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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jon Hammond Quartet Gig In San Francisco Tenderloin

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Quartet Gig In San Francisco Tenderloin

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondQuartetGigInSanFranciscoTenderloin

Youtube https://youtu.be/OSKt7cWsGY4

TENDERLOIN Jon Hammond Quartet Gig in San Francisco Tenderloin Tenderloin Story Specialist Kevin Fagan Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle 901 Mission Street on The Beat! (also member of The Irish Newsboys)! #OnTheBeat #SFChronicle #Tenderloin #KevinFagan #Reporter #SFChron

Jon Hammond Quartet Gig In San Francisco Tenderloin

Jon Hammond Quartet Gig in San Francisco Tenderloin 
Bob Brumbeloe guitar 
Billy Rayford tenor saxophone
Ronnie Smith drums 
Jon Hammond organ / leader 
Jon Hammond Band 

Tenderloin, San Francisco


Language English 

Identifier JonHammondQuartetGigInSanFranciscoTenderloin 

Quartet Gig, Hammond Organ, Combo, San Francisco, Tenderloin, Blues, Shuffle

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Moscow Jazz Concert Jon Hammond Trio Jennifer's Song

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Moscow Jazz Concert Jon Hammond Trio Jennifer's Song

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/MoscowJazzConcertJonHammondTrioJennifersSong

Youtube https://youtu.be/EiQGFXIUD-A

Moscow Jazz Concert Jon Hammond Trio Jennifer's Song

Moscow Jazz Concert - Jon Hammond Trio "Jennifer's Song" 
Igor Butman tenor saxophone
Eduard Zizak drums
Jon Hammond organ

thanks Faina Cobham 

Language English 

Identifier MoscowJazzConcertJonHammondTrioJennifersSong 

Jazz Concert, Moscow Russia, Organ Combo, tenor saxophone, drums, Jennifer

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Jon Hammond Show 0323

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 0323

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondShow0323

Youtube https://youtu.be/lmo41r5Quhk #Youtube


Jon Hammond Show 0323

Jon Hammond Show 0323 - Update for broadcast on MNN TV Friday nights 01:30 AM (early Saturday)
Where to watch: 
FiOS : 33
RCN : 82
Spectrum : 34 & 1995
Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International Topics Mnn TV, Jon Hammond Show, Jazz, Blues, Soft News, Organ, Accordion, Travel Language English

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Le Bar Bat Hi 8 Film Late Rent Jon Hammond Show Theme Song

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Le Bar Bat Hi 8 Film Late Rent Jon Hammond Show Theme Song

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/LeBarBatHi8FilmLateRentJonHammondShowThemeSong

Youtube https://youtu.be/Crtq3tjm4FU

Le Bar Bat Hi 8 Film Late Rent Jon Hammond Show Theme Song

Le Bar Bat​ Hi8 Film 
Late Rent 
Jon Hammond Show Theme Song
Alex Foster  tenor saxophone
Barry Finnerty  guitar
Chuggy Carter  /  Leslie J. Carter  percussion
James Preston  drums
Jon Hammond  organ
Jon Hammond Band
Camera Joe Berger
Le Bar Bat 311 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019
Cable TV Show - Jon Hammond Show
Manhattan Neighborhood Network - MNN​ Ch. 1 35 years

Note this club was the old Mediasound Studios (excerpt from Mix Online Magazine) by Bobby Blank: "Bob Clearmountain, Godfrey Diamond, Michael Barbiero, Michael Delugg, Harvey Goldberg, Joe Ferla, Jeff Lesser, Alec Head, Bill Stein, Ron Saint Germain, Michael Brauer, Don Wershba, Ed Stasium, Gregg Mann, Carl Beatty, Kol Marshall, Lincoln Clapp, Joe Jorgensen, Alan Varner, Doug Epstein, Liz Saron, Trudy Schroder, Ramona Janquitto, Ron Dante, Charlie Calello, Tony Bongiovi — these are just some of the names that became the nucleus of Mediasound.

In New York City, from the close of the '60s through the birth and death of disco, Mediasound was a hit machine. Founded by Harry Hirsch, with assistance from Bob Walters and financial/business backing from owners Joel Roseman and the late John Roberts, Mediasound opened in June 1969 at 311 West 57th St. in the heart of Manhattan. Once home to the Manhattan Baptist Church, today the site is occupied by Providence (formerly the trendy Le Bar Bat), where you can still see the Gold Records on the wall. 
The live room, home to the hits, with, from left, the late Joe Jorgensen, chief engineer Fred Christie and founder Harry Hirsch 
The original idea came out of a random talk between Hirsch and Walters, who then went looking for money. “There were many 4-track studios in New York City,” recalls Roseman. “There was room for a state-of-the-art facility, one that could handle any kind of recording, tape copies, mastering — so we decided to change the scope of the idea. We went from the original $100,000 investment to over $1 million. It took a very long time to find the space, but Harry Hirsch found the Baptist church on 57th Street.”

“I will always be grateful to John Roberts, Joel Roseman and Bob Walters,” Hirsch says, “who listened when I told them, ‘I found a church from heaven on 57th Street,’ and trusted me to design, build and be its first president.”

A contemplative Barry Manilow in the live room.
Producer Ron Dante: “I brought in my new recording
artist Barry Manilow to record his second album—the one that included our first breakthrough million-seller ‘Mandy.’ Right away we knew that Mediasound was the place to make the best-sounding records in the business.” 
Bob Clearmountain (Kool & The Gang, Sister Sledge, Gloria Gaynor and countless others) was handpicked to change the light bulbs 40 feet up in the cathedral ceiling. "I was the only one nuts enough to go up there!" he recalls.

Producer Ron Dante with Pat Benatar. Dante: "Being in Mediasound always made you feel like you were about to create a hit."

Tony Bongiovi, front, seen here with
Trini Lopez in 1978, at Power Station

The owners, at Woodstock '94, 25 years after the original: Joel
Roseman (L) and the late John Roberts

Pat Benatar

Charlie Callelo" 

Le Bar Bat, Late Rent, Jon Hammond Show, Mediasound Studios, Cable TV Show, Theme Song, Hammond Organ, Fender Showman amp, SNL Saxophonist, Alex Foster, Barry Finnerty, Jon Hammond, Chuggy Carter, James Preston, Drummer Sons of Champlin

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