JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

PODCAST Jon Hammond's Lydia's Tune with big band Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: PODCAST Jon Hammond's Lydia's Tune with big band Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/LYDIASTUNEMeetinghouseJazzOrchestraPodcast

Youtube https://youtu.be/idKeKk2v_xU

LYDIA' S TUNE Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra Podcast

Organist Jon Hammond composed this song in Paris France after flying there aboard Air France Concorde​ in year 1981, played here now with Meeting House Jazz Orchestra - Arranged and Conducted by tenor saxophonist Todd Anderson​. Bob Rosen​ (tenor) presiding over the Music Program at Friends Seminary​ 230 year old school on Manhattan's East Side - Greg Ruvolo​ takes the flugelhorn solo, Jim Piela saxophone, Pat Hall, Art Baron​, Alfredo Marques​ trombones, David Acker​ guitar, Mike Campenni drums, Charles Lee alto, more names coming! Thank you for playing my song and those listening and watching this Podcast folks! Jon Hammond​ ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP http://www.HammondCast.com
TV Producers of Manhattan Neighborhood Network [MNN]​ - Manhattan Neighborhood Network​ - Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM​ AFM Local 6​ PROFILE http://afm6.org/member-profile/jon-hammond-wheres-the-gig/ 

Photos by Elmar Lemes: #MeetinghouseJazzOrchestra #Bigband #LydiasTune #HammondOrgan Lydia's Tune, Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra, Todd Anderson Arrangement, Hammond Organist, Jon Hammond, Friends Seminary, 230 year old school, Manhattan, Paris France, Jon Hammond, #HammondOrgan

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

organist jon hammond back on track

*Note: Big thanks to Jeffrey Bordes for this beautiful article! from October 1998, when I came back to Berkeley, California :
"organist jon hammond
back on track":
"Airports, bus station and railroad stations are amazing to me
There are so many people coming and going. Each one has
their own story especially those moving from one city to
another. The San Francisco bay area is quickly becoming one
of the most popular cities to move to. This is even more true
for musicians. New York, L.A., and Nashville have always
been the place to be for music. That is not so true anymore.
Everyday more and more musicians move to the bay area in
hopes of finding a great outlet for their music. This past June
yet another musician walked off a plane with many dreams to
achieve in the San Francisco bay area. This man, like the rest
at the airport, had a story. This wasn't a huge, new move for
him but actually a homecoming. This would be the beginning
of yet another chapter in his lengthy book. His name is
Jon Hammond , and as San Francisco will soon again learn,
he is one of the funkiest organ players around.
Hammond has paid his dues to do what he loves the most,
music. In the late 1970's he moved from San Francisco to
New York City to become noticed. In 1983 he found an outlet
for his music, "The Jon Hammond Show", a weekly television
show aired on Manhattan Cable. Along with video artist/editor
Lori Friedman, Hammond came up with a different approach
to music television. Hammond's tapping foot and his voice
were the only human connection on the show. Musical
appearances on the show have been made by David "Fathead" Newman, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie , Alex Foster ,
and Cornell Dupree . The music, combined with Friedman's
artistic design, developed in to what Billboard Magazine
called "The Alternative to MTV"
Hammond ran in to problems when wanting to take
"The Jon Hammond Show" studio band in to the recording
studio. "I did not have enough money to record an pay my
musicians for their time." Hammond told me over the phone.
"I ended up having to pay with my rent money and in return
I gave the master tapes of the recording session to my landlord as collateral. "From that point on Hammond's. band has always been called "The Late Rent Session Men." The constants in the band remain Hammond and his long-time partner and friend, former Crusaders guitarist Barry Finnerty.
Finnerty has recorded with Miles Davis and the Brecker Brothers.
Monumental changes happened for Hammond in 1991. He found an ultimate low. "I had hit bottom," he remembers, "not eating, not taking care of myself." After ending up in a New York hospital for dehydration, he chose to move back to San Francisco. Later that year the Hammond Suzuki company asked him to try out the the new XB-2 organ (basically a travel size B3 organ). Now with a travel size organ, he decided to...travel. "I immediately got on the plane and went to Frankfurt, Germany , with only $100 in my pocket and my new XB-2." While staying with a friend who lived in Frankfurt, he played on the street until he got himself a steady gig at the Jazzkeller. "The first night I played there were 19 people in the audience, the second night there were 15." Luck got Hammond an interview on a local TV show. "The next night I took a cab to the club and saw a huge commotion outside of the club. I was worried that there was some sort of gallery show in the club that hadn't let out yet. As we pulled up to the curb I realized they were there to see me!" That night started a great career in Europe for Hammond. To this day he calls Frankfurt his good luck city. Hammond would continue to make Europe and New York City his home for the next seven years to come.
Back problems have recently brought Hammond back to the bay area for medical treatment. He jokes "back problems are something all organ players are due to have. "The bay area being Hammond's medical refuge is very fortunate for us locals. Since his speedy recovery, he has jumped right back in to the clubs not missing a beat. This month Hammond brings us two very special shows. The infamous funk/R&B drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie will be flying out from New York City to join Hammond's Late Rent Session Men at San Francisco's The Club Cocodrie on Saturday October 9th and at Kimball's East in Emeryville on Sunday October 11th. Let's all welcome back Hammond to the bay area! " -- Jon Hammond also appears weekly at Moriarty's Bar & Grill in Crockett
written by Jeffrey Bordes

