JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

LATE RENT Audiophile remasterings of Jon Hammond's greatest hits

LATE RENT Audiophile remasterings of Jon Hammond's greatest hits


Ham-Berger-Friz Records presents JON HAMMOND

Swingin' Funky Jazz & Blues Music, Jon Hammond at the Hammond B3 organ and The Late Rent Session Men

LATE RENT Music of The Jon Hammond Show MCTV
*Audiophile Quality Remasterings of Jon Hammond's Greatest Hits
Letter To The Listener From JON HAMMOND
Dear Listener: In my life I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to pursue my dream of being a musician, composer, broadcaster/journalist and impressario around the world. The music you will hear on this disc is exactly as I assembled the pieces carefully from over a 14 year period of my best recordings up to the year of 1995. In one late-night/early-morning session with my co-producer/engineer Joe Berger, we put together all the tracks which became my first official release titled Late Rent, the theme song of my tv show The Jon Hammond Show. Since the completion of that project many things have happened or as we say, water under the bridge. Now I am happy to be able to bring forth the record 10 years later in the best quality audio with complete quality control so that for the first time I can present some of my most faithful
compositions to my listeners as I always wanted to. The music is timeless and as Ray Charles once said, "When you're dead you're done", but Jon Hammond says, "The music lives on and it will keep traveling long after I'm gone." A message sent to all with no guarantee it has been received. I am the eternal optimist, having literally gone to live in other countries with nothing but my music and my instrument. Often I have played with musicians who can not speak English, but the language of music is international & universal. The rhythm of life exists on these tracks and like a musical photograph it has captured the spirit of my travels and life experiences. Late Rent is not just a title, it is a true story of my life struggles to get the rent paid and by many miracles I managed to get it paid every time, often down to a few moments of impending doom (better late than never!)...the music always came first for me and I am proud to present it to you now again better than ever. May this be the soundtrack to your life & travels and help groove you safely to your destinations sure as the sun rises in the morning.
Melody is King, and ™ The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
Crank it up kick back and enjoy, this is the music that has taken me around the world.
Jon Hammond
Ham-Berger-Friz Records
N.Y., NY , USA

Late Rent track list
1. Late Rent 6:01
2. Original Announcement from Jon Hammond Show 0:45
3. Pocket Funk 5:55
4. Lydia's Tune 4:26
5. The Sidewinder 7:22
6. Announcement by Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins 1:05
7. Head Phone 7:36
8. White Onions 5:19
9. Party Is Forbidden Here 5:23
8. Get Back In The Groove 2:04
9. White Onions - Live 11:44
10. Head Phone - Live 3:10
11. AFN Announcement 1 0:45
12. Nu Funk (Hip Hop Chitlins) - Live 5:39
13. AFN Announcement 2 0:40
14. Nu Funk (Hip Hop Chitlins) - Live 5:39
15. AFN Announcement 2 0:40
16. Late Rent - Live 9:02
Total Playing Time: 76:36
Featuring The Late Rent Session Men: Jon Hammond, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Chuggy Carter, Steve Ferrone, Todd Anderson, Alex Foster, Barry Finnerty, Graham Hawthorne, James Preston, Ray Grappone, Dave Danza

The Late Rent Sessions Studio Credits:
LATE RENT (Hammond/Finnerty) ASCAP
*This is the theme song of The Jon Hammond Show, a popular underground New York TV show.
POCKET FUNK (Hammond/Finnerty) ASCAP
*Written in the wash salon..check your pockets!
*Composed by Mr. Hammond in Paris, 1981
Recorded at Intergalactic Studios, New York Dec. 1983
Steve Ferrone - drums
Todd Anderson - tenor sax
Barry Finnerty - guitar
Jon Hammond - B3 organ/Leslie
*Classic Lee Morgan composition - as broadcast on WNEW radio NYC, recorded at BackBeat Studios March 1987
Ray Grappone - drums
Todd Anderson - tenor sax
Barry Finnerty - guitar
Jon Hammond - 1959 B3 organ/direct signal
HEAD PHONE (Hammond/Finnerty)
*Composed in studio while using headphones that worked only on one side.
WHITE ONIONS (Hammond/Finnerty) ASCAP
*Classic bluesy Hammond/Finnerty composition reminiscent of Green Onions.
*Written by Mr. Hammond after his party was forbidden in a well known west coast studio, The Site Recording.
Recorded at Quad Studios, New York Sept. 1989 Joe Berger engineer
Bernard Purdie - drums
Alex Foster - tenor sax
Chuggy Carter - percussion
Barry Finnerty - guitar
Jon Hammond - B3 organ/Leslie
*Soulful guitar fingerpicking by Mr. Hammond. Big organ sound.
Recorded at DTI Records Studio, Novato CA June 1981
Derek Tracy - engineer
Bruce Hatch - assistant engineer
Dave Danza - drums
Jon Hammond - guitar
Jon Hammond - B3 organ/Keyboard Products super nuclear Leslie
Jon Hammond is endorsed by: Hammond Suzuki, Excelsior CEMEX Accordions, Sennheiser, Fender, Remin Kart-A-Bag, Superlux Goang-Fann Co., Ltd., CASIO and flies United Airlines whenever possible! *Member Local 802, Local 6 American Federation of Musicians Union, ASCAP Artist

