridas
DJ, Host - KCRW’s New Ground; Music Supervisor
Drumma Boy
Producer- “Here I Am,” “Put On,” Paper Trail
Charity Duplechan
Creative Manager - Rondor Music Publishing
Josh East
Sr. Project Manager - MusiK1.net; Editor - OpenMusicWire.com
Mike Elizondo
Producer, Songwriter - “In Da Club,” “How We Do,” “Rich Girl,” “Wunderkind”
Roy Elkins
Founder & CEO - Broadjam, Inc.
Damon Elliott
Producer, Songwriter, Musician - Kelis Was Here Film: Scooby-Doo, Fame (2009)
“Spider” Ron Entwistle
Producer, Songwriter, Remixer
Mikkel Eriksen(Stargate)
Producer, Songwriter - “Irreplaceable,” “Don’t Stop The Music,” “Miss Independent,” “Beautiful Liar”
Ron Fair
Chairman - Geffen Records
Chris Farren
President - Combustion Music Group
Songwriter, Producer
Stacy Fass
Patrick Faucher
CEO - Nimbit, Inc.
James Fauntleroy
Songwriter - “No Air,” “Take You Down”
Roger Faxon
Chairman and CEO - EMI Music Publishing
Rory Feek (Joey+Rory)
Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Publisher - “Cheater Cheater,” “Some Beach,” “The Chain Of Love”
Jason Feinberg
President/Founder - On Target Media Group
Gary Fine, Esq.
Attorney - Kleinberg, Lopez, Lange, Cuddy & Kline
Cheryl Foliart
Music Production Specialist for Media
Alex Forbes
Songwriter – “Melt Away,” “Don’t Rush Me,” “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix,” “Too Turned On”
Jay Frank
SVP, Music Strategy - CMT
Jeff Franzel
Songwriter, Composer - “La tua semplicita,” “When You Know,” “Never Saw Blue Like That,” “Don’t Rush Me”
Curt Frasca
CEO, Co-Founder - Verse Music Publishing
Songwriter, Producer - Let Go, “On the Way Down”
Michael Frick
Executive Producer/Founder - Mophonics
Mitchell Froom
Producer, Songwriter – “La Bamba,” “99.9F,” “Tomorrow Never Dies”
Siedah Garrett
Singer, Songwriter - “Love You I Do,” “Man In The Mirror”
Steven Gaydos
Executive Editor, Features - Variety
Reid Genauer
VP, Marketing - eMusic
Songwriter, Performer
Jody Gerson
Co-President - Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Gilles Godard
Chief Creative Officer – ole
Songwriter - “When Mama Ain’t Happy,” “That’s the Kind of Mood I’m In,” I Wanna Do It All”
Rich Goldman
President - RipTide Music
Richard Gottehrer
Founder and Chief Creative Officer - The Orchard
Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald
Songwriter, Producer – “I Kissed A Girl,” “Since U Been Gone,” “Feels Like Tonight,” “My Life Would Suck Without You”
Kat Green
Music Supervisor, Partner – Bad Ass Music
Co-Owner – Hella Good Records
Holly Greene
Music Publisher and Consultant - Counter Content
Alex Greenwald
Songwriter, Performer, Actor - “California,” “Do The Panic,” Phantom Planet
Benjamin Groff
SVP, Creative, West Coast - Kobalt Music Group
Gary Gross
Worldwide President - Universal Publishing Production Music
Alex Hackford
A&R - Sony Computer Entertainment America/Playstation
Gavin Haverstick
Lead Acoustical Engineer - Auralex Acoustics
Jason Hayes
Composer - Games: StarCraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft
Tor Hermansen (Stargate)
Producer, Songwriter - “Irreplaceable,” “Don’t Stop The Music,” “Miss Independent,” “Beautiful Liar”
Peter Himmelman
Songwriter, Composer, Performer - From Strength to Strength Web Show: Furious World TV: Judging Amy, Bones
Daniel Ho
Songwriter, Producer, Performer
Sam Hollander (S*A*M)
Producer, Songwriter - “Cupid’s Chokehold,” “Bring It (Snakes on a Plane),” “The Great Escape”
Wayland Holyfield
Songwriter - “Could I Have This Dance,” “You’re My Best Friend”
Jesca Hoop
Songwriter, Singer - “Seed of Wonder,” “Intelligentactile 101,” Kismet
Jamie Houston
Songwriter, Producer - “Just Feel Better,” “Beautiful Disaster,” “Breaking Free,” “You Are The Music In Me”
James Newton Howard
Composer - Film: The Dark Knight, The Fugitive, Michael Clayton, Defiance
Michael Howe
VP, A&R and Licensing - Downtown Records
Carlos Hudgins
Director, Creative Urban - EMI Music Publishing
Rob Hyman
Songwriter, Producer, Performer - “Time After Time,” “And We Danced,” “Private Emotion,” “Closer To Me”
Mike Jackson
Senior Director, Creative Urban, Atlanta Region - EMI Music Publishing
Raj Jadeja
Manager, A&R - Atlantic Records
Nikki Jean
Songwriter, Performer
Wyclef Jean
Songwriter, Producer, Performer - “Gone Till November,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” The Score, The Carnival
Cri$tyle “The Ink” Johnson
Songwriter - “Touch My Body,” “Angel”
David H. Johnson
Chairman and CEO - Warner Music Group
Ron Jones
Composer - TV: Family Guy, American Dad, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Duck Tales
Kenny Bartolomei, Kevin Crowe & Erik Ortiz (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
Producers - “No One Will Do,” “Bury Me a G,” “She Got It,” “Magnificent”
Henry Kapono Ka’aihue
Singer, Songwriter
Kevin Kadish
Songwriter, Producer - “Geek in the Pink,” “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life,” “Wordplay,” “Stuck”
Dean Kay
President, CEO - Lichelle Music Company
Songwriter - “That’s Life”
James M. Kendrick Esq.
President - Schott Music Corporation/European American Music Corporation
See you next year folks! Jon Hammond
"The FINGERS...are The SINGERS!"™
*Member ASCAP / AFM Local 802, Local 6 Host HammondCast KYOU Radio and KYCY