In Studio Radio Interview with Jon Hammond and Bernard Purdie at KALX with Anthony Bonet

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: In Studio Radio Interview with Jon Hammond and Bernard Purdie at KALX with Anthony Bonet

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/InStudioRadioInterviewWithJonHammondAndBernardPurdieAtKalxWith

Youtube https://youtu.be/GYg4v91bg1A

FB https://www.facebook.com/hammondcast/videos/10153477164597102/

51 Minutes In-Studio Radio Interview with organist Jon Hammond and studio drummer Bernard Purdie with host producer Anthony Bonet aka "Sex 14s". This interview took place
on October 8th 1998 the day before Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men performed 2 concerts at Cocodrie Club in North Beach San Francisco and at Kimball's East Nightclub and Restaurant in Emeryville, both clubs are closed now. Hear Jon and 
Bernard talk about their long musical careers and the music and musicians on the band the next day, saxophonist Bennett Friedman, guitarist Barry Finnerty, Bernard Purdie aka "Pretty Purdie" or "The Hit Maker" on drums and Jon Hammond at the B3 organ.
Very special thanks to host producer Anthony Bonet aka "Sex 14s" of KALX and Bottom of The Hill club for having us in and also to Scott Rootenberg of The Cocodrie Club,
Jon Hammond 
Note: Bernard Purdie is perhaps the most recorded drummer in the music business
Bernard Lee "Pretty" Purdie (born June 11, 1939) is an American session drummer, and is considered an influential and innovative exponent of funk. He is known for his strict musical time keeping and "The Purdie Shuffle"
James Brown, Jeff Beck, Hummingbird, Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, Gil Scott-Heron, King Curtis, The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Randy Brecker, Quincy Jones, Hall & Oates, Isaac Hayes, Cat Stevens, Hair, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (soundtrack), Jon Hammond Late Rent album
Behind The Beat Story of Late Rent

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Koei Burns It Up With Bernard On Jon Hammond Band Right Before Keith Emerson Hammond Summit

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Koei Burns It Up With Bernard On Jon Hammond Band Right Before Keith Emerson Hammond Summit

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/KoeiBurnsItUpWithBernardOnJonHammondBandRightBeforeKeithEmersonHammondSummit

Youtube https://youtu.be/QrUDM6D4o04

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Koei Burns It Up With Bernard On Jon Hammond Band Right Before Keith Emerson Hammond Summit

Koei Tanaka burns it up with Bernard "Pretty" Purdie on Jon Hammond Band right before Keith Emerson Hammond Summit - Jon Hammond at the organ covering the bass just after talking with Stevie Wonder at the NAMM ShowJoe Berger is in the string section
Dankeschön Tino Pavlis and Joachim Wiesel Side Camera - house and FOH Brian English & Denny Mack
Jon's tune "Head Phone" on the Hammond Soul Summit evening Hammond Organ USA ©JON HAMMOND International 

Publication date2019-05-19
Koei Tanaka, Chromatic Harmonica, Hammond Organ, Fatback, Bernard Purdie, Namm Show, Headphone, Funk Band, Concert

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New Czechoslovakian Salsa Song

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: New Czechoslovakian Salsa Song 2014

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/NewCzechoslovakianSalsaSong2014_201905

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New Czechoslovakian Salsa Song 2014

Jon Hammond Band
New Czechoslovakian Salsa Song 
Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Germany
Czechoslovakia, salsa, jazzkeller, Frankfurt Germany, Hammond organ, organ combo, Jon Hammond Band, original composition

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FULL Jon Hammond Band MOVIE


Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/FULLJonHammondBandMOVIE

Youtube https://youtu.be/Tp-ZQrhlRNY

FB https://www.facebook.com/hammondcast/videos/10155955416952102/

FULL Jon Hammond Band MOVIE

FULL MOVIE, Jon Hammond Band, jazzkeller, Frankfurt Germany, Hammond Organ, Party

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