Live Credits:
WHITE ONIONS (Hammond/Finnerty)
*Snappy rendition recorded at NY's LE BAR BAT on W.57th St.
HEAD PHONE (Hammond/Finnerty)
*Super funky drum groove featuring Chuggy Carter and Graham Hawthorne.
LATE RENT (Hammond/Finnerty)
*Mr. Hammond's theme song live at Le Bar Bat.
Recorded at Le Bar Bat, New York July 1995
Joe Berger - engineer
Graham Hawthorne - drums
Alex Foster - tenor sax
Chuggy Carter - percussion
Barry Finnerty - guitar
Jon Hammond - XB-2 organ/Keyboard Products super Leslie
NU FUNK (Hip Hop Chitlins) (Hammond/Finnerty)
*Historic live broadcast on AFN Radio Frankfurt for "Powerlite" show on March 17, 1994 - this was first performance of the song heard around the world!
Joe Berger - engineer
James Preston - drums
Barry Finnerty - guitar
Jon Hammond - XB-2 organ
Jon Hammond organ bass on every song.
Sennheiser & Neumann microphones were used on every live recording.
Merci beaucoup and dankeschon to Hammond Suzuki Deutschland & Musikmesse Frankfurt.
*note: Feb. 2nd, 2005 The Jon Hammond Show tv show will begin it's 22nd consecutive year! Tune us in on channels 56 & 108 www.MNN.org
Additional Footnotes:
1. "Ping" - at beginning of cd the special sound, well known to members of elite jet set comes from Mr. Hammond's S.T. Dupont cigarette lighter. It's an old broadcasting trick to clear the airwaves before announcement or music.
2. Original announcement from The Jon Hammond Show MCTV.
9. Famous voice of Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins, on WNEW radio NY commenting on Late Rent Session music.
11. Jazzbeaux on California jazz radio station KCSM.
*Special acknowledgement to our friends Bert Gerecht - Hot Wire Records & Ulrich Vormehr - EFA Medien, who in 1996 put out first version of Late Rent in Germany.

Jon Hammond: Producer/Executive Producer
Joe Berger: Co-producer/engineer/mastering
Jennifer Frizzell - Co-executive producer
Lori Friedman - Video by LORI art
Michael August (Illustratorp) - Cover/disc art
Ute Wachsmuth (Datajump) - Text Art cover/disc
Manufactured by: Joe Aloia - Digital Authoring Solutions New York
Made in USA
All songs (except #8) published by JON HAMMOND International, Inc./ASCAP
"The Sidewinder" published by Conrad Music/BMI
All rights C & P 2005 by JON HAMMOND International, Inc.
POB 754 Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108 USA
Tel. 212.967.1858
*Jon Hammond plays the incredible Hammond XB-2 keyboard exclusively, which with it's all-new DRH sampling technology captures the sound and feel of the incomparable Hammond B3 at a fraction of the weight ™ "Hammond sound...in a suitcase!"
Hammond Suzuki Deutschland

Jon Hammond would especially like to thank:
Jennifer Frizzell, Marco Galeazzi, Donatella Milella, Roberto Lucanero, Nello Gabrielloni & family-Excelsior CEMEX Accordions, Glenn Derringer-Kustom, Michael Maier-Falkenstein family, Mario Tettamanti, Rossano Chiaramoni-RCH Cases, Joe Aloia, Superlux Microphones-Goang Fann Co. Ltd.-Jenny Shen, Nico Teng, David Liu, Heda family, Barbara K. Starner-Remin Kart-A-Bag, Richard McDonald-Fender Co., Leo Fender, Benny Golson, Kenny Burrell, Pamela Sylvain-United Airlines Employment, Gary Walker, Brian Delp, Cephas Bowles, Thurston Briscoe, Rhonda Hamilton-WBGO 88.3FM, Chuy Varella, Chris Cortez, Alissa Clancy-KCSM 91.1FM, Fred Noe III-Jim Beam Brands, Eugen Hahn-Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Bobbie Webb, J.J., Noel Hayes, Harrison-KPOO 89.5FM, Keith West-KVMR 89.5FM, Vasja Ivanovski-FM 2 Macedonia, Knut Benzner, Dr. Andrea Hubert, Tobias Hartmann, Lutz & Gide Buchner-NDR Radio, Heinz Lichius, Gabriel Coburger, Gunther & Krystyna Tietze-Polka Bar, Dieter & Ralph Reichert-Birdland Hamburg, Jo-Jo Tucksen-Jazzkeller Hofheim, Tony Lakatos, Harry Petersen, Kevin Mauder, Uli Olshausen, Guenter Hottmann-HR Radio, Igor & Oksana Butman, Eduard Zizak, Faina Antonova, Marat Garipov-Le Club Moscow, Claus Rotthoff-Musikhaus Rotthoff, Gideon Schier, Robert & Otmar Hutya, Bernhard Flieher, Tommy Schneider-Hammond Times Zurich, Ronald ChitTin-Entree GmbH, Francoise Pujol, Andre Thus-Hammond France, Bob Scott, Ronnie Smith Jr., Alex Budman, Larry Schneider, John & Mai Bishop, Marc Baum, Preston family-Sons of Champlin, Bill Vitt, Bob Barsotti, Peter, Bettike, Dharma Barsotti, Mick Brigden, Scott Rootenberg, Kris Hosack, Tim Anderson, Chris Powers, Nigel James, Rita Gentry, Jerry Pompili, David Mayeri, Bill Graham, BGP Productions, Eddie Money, Jim Thorsen aka Jimi James, Steve Wright-Hades, Terri Price, Matthew & Terence Hallinan family, Susan Bernstein, Bruce Harrison, Sharon Levy, Mitchell Redman, Teddy Fung, Maria Ciaccia, Jim Kelly, Jim Leary, Dana Rivers-Heath, Security staff-Manhattan Plaza, Frank Vavosa, Sylvia, Thomas & Simon-Hotel Pacific Hamburg, Karen Newman, Betty Heywood, Judy Cheung-Messe Frankfurt/Hong Kong, Danny Woody-Portman Ritz Carlton Shanghai, Mayor Willie Brown, Maria Tschirgi, Joe & Lori Rodriguez, John Hunt-Local 6 SF, Oscar Meyers, Bill Wurtzel, Erica Brescia-T-Mobile SF, Andy Christo, Christine Adams, Kevin Friedrich, Harley Jones,-Accordions Worldwide, Alex Accordions & Guitar NYC, John & Jonna Godtfredsen-Excelsior Danmark, Clarence "Tootsie" Bean, Maher & Tom-Cleopatra's Needle NYC, Professor Bruce Lilienthal, James Brown-Tower Records, Erik Hargrove-James Brown Band, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Jon Paris, Marc Roth-Roth's Westside Steakhouse, Rudy Lawless, Lazy Larry Fredsen, Al & Leslie Wilcox and family, Patti, Teal & Al Jazzbeaux Collins, Saul & Goldie Levin family, Olivier Hutman, Lydia Fischer, Dr. Iraj Akhavan, Tilman Erhorn, Dan Marks, Connie McKinley, Matt Dillon, Francis Ford Coppola, Dr. Vartan Ghugasian, Joe Franklin-WOR Radio, Marisa Redanti-MPTA, Antje von Rein, Don Haas, Louie Bellson, Ron Carter, George Burns, Earl Watson, Marie, Iwo, Marty-Original Joe's SF, President Bill Clinton, Ann Stock, President Vladimir Putin, Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, BB King, Naeemah Hicks, Lindsay Brust, Wynton Marsalis, Todd Barkan-Jazz at Lincoln Center, Lionel Hampton, Lou Colombo, Tom Tuson-Hammond Organ Center, Paul Ellington, Chuck & Alan Colin & family-Colin Publishing, Rich Haupt, Peter Valentyne, Pete Fogel-Le Bar Bat, Bruce & Charlotte Mager-Waves NY, Alan Hall, Tracey Baumler, Ann, Terry, Cortt, Rhett Dunlap, Genevieve Frizzell, Louie Peterson, Eddie Sorenson, Gary Peterson, Dieter Schnapka, Uwe Gehring-(Wesley G), Giovanni Gulino, Sgt. 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Rick Brown, Specialist Nicky Kiers, Ralph Stinson-AFN, Robert Cohen & Assoc., Anton Baronin, Vitaly Solomonov, Alexander Dovgoboly, Igor Butman Bigband, Oleg Butman, George Clinton, Vladimir Danilin, Alexei Kuznetzov, Retha Herne, Bruce A. Douglas, Charles Huggins-See's Candy, Leslie Stewart, Ken Shapero-Jazz Factory, Kathleen Lawton, Don Menza, Commodore Hotel SF: Bina, Joseph, Melanie, Gitanjali, Jeff, Jeff Mason, Anatoly Kiryushkin, Igor Moskvichev, Steven King, Paul Gaist, Sergei Manoukian, Alex Rostotsky, Bill Cobham, Silvia Pagni, Gunther Zint, Cyril Moshkow, Sergei Shidlouskij, Ryo Kawasaki, AND all our viewers of The Jon Hammond Show over the last 21 years!