ASCAP, I Create Music Expo, Jon Hammond, HammondCast, KYOURADIO, KYCY, MNNTV, AFM Local 802, Songwriters, Bobbie Marcus, Pauline Stack, Briana, Pavlina, Lauren Iossa, Mark Palermo, Ken Cicerale

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HammondCast 24 Jon Hammond on KYOU Radio & KYCY

HammondCast 24
*LISTEN TO HammondCast 24 Here:

HammondCast 24
Just back from NAMM (music merchants convention) in Anaheim CA, first up is a live recording of Jon Hammond Band in Hamburg Germany, live broadcast on Jazzhaus Radio with guitarist SANDRA HEMPEL, FRANK DELLE-tenor sax, HEINZ LICHIUS-drms. and JON HAMMOND-XK-3 Hammond Organ playing a blues version of Moanin'. Part II of Dr. DENNY ZEITLIN interview at IAJE convention and a track from his album on Maxx Jazz "You and the Night and the Music" Next up is a track from Jon Hammond's album "Late Rent" entitled "WHITE ONIONS" on the Ham-Berger-Friz Records label. Jon Hammond is a member of Local 802/Local 6 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher. All rights reserved-JON HAMMOND International, Inc. http://www.HammondCast.com

XK-1 Organ, Sandra Hempel, Frank Delle, Heinz Lichius, Jon Hammond, Onions, Denny Zeitlin, Piano, NDR Jazz, NAMM, Musicians Union, Local 802, HammondCast, KYOU Radio

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HammondCast 23 Jon Hammond on KYOU Radio and KYCY

HammondCast 23
LISTEN TO HammondCast 23 Here:

HammondCast 23
HammondCast 23, from Jon Hammond in New York just after the IAJE (jazz educators convention) with special appearances by the great Pianist, Composer and Psychiatrist-Dr. DENNY ZEITLIN http://www.dennyzeitlin.com and the legendary Jazz musician ORNETTE COLEMAN, Saxophonist, Composer and much more, listen in for his incredible story! R.I.P. IAJE (went bankrupt sadly) KYOU 1550 AM and KYCY http://www.HammondCast.com