Recreating LATE RENT CD Product

Some notes about the LATE RENT product you are holding in your hand:
They say history repeats itself. In the case of LATE RENT it is partially true, but now in 2005 I have taken the opportunity to take control of my music and visuals bringing them to you in the absolute highest quality thanks to my outstanding team of specialists. It has been a long road with many detours along the way but thankfully all the master recordings are intact and I was able to locate the photos which artist Michael August has shaped in to a creation that conveys the look of my tv show and tells you many things about this music before you even open the box. Hammond B3 freaks will not be disappointed. Joe Berger preserved the master recordings well. 25 years have passed from the start of this project with the first recordings. I am happy to say that now today my Rent is NOT Late!
And the music of LATE RENT is available for the Ring Tones on your Phones.
We appreciate your feedback by phone, email or good old fashioned snail-mail.
Jon & Late Rent Team




Item Information

Artists Name:HAMMOND, JON
City Hall Catalog Number: 105
UPC Product Code:634479020704
List Price:9.98
Musical Category: JAZZ
Release Date: 9/19/2006
Additional Musical Category Notes:

This is a re-issue of Jon's 1995 European release "Late Rent." Never before available in the U.S., it contains a collection of recordings featuring Bernard Purdie and Steve Ferrone on drums, as well as Todd Anderson and Alex Foster on sax, Barry Finnerty and Graham Hawthorne, Ray Grappone, Jim Preston and Chuggy Carter. The record is a swinging and funky compilation of original tracks written by Jon Hammond, as well as some anecdotal asides and a guest apperance by Jazzbeaux Collins. Lots of great solos and organ sounds, as well as melodies and groove. Includes "Late Rent," "Pocket Funk," "Lydia's Tune," "White Onions," "Head Phone" and "Hip Hop Chitlins." 

Late Rent, Party Forbidden, Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond, B3 organ, Remastered, John Lennon, Landlord, Recording Studio, Funky, Jazz, Blues, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, Local 802 Musicians Union

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Hammondnoise Hammond Explosion

"Hammondnoise....Hammond Explosion!"


Jon Hammond at the console of his trusty instrument which has traveled to 10 countries along with Mr. Hammond!

Hammond Explosion! At the recent opening ceremonies for the new Emeryville California City Hall. Jon was commisioned to play original music with trio by Mayor Nora Davis.

Marc, Jon, & Paul rock the opening ceremonies of the Emeryville CA City Hall for Mayor Nora Davis!

Jon Hammond International, Inc.- USA

Creating the "Hammond Explosion"!

Jon Hammond, *ASCAP Artist, member: AFM Local 802, Local 6, creating the famous trademark Hammond Explosion!
*audio available at www.callasong.de/hammond
Tune in to the Jon's Music and Travel Soft-news tv program, "The Jon Hammond Show" 27th year!, now streaming world-wide at www.mnn.org

Jon Hammond bio in Deutsch!

Jon Hammond wurde am 19. März 1953 in Chicago geboren. Sein erstes Instrument war das Akkordeon, mit dem er im Alter von 12 Jahren auch seine ersten Auftritte bei Partys in Berkeley in Kalifornien hatte. Bereits drei Jahre später gründete er eine Band, bei der auch zwei Bläser mitspielten. Danach ging es Schlag auf Schlag: Mit 18 Jahren kaufte er sich seine erste Hammond B3 und wurde Mitglied der Rockband "Hades" in San Francisco. Mit dieser Formation trat er im Vorprogramm von "Tower of Power", Michael Bloomfield, "Quicksilver", "Country Joe & The Fish" und vielen anderen Bands auf. Im Alter von 20 Jahren besuchte Jon das Bostoner Berklee College of Music. Er musizierte regelmäßig im exklusiven Harbor Club in Cape Cod und in Boston's "Combat Zone". Dies war ein legendäres Striptease-Viertel in Boston. Jeder Club besaß eine Hammond B3 und ein Drumset. "Continuous Entertainment!" war angesagt. Pro Stunde tanzten 3 bis 4 Mädchen (Jon: "...till completely naked...") - alles wurde nonstop live von Bands begleitet. Jon sagt über diese Zeit: "...Eine wirklich interessante Arbeit - ich lernte hier Dinge, die ich in keiner Schule jemals hätte erlernen können." In der Combat Zone trugen alle Musiker Künstlernamen. Anfangs nannte sich Jon "Jon Morgan...on the organ!" Nachdem er über Jahre auf der B3 gespielt hatte, wechselte er 1975 zum Künstlernamen Jon Hammond.
Mit der erfolgreichen Show-Revue "Easy Living" tourte er durch den Nordosten der USA bis nach Kanada, trat danach in Boston und New York auf. Später lebte und tourte Jon Hammond in Europa. Seine Entwicklung vom Rock zum Jazz erfolgte schrittweise. Erst 1981 fand der erste große Jazzauftritt von Jon Hammond statt - er spielte 56 Tage in Paris! Sein Stil ist jedoch nach wie vor tief verwurzelt mit den Stilbereichen Rock, Funk, East Bay Grease, Bossa Nova, Soul und Rhythm & Blues. Als musikalische Einflüsse benennt Jon: Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles, Billy Preston und Barry Finnerty. Als er nach New York zurückgekehrt war, gründete Jon 1983 die "BackBeat Productions" und baute seine Late Night Show auf. Die "Jon-Hammond-Show" läuft jeden Montag um 2.30 Uhr (nachts!!) auf dem Time/Warner Kabelkanal 16 von New York City. Unterstützt wird er dabei von Lori Friedman (Videoartist / Editor) und Barry Finnerty (Musical Director). Es ist eine "Funky-Swinging-Jazz-Blues-Instrumental-Revue" voller Drive mit eigenständigem Charakter, kombiniert mit aufwendiger Videoanimation. International bekannte Musiker geben sich in seiner Show die Türklinke in die Hand: Chick Corea, die Brecker Brothers, Les Paul,... Die musikalischen Einflüsse von den Crusaders, Miles Davis und Jimmy Smith sind spürbar. Ein Teil der Show nennt sich "Live on the Street" - hier präsentiert Jon Hammond per Video neue Ereignisse und Live-Music/Video-Clips z.B. von Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Butterfield, Jaco Pastorius, John Entwistle, Sammy Davis Jr., Percy Sledge.... "The Jon Hammond Show" läuft außerdem noch in San Francisco, Kalifornien, London, Auckland, Neuseeland und Tokio. Das "Billboard Magazine" bezeichnete die Jon-Hammond-Show als "Die Alternative zu MTV"! Am 2. Februar 98 wurde das 15-jährige Bestehen der TV-Show gefeiert. Im März/April 98 führte eine Tournee Jon Hammond u.a. durch Deutschland und Frankreich, bevor er zurück nach New York ging. Wer Jon Hammond live erlebt hat, weiß, daß er absolut in seiner Musik und seiner Leidenschaft für die Hammond aufgeht. Er firmiert unter dem Slogan "The Fingers Are The Singers" und zählt zu den schillerndsten Persönlichkeiten der New Yorker Musikszene. Mit dem Gitarristen Barry Finnerty (geb. 1951, spielte schon in der Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Bigband, mit Miles Davis, den Crusaders und den Brecker Brothers...) musiziert er bereits seit ca. 30 Jahren (seit der Highschool-Zeit in San Francisco). Zusammen haben die beiden zahlreiche Instrumentals komponiert, die sich durch eingängige Melodien und markante Grooves auszeichnen. Jon Hammond übernimmt mit der linken Hand auch gerne den Baßpart ("Ich habe nichts gegen Bassisten, aber sie sind immer im Weg - ich bin mein eigener Baßmann..."). Die aktuelle CD trägt den Titel "Late Rent". Jon bezeichnet die Aufnahmen als ein "akustisches Fotoalbum". "Die CD enthält musikalische Momentaufnahmen aus den Jahren 1981 bis 1995. Jahrelang spielte ich überall in den USA - in kleinen Clubs an der West- und Ostküste, bis hinauf nach Toronto in Kanada, in Deutschland, Frankreich, in der Schweiz. Immer wenn ich etwas Geld übrig hatte, nahm ich mit einigen Freunden ein paar neue Songs auf. Die CD spiegelt die Erlebnisse meiner Reisen und die Erfahrungen mit den Menschen, die mir begegnet sind, wieder - auch ein Hauch Bermuda- und Karibik-Flair ist mit dabei."
Durch die Verschmelzung von zahlreichen Stilelementen läßt sich seine Musik unter dem derzeit so aktuellen Begriff "Acid Jazz" einordnen. Jon liegt damit voll im Trend der Musik und der verstärkten Nachfrage nach dem "good old Hammond-Sound". Jahrelang plagte er sich mit dem Transport einer großen B3 ab. In seinem Appartement in Brooklyn steht noch heute ein Exemplar dieser wohl begehrtesten Hammond-Orgel (Baujahr 1959). Jon's "Schicksal" veränderte sich erheblich, als er 1991 eine neue, digitale Hammond XB-2 bekam. Er äußert sich begeistert: "Für mich stimmt der Sound absolut und jetzt kann ich meine Orgel überall mitnehmen und spielen - am Times Square, in Paris, London, L.A. oder auch auf der Frankfurter Musikmesse.". In der Zwischenzeit ist Jon auch Hammond-Endorser. Dieses Mitnehmen der Hammond nimmt Globetrotter Jon Hammond wörtlich. Er fährt sein Equipment auf einem winzigen Einkaufswägelchen, dem "Super 600" quer durch die Messen der Welt, durch Abflughallen, Bahnhöfe, öffentliche Verkehrsmittel usw. Jon ist gerne unterwegs ("I have lived one year in Paris, one year in Frankfurt-Bornheim and one
+ 1/2 years in Hamburg (St. Pauli) and now 33 years in Times Square, New York City...") und spielt überall auf der Welt, egal ob auf der NAMM Show, in Prag, in Bosnien. Dabei hat Jon Hammond nicht nur die Musik und seine Orgel im Kopf, sondern er ist zugleich auch Talkmaster, Jazz-Diskjockey, "Radio Personality" Reporter und Journalist seiner Show und so zeichnet er aktuelle Ereignisse per Video für seine Show auf. Jon arbeitet in Deutschland eng mit seinem Hamburger Sponsor, dem Journalisten Knut Benzner vom NDR zusammen. In Österreich ist er Ehrenpräsident der "Dr. Jazz Organisation".
Der deutsche Produzent Bert Gerecht überzeugte schließlich Jon Hammond, sein bewegtes Leben in Buchform niederzuschreiben, und so arbeitet Jon derzeit an der Fertigstellung des Buches mit dem Titel "Late Rent - My Life In Music Business" - ein Filmscript soll folgen ...
Copyright © Jon Hammond International, Inc. of USA