Dr. Denny Zeitlin, Piano, Jon Hammond, IAJE, Ornette Coleman, Psychiatrist, Sausalito, ASCAP Network, Buster Williams, Jazz, Trident, KYOU Radio

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

HammondCast 22 Jon Hammond KYOU Radio and KYCY

HammondCast 22
*LISTEN TO HammondCast 22 HERE:

HammondCast 22 Jon Hammond KYOU Radio and KYCY
This episode of HammondCast on KYOU 1550 AM Radio features some historic recordings of Jon Hammond with radio & tv legend AL "JAZZBEAUX" COLLINS, this will blow your socks off! Al does a complete recitation of his Hipster version of "Little Red Ridinghood" accompanied by Jon on the Hammond organ live. Also radio host CHRIS CORTEZ talking about how Jon and Jazzbeaux almost blew up the transmitter for the radio station by plugging the Hammond organ directly in as a late-night experiment on the Bay Area station...wooops! All worked out ok, but the Chief Engineer and Station Manager were a little bit upset the next day.
Going back even a few more years, Al Jazzbeaux breaks Jon's recording of "Sidewinder" on the now defunct but legendary and most powerful station of New York City-WNEW 1130 AM. For Al Jazzbeaux Collins freaks, this HammondCast episode is a MUST.
Jon Hammond is a member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Unions and an ASCAP Composer/Publisher-JON HAMMOND International, Inc.
No singers on Mr. Hammond's band..."The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
HammondCast ASCAP Network

Al Jazzbeaux Collins, Chris Cortez, KCSM, Jon Hammond, Little Red Ridinghood, KYOU Radio, ASCAP Network, NDR Jazz, Blues Funky

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Radio Tomate Paris HammondCast 21 KYOU and KYCY

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 21 HERE:

HammondCast 21, broadcasting from San Francisco California, organist/composer & bandleader JON HAMMOND playing fresh new tracks from recent record date in NDR Radio Hamburg "NDR SESSIONS" with new breakout original composition: "Pay Phone Johnny", and classics: "Our Day Will Come", "Blues in the Night" and Hammond's long-time theme song as intro/outro: "Late Rent". Special thanks to musicians: LUTZ BUCHNER (saxophones), JOE GALLARDO (trombone), HEINZ LICHIUS (drums) and Co-Producer: KNUT BENZNER, and NDR Radio Engineer: RUDY GROSSER. This record date was recorded in the famous Studio 1 of NDR Radio in Hamburg Germany. Hammond talks about meeting Robin Williams and flying to New York City to attend IAJE Jazz Educators event. As heard on KYOU 1550 AM and on the internet at http://www.kyouradio.com and http://www.jonhammondband.com
*Jon Hammond is a member of Local 802/6 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher currently featured by ASCAP NETWORK AUDIO PORTRAITS
"The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"

NDR Jazz, Joe Gallardo, Knut Benzner, Jon Hammond, Rudy Grosser, Lutz Buechner, Heinz Lichius, XK-3 Organ, ASCAP Network, Robin Williams, Bossa Nova, KYOU, KYCY

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HammondCast 20 Jon in Las Vegas on KYOU Radio and KYCY

HammondCast 20
*LISTEN TO HammondCast 20 Here:

HammondCast 20 Broadcasting today from Las Vegas Nevada in the Mirage Hotel, 2 ballads from my new recordings at NDR Radio Studio 1: "Skylark" and "Easy Living" with LUTZ BUCHNER (alto sax), JOE GALLARDO (trombone), HEINZ LICHIUS (drums) and myself JON HAMMOND on the new XK-3 Hammond Organ, mixed by NDR Engineer RUDY GROSSER. From there we go to San Francisco County Jail #8 "Pod E" where the ladies in CJ8 joined us during my song "Pocket Funk" with a chorus of: "Funky Stuff...In Your Pocket"! And 2 original selections from my album Late Rent, my theme song "Late Rent" and the original studio version of "Pocket Funk" and the story of how I recorded them in the same studio John Lennon had been recording in in winter 1983 at Intergalactic Studios in New York City. HammondCast 20 for KYOU Radio, San Francisco California-1550 on the AM dial and on the web at: http://www.kyouradio.com Organist/Accordionist Jon Hammond is a member of Local 802/Local 6 Musicians Union and an ASCAP Artist & Publisher: JON HAMMOND International © http://www.HammondCast.com