http://community.webtv.net/laterent/JONHAMMOND International www.callasong.de/hammond
www.laterent.de Germany
www.KBON.com Eunice, Louisiana

Bi-lingual info about German cd release: LATE RENT!

Jon Hammond - Late Rent
EFA CD 12823-2Hammondorgel im Handgepäck, bringt die absolute Vollbedienung in Sachen Orgel mit sattem Groove! Jedem New Yorker Musiker ist die ´Jon Hammond Show´ aus dem Kabelfernsehen ein Begriff!
Hammonds musikalischer Partner ist der Gitarrist Barry Finnerty, bekannt von Miles Davis, Brecker Brothers und Crusaders. Dieses Duo hat unzählige Instrumentals geschrieben, Songs mit markanten Grooves und eingängigen Melodien. Die Band ´Late Rent Session Men´ ist Treffpunkt von Vollblutjazzern wie Bernard ´Pretty´Purdie, Steve Ferrone, Todd Anderson, Chuggy Carter, James Preston etc. Hammond braucht keinen Bassmann, er spielt den Bass selbst, mit links, und an seinen Grooves kann sich so mancher Bassist die Zähne ausbeißen!
Seine aktuelle CD ´Late Rent´ ist ein musikalisches Fotoalbum mit Momentaufnahmen aus den Jahren 1981 bis 1995. Der Titelsong entstand aus einer Melodie, die Hammond immer am Monatsersten spielte, um den unter ihn wohnenden Hausbesitzer zu signalisieren, daß die Miete wieder etwas später käme... Diese starken Grooves mit hohem Wiedererkennungswert finden heute ganz besonders unter den Freunden der Acid-Jazz und Rare Groove großen Anklang!Everybody likes the screaming sounds of the good ol´ Hammond organ! JON HAMMOND, world-reknowned Jazz-Funk and Acid Jazz organist, host of well-known New York TV show ´The JON HAMMOND SHOW´, doesn´t cash in on the latest trends, he consequently has spent the last twenty years at the keyboard of his trusty organ.
His latest CD ´LATE RENT´ is a real showcase of the man´s stunning performance on the black and white keys. Equally stunning is the guitar work of Jon´s musical partner Barry Finnerty (Miles Davis, Crusaders, Brecker Brothers), who has also co-written many of the hard-rockin´ tracks.
Born in Chicago, Hammond played his first gig on the accordion when he was twelve and since then has played extensively on the rock, jazz and chitlin circuits, appearing at concert halls, jazz clubs and strip tease houses all over the world.
Meanwhile, Mr. Hammond´s music, a healthy mix of blues, jazz, rock, and R ´n´ B has crossed borders in the time spiral with the hip sounds of the Rare Groove Movement.

Late Rent
* Original Announcement from Jon Hammond Show
Pocket Funk
White Onions
Party is Forbidden Here
Head Phone
Lydia's Tune
The Sidewinder
* Announcement by Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins
Get Back in the Groove
White Onions (Live)
Head Phone (Live)
* AFN Announcement 1
Nu Funk (Hip Hop Chitlins) (Live)
* AFN Announcement 2
Late Rent (Live)
(* Spoken)
Featuring "The Late Session Men":
Jon Hammond: Organ
Barry Finnerty: Guitar
Steve Ferrone: Drums
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie: Drums
Todd Anderson: Tenor Sax
Alex Foster: Tenor Sax
Chuggy Carter: Percussion
Graham Hawthorne: Drums
James Preston: Drums
Dave Danza: Drums



Jon Hammond with hammer down.


Jon Hammond's Late Rent Session Men are returning for the 3rd consecutive year to the 14th annual NEW ORLEANS BY THE BAY FOOD AND MUSIC FESTIVAL June 22 and 23!
Catch Jon's band daily at 2 pm on the See's Candy stage with Alex Budman-saxes, Ronnie Smith-drums, John Bishop-gtr. and Jon Hammond on the B3 organ. This year's headliner's are Taj Mahal (22nd) and Delbert McClinton (23rd).
Bring the whole family...there's something for everybody. Great food, rides, face painting and clowns for the kids and a psychedelic Mardis Gras parade each day. Be THERE...or be SQUARE!

It was a blast! See you there next year!!

JH at the grand piano-Lucky's Place, Shoreline Ampitheatre

2 solo sets daily at the New Orleans by the Bay Food and Music Festival for 2nd year!
Jon has been invited back for next year's show, which will be the 14th annual.

Bill Graham Presents Clear Channel

SHORELINE: New Orleans By The Bay BGP Presents JON HAMMOND


JonHammondBand | July 14, 2007
New Orleans By The Bay Festival put on by Bill Graham Presents for 14 years at Shoreline Ampitheatre, JON HAMMOND Band laying down some Oakland Funk 'Head Phone' with Larry Schneider tenor saxophone, James Preston of Sons of Champlin drums, Barry Finnerty guitar and Jon Hammond at the B3 Organ with XB-2 on top and Excelsior Accordion, 122 Leslie was the set up. *Special thanks: Mick Brigden and Tim Anderson BGP Presents, See's Candy *Camera by Derek Tracy ©JH INTL *info: http://www.HammondCast.com / ASCAP

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Friday, August 13, 2010




*cover article from Manhattan Plaza News June 2003

by Maria Ciaccia
photos by Teddy Fung

Jon Hammond's story is one of survival. Survival as a jazz musician, survival as a Manhattanite. The organist-accordionist has survived because of perseverance, love of his art, tremendous humor, and gratitude. His new independently produced and marketed CD, HAMMOND'S BOLERO, which contains only music written by Hammond, is both a statement and a tribute. As his CD notes begin, "This record marks a new beginning for me, and I would like to dedicate it to all those who, like myself, are striking out on their own and going it alone. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. I did and now this record is for you!" Following his dream at times has not been easy.

Take his living situation. Hammond is fairly new to Manhattan Plaza---a resident for just two years---and like everything else involving this multitalented man, there's an interesting story attached. "I'm living under a lucky star after years of putting up with all kinds of adverse conditions. Manhattan Plaza has been a great, great help for me." Living in the Clinton area, Hammond survived six ceiling collapses in his apartment and was finally driven out by sick building syndrome, i.e. poisonous mold in the walls. He realized it only after watching an epsode of 60 MINUTES. Did he sue? "No," he says. "Put it this way---the title song for my TV show is called 'Late Rent.' I used to pay my landlord partial payments, etc. so I never sued."

As a further testament to his Manhattan survival, Hammond is a nineteen-year-veteran of cable access with his own television show, aptly titled THE JON HAMMOND SHOW. Manhattan Plaza residents Todd Anderson (tenor sax) and Bill Warfield (trumpet) have been featured as part of the band. the show airs on Monday at 9:30 p.m. on channels 56 and 108 and various times on other channels. For more information, viewers can check Hammond's website, http://community.webtv.net/laterent/JONHAMMOND

Jon Hammond Band


But before the glamour of Manhattan, CD's, opening for Bonnie Raitt, and some other high-class gigs, Hammond paid his dues. Attending the Berklee college of Music in Boston in 1973, he earned money on the wild side. "I used to play in these Mafia striptease clubs seven nights a week. Boy, that was the end of an era. I was working for the Venus brothers, notorious gangsters, and I was the house organist at the infamous 2 O'Clock Lounge, the Mousetrap Lounge, The Hungry I---all these clubs that were in what was known as the Combat Zone in Boston."

And how did he get to New York? "Well, I knew a stripper named Didi Bangbang, a really nice girl. She knew I had a van. When you have a van, you get some interesting calls. She had a show at this burlesque club in New York so she said, 'Drive me and I'll introduce you to New York.' This was in 1975. She had wild props, like a plexiglass round platform with disco lights inside of it. We loaded everything in this army green van and drove to New York."

From New York, Hammond went on the road with a show band called Easy Living "It was one of the top show bands---this was before disco---and you'd get on the different circuits. We were in the $10,000-a-week bracket."

Just one problem. "I get the call for a really great gig, but it's always at the end. When you see me show up, it's a doomsday situation. The band toured for six months. We were in Toronto working at the Four Seasons Inn on the Park, one of the nicest hotels I've ever been in in my life. I was living like a king. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Well, they had installed a DJ booth---the first place we ever played with one installed. He played on our breaks. They would cross-fade, meaning we would re-enter playing the music he had been playing. But I could see the handwriting on the wall. The disco thing had not really come in and taken over yet---the very first tune that was a big disco hit was "The Hustle." "We had to do it with the band. That tune was like the death knell. Disco came in and the bands went out."

A musician's life involves a lot of travel, and that Hammond has done---back and forth throughout North America, from New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, and Toronto. "Around 1977, I ended up in Boston again. There I heard through the grapevine that Lou Colombo, the trumpet player, was looking for an organist for a private harbor club in Harwichport, Massachussets. Another great job. One of the members was Tip O'Neil, who became Speaker of the House, and I played all of his private parties. He was always very nice. That lasted for two years and then they reduced the nights."