Las Vegas, NDR Jazz, Joe Gallardo, Rudy Grosser, Jon Hammond, Lutz Buechner, SF County Jail, KYOU Radio, KYCY, HammondCast, XK-3 organ, Blues, Funky, Pocket, Ballad, Mirage Hotel, ASCAP Network

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HammondCast 19 KYOU Radio and KYCY Jazz Blues and Soft News R.I.P. Wilhelm P. Hosenseidl

HammondCast 19

LISTEN TO HammondCast 19 HERE:

HammondCast 19 on KYOU Radio and KYCY, "Jazz Blues and Soft News"™ starts out in Frankfurt Germany recording in AFN Europe Headquarters on one big tube microphone featuring Hungarian tenor saxophone star TONY LAKATOS, now a member of the HR Radio Big Band. And a slow rainy day Blues featuring guitarist JOE BERGER and RAY GRAPPONE drums, Jon on the XB-2 organ/bass. Also a 35 year-old recording of my old rock band HADES and a shout out to the bass player STEVE WRIGHT who is recuperating from a stroke and heart attack but is now starting to speak again, get better Steve! From there to 1995 recording in LE BAR BAT NYC playing Jon's tune "Pocket Funk". A song I recorded with Eddie Money that is close to Eddie's heart: "I've Been Lovin' You Too Long" for all the Eddie Money freaks out there. I just saw Eddie in NY and he's doin' fine, still touring in a city near you! And finally ending up back in AFN Europe Headquarters playing Jon Hammond's theme song: "LATE RENT", dedicated to YOU of KYOU the your Rent will never be Late! http://www.HammondCast.com R.I.P. Wilhelm-Peter Hosenseidl was Director of Musikmesse Frankfurt for many years, jh

Jazzkeller, Ray Grappone, HADES, Pocket Funk, Eddie Money, Tony Lakatos, Jon Hammond, XB-2 Organ, B3, Steve Wright, Musikmesse, Frankfurt, Wilhelm-Peter Hosenseidl, KYCY, AFN Europe, NDR Jazz, Blues

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Jon Hammond on KCSM 91.1 FM with Chris Cortez and HammondCast 18 KYOURADIO and KYCY Jazz Blues and Soft News

HammondCast 18 KYOU Radio and KYCY

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 18 AUDIO Here:

HammondCast 18 from NYC tells the story of how Jon Hammond originally met Joe Berger (of Ham-Berger-Friz Records) and then plays a recording of one of the first jam sessions from year 1986 in BackBeat Productions' Studios in the Music Building in New York-251 W. 30th St., from a previous phoner with Pete Fallico.
From there we go in to the studio with Chris Cortez and tell some interesting stories going all the way back to 1957 when Jon came out to Berkeley California from Chicago on the California Zephyr and somehow ended up in Boston's Combat Zone playing Hammond organ nightly for the burlesque shows in the World Famous 2 o'clock Lounge! From there he tells the true story about "Late Rent" Jon's theme song which was paid for with the rent money!
Jon Hammond is an ASCAP Composer/Publisher and member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Union. Special thanks to KYOU Radio, 1550 on the AM dial in San Francisco California!

Chris Cortez, KCSM, Pete Fallico, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, California Zephyr, Combat Zone, Boston, B3 Organ, Music Building, 251 W. 30th St., HammondCast, KYOU Radio, ASCAP Network, Blues, Jazz

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Studio 1 NDR Radio HammondCast 17 KYOURADIO and KYCY

HammondCast 17
*Listen to HammondCast 17 Audio Here:
ASCAP Network Audio Portrait NDR SESSIONS Projekt AUDIO