In September 1981, Hammond fulfilled his dream of a lifetime---traveling to Paris on the Concorde. "I lived it out exactly as I saw it in my dream." Hammond recalls. "I had a haircut. I bought a dark blue suit. I bought a case that I still travel with today. Every man was wearing the same suit I was. As soon as the plane took off, I realized I was leaving the continent for the first time and I got very emotional."

Hammond stayed in Paris "as long as I could. I wrote music there. It was more than I hoped it would be. I swore I'd come back to live. I ended up in Europe for six years, actually in Frankfurt, going back and forth to the States, from 1991 to 1997." For being a consultant on the design, Suzuki gave him an XB-2 Hammond organ, which was a big help to him.

A career change occurred when he and his band were hired to play at the Jazzkeller in Frankfurt. "I went on a TV show to promote it," he recalls, "Later on, I took a cab to the club and there was a huge commotion outside. I thought it was due to a group playing an earlier set. I said to the cab driver, 'Gee, I hope they finish soon.' the driver said, "They're waiting for you.;" Though Hammond did very well in Europe, including a concert on Radio France, a trade war soon found american jazz musicians being cut out of European work. "I came home on Pakistan Airlines" the former Concorde passenger remembers. Hammond is used to the roller coaster ride of the musician---one day on tour with Percy Sledge, the next day coming home from France with $50.

Hammond recently returned from successful concerts in Germany at the International Trade show "Musikmesse" for the seventeenth consecutive year with his co-producer Joe Berger, of Ham-Berger-Friz Records, the producer of the CD. You got it. Hamburger/fries. Hammond's CD is currently getting radio play in Germany and National Public Radio stations in the U.S. Several manhattan Plaza residents are involved in the CD. On April 28, he had a launch party at Le Bar Bat.

Though only occasionally veering outside of the music world, Hammond did something unusual in 2001. "My mother called me and said, 'Jon, they're hiring at United Airlines.' I thought, what can it hurt to please my mother, I"ll apply. I did get an offer but I was unable to take it because it involved transporting luggage, and I couldn't do it because of my bad back. However, they then found out that I speak German. I was offered a better job in International. Now guess when I was supposed to start training? October 2001. Well, you know what happened to the airlines after 9/11, and you know what I said about getting a gig at the death knell. So this told me one thing, I'm supposed to be a musician." He's right.

*Update: Hammond in Moscow! *story: with pictures: http://community.webtv.net/GoldenPenMan/BLUESINTHEMOSCOW


Tenor saxophonist IGOR BUTMAN & organist JON HAMMOND

Backstage at Le Club jazz club in Moscow with Igor and Jon beaming after first successful concerts in Russia together!

Note: See's Candy *in box, is a major sponsor of jazz events & concerts in San Francisco Bay Area thanks to Charles N. Huggins and company. 

Jazz Quad article: "Blues In The Moscow White Nights"

The story of my first concerts in Russia with Igor Butman (sax), Eduard Zizak (drums) by organist Jon Hammond (USA) for Jazz Quad

Coming to Russia to play in concert together with Igor Butman and Eduard Zizak recently, was one of the greatest experiences in my life/career! I was highly anticipating this journey for many reasons. First of all since my family originally came from Russia and Latvia many years ago, I had heard so many stories as a young child about the land and people I was about to visit. My grandparents were never able to return to Russia but when I arrived it felt like I was coming home.

From the beginning of my preparations I could see that this was not going to be any ordinary music tour! From obtaining visas it was apparent that the procedure was slightly different. I traveled with my girlfriend Jennifer on British Airways departing JFK to London and then from there we changed planes to Moscow. Upon arriving at Moscow SVO airport we quickly found ourselves among 20 persons who arrived with no baggage. There was nobody there to speak in English with from BA, so we had an interesting conversation and procedure with the official Lost and Found desk there and filled out the Baggage Irregularity Report papers. Leaving the customs area without our baggage we were very happy when we stepped out and saw a nice man holding a big Jon Hammond poster. We knew this was our man!
Luckily we came 2 days before the concerts and our bags were finally found and delivered to our hotel the next day.
Marat Garipov, the gentleman who came to pick us up, is one of Igor Butman's managers. Very nice guy and we had a great time speaking with him on the drive in to Moscow about his daughters and many shared interests. The traffic was very heavy coming in and it took about 1 1/2 hours to come in to Moscow, but we got a great first look at beautiful Moscow! What an incredible city...to me it looks like the Magic Kingdom that Walt Disney tried to recreate, only many of the buildings were built hundreds of years ago! Fantastic architecture.
When we checked in to the hotel, first we had to surrender our passports for some sort of official process. When we came up to our room on the 10th floor we found that we had a spectacular view of Red Square right outside our windows! The view was absolutely magnificent. Because it was the 3rd week of June, the days are the longest of the year and known as the White Nights. 10 at night looked like bright daylight! My first night I spent making many calls to trace our baggage and see about getting our passports back while my girlfriend slept. Finally back in posesssion of my instruments and our passports I was then very relieved and could really start enjoying the fact that I was really in Moscow!

The night before my first concert at Le Club, we were guests to attend the concert of bassist Alex Rostotsky and his fine group. We had a very enjoyable time dining and listening to Alex's music and got to meet him and his musicians later in the evening. We also had the pleasure of meeting Faina Antonova who is Igor's manager and also managing Le Club. She is very nice and took great care in arranging every detail of our stay in Moscow. I knew right away that we were in care of special angels. After a wonderful dinner/show and cappucinos at Le Club, Faina personally drove us back to our hotel, the famous Rossiya by Red Square. I was very tired by this point so I slept like a rock.