HammondCast 17 KYOU Radio and KYCY:
HammondCast 17, just back from Hamburg Germany where I recorded my new album, in famous Studio 1 of NDR Radio with some of my all-time favorite musicians: Lutz Buchner (Sax), Joe Gallardo (Trombone), Heinz Lichius (Drums), myself-Jon Hammond (XK-3 Organ/Bass) and Engineer: Rudy Grosser in Studio 1 NDR Radio. I'll be playing some selections rough mixes (not so rough actually!) as my Christmas gift to the listeners, and speaking of Christmas...from inside San Francisco County Jail #8 "Pod E", a live recording of my trio's annual Christmas Prison Show with the great tenor saxophonist Larry Schneider & Ronnie Smith Jr. on drums along with myself on keys playing the Christmas classic: "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas". Every year I tell the ladies "And ya' better be good!" And from the Studio 1 NDR Sessions my original blues shuffle: No X-Cess Baggage Blues, some fine playing by Lutz on one of my favorite ballads: My One and Only Love and my theme song: "Late Rent". Special thanks to Knut Benzner of NDR Radio for co-producing these recordings now heard on KYOU Radio and KYCY, 1550 on the AM Dial. Jon Hammond http://www.HammondCast.com

NDR Jazz, KYOU, KYCY, Radio, Jon Hammond, XK-3 organ, Blues, Funky, Joe Gallardo, Knut Benzner, Heinz Lichius, Lutz Buechner, Axel Dürr, Rudy Grosser, Solid State Logic, Apple iTunes, Pro Tools

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Monday, May 04, 2009

HammondCast 16 KYOU Radio and KYCY

HammondCast 16 KYOURADIO
*Listen Here:

HammondCast 16 KYOU Radio
This episode of HammondCast will feature Organ Shuffle Blues Grooves and is coming from Hamburg St. Pauli Germany just hours before going in to the famous Studio 1 of NDR Radio to record my new Jon Hammond Band album.
Recordings with drummers Bernard Purdie and Ronnie Smith Jr. on the band.
The first track was recorded live at Kimball's East Club in Emeryville California in 1998. A fine example of Bernard Purdie's "Purdie Shuffle" that he is known for with Hammond playing for a hometown crowd on a real B3 organ with spinning Leslie speakers. Also 2 blues shuffle tracks from Jon's "Hammond's Bolero" album: "F.P. Blues" and "Cannonball '99...One More Time!" plus 2 public service announcements I did in Zurich Switzerland that are played at the end of the night to encourage patrons of dance clubs to take a taxi if they had too much to drink.
Jon Hammond is an organ player & accordion player member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher: JON HAMMOND International, Inc.
All music on HammondCast is original and instrumental. "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
*ASCAP Member Jon Hammond Audio Portrait
© http://www.HammondCast.com

Cannonball 99, Blues, Jazz, Jon Hammond, Kimball's East, Bernard Purdie, Ronnie Smith Jr., Hammond's Bolero, KYOU Radio, KYCY, 1550 AM, Zurich, Hamburg, ASCAP Network, HammondCast

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HammondCast 15 with Al Jazzbeaux Collins appearance on KYOURADIO

HammondCast 15

HammondCast 15 for KYOU Radio, this show just before Jon blasts over to Hamburg Germany to record a new album at NDR Radio. Special guest recordings of Jon with radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins telling the story of Jon's composition "Train Song" and with Chuy Varela talking about the meaning of Jon's song "Get Back In The Groove" played 2 different ways: from "Hammond's Bolero" CD release (instrumental) and a 1981 version from DTI Records label with Frank Biner on vocals and Jon covering all the instruments + Dave Danza on the drums. Last song: "Czechoslovakian Salsa Song"-JON HAMMOND Trio. HammondCast is the music of Organist/Accordionist Jon Hammond *Member American Federation of Musicians Union Local 802/Local 6/ASCAP Publishing-JON HAMMOND International, Inc. "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!" http://www.HammondCast.com Music, Travel & "Soft-News".

jazzbeaux collins, horn and hardart, jon hammond, wnew, kyou radio, hammondcast, hammond's bolero, czechoslovakian, salsa, chuy varela, get back in the groove, frank biner, funky, jazz

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*Click small pic for video..takes a min. to load:
Here's JOE FRANKLIN the Radio/TV Legend pitching Jon Hammond Show with me-Jon Hammond holding the mic. http://www.HammondCast.com

Joe Franklin, Jon Hammond, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, Memory Lane, Aristocrats, Anita O'Day, Jazz, Blues, B3 Organ, ASCAP Network, Up Late

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