The next day was the big Friday of our first show. Most of the day I stayed in the room practicing my instrument and looking out at Red Square. Jennifer and I wanted to get to the club early so that we could get a sound check and settle in. Faina picked us up and we stuffed my organ and all our equipment in her compact car and off we went to Le Club in the Taganka Theatre Building.
When we arrived the big friendly doormen picked up my heavy cases like they were toothpicks and brought them up the stairs for me! Vladimir the sound engineer for the club was very smooth and professional, and a very nice guy. We got a good sound on the organ and then came Eduard Zizak the great drummer! I had already met Eduard in New York the week before when he was there performing with Igor's quartet at Birdland. Eduard is an incredible drummer and also a very nice guy. We made a little soundcheck and right away I could tell that he had listened to my music and we would lock up with some very tight grooves...no problem!
But where was Igor? I was hoping for a little mini-rehearsel with Igor but when I saw the public coming in to have dinner I knew it was too late for that! Igor arrived with his entourage and it was great to see him...he told me not to worry and apologised for not coming earlier. Igor is in big demand with a very busy schedule, so I am very lucky and honored that he could take the time to perform with me together even as his new cd album "Prophecy" was just released on the Universal Label.
We had time only for a 5 minute soundcheck and I showed Igor my book. This was going to be a very spontaneous performance, no doubt about it!
We decided to record it, and Vladimir did a fantastic job on the recording on their new digital recording console that they had just brought back from New York.
From the first notes I knew that this would be one of those magic nights I would never forget. The response from the audience was wonderful. I could only say in Russsian, "Ya LuBlu Vas"...which means, I love you all. And when I said the words to the people I got a great feeling back from them. First set was just fine and then on the break I was introduced to many press people and some fantastic local musicians. I was very honored that they all came to greet me. And then Igor proudly introduced me to 2 of the legendary jazz musicians of Moscow-accordionist Vladimir Danilin and guitarist Alexei Kuznezov. They said they had their instruments in the car and so yes we decided right away to make a live session together.
It was incredible from the first song on the 2nd set, playing together with these fantastic Moscow musicians! It felt like we had been playing together for 20 years. These musicians are some of the greatest I have ever heard and played together with. The audience was loving every bit of it, just as much as I! I was so happy that Vladimir was getting it all on tape and Jennifer was also running the video machine and taking pictures also. By the end of the night I was very satisfied with how everything went. Igor personally drove Jennifer and I back to the hotel in his nice car with fantastic sound system.
Great night!

The next day we got a nice tour from our friends Eva Steiner and her nice husband Leo from the Austrian Embassy. We ended the afternoon by having lunch in the Rossiya and I got to have my first excellent bowl of Borscht!
I excused myself afterwards to take a nap as I was quite tired and knew it would be another big night at Le Club. I had a refreshing sleep and then I must say that the shower at the Rossiya is the best shower I have ever had in my life! The shower head resembles a little Sputnick! The water comes out full force...no water saving there at the Rossiya. Wonderful.
This time when Faina picked us up we didn't have the organ with us. For the first time I left my instrument in the club because I could see the security there is excellent, 24 hours.
Already there were journalists at the club to meet. I was very happy to meet Cyril Moshkow. We had many e mails before coming and he is a very nice guy also and very serious jazz journalist. He is the president of the Russian Jazz Journalist organization. We had a nice conversation and Cyril took some pictures of the concert for his website. Also we met Igor Moskvichev from Russian "Hit Parade" magazine and Mr. Kumalo from the South African Embassy.

Jon Hammond with South African Minister-Counsellor Mpendulo Kumalo

foto by Jennifer Frizzell 

Igor Butman, Eduard Zizak, Jon Hammond

Igor, Eduard and Jon in concert at Le Club jazz club, Moscow June 22, 2003
foto courtesy of Igor Moskvichev 

The Journey Home to USA from Moscow

After the 2nd successful night playing in trio with Igor and Eduard, we sadly said our goodbyes. But we are very excited about Igor coming to New York with his entire 18 piece bigband to perform in concert with Wynton Marsalis and Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra in September!
Igor sent us back to the hotel in care of one of his professional security men. We were very happy and relaxed with no fears in the Moscow night as we sped through the streets in a taxicab back to the Rossiya.
The following day we had a chance to do a little more shopping for souveniers and pack all the bags for our trip back to New York JFK.
Checking out from the hotel the reception people were very friendly and asked me to autograph my new cd "Hammond's Bolero" for them *link: www.cdbaby.com/hammond they called me Jazz Man. We enjoyed our stay there very much!

It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. I am happy that we have professional recordings of the concerts with Igor, Eduard and our special guest musicians Vladimir Danilin and Alexei Kuznezov. We are talking about creating a live cd release from the concerts at Le Club.
As they say, we came to "Celebrate the diplomatic power of jazz" with ™ "Blues In The Moscow White Nights"!

Jon Hammond
™ "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
*Member Local 802, Local 6/ASCAP Artist

*special thanks to Igor Butman and Faina Antonova and Le Club team Moscow.

Jon Hammond tries on a Russian hat at GUM

We went shopping in the famous GUM department store complex. Here I tried on a typical Russian fur hat. It is very warm in the summer! But good for winter I am sure. 

Jon Hammond standing at the Le Club marquis

We were very happy to find Le Club by Metro on our first full day in Moscow, and there I am standing by the poster for my concerts there with Igor and Eduard! 


Moscow White Nights...view outside our hotel window

This stunning view of Red Square from our hotel room window gave me the inspiration for the title "Blues In The Moscow White Nights" (like Blues in the Night) we played the song live on the Le Club sessions! 

Igor Butman & Gary Walker at WBGO

Very early on morning of Fri. March 5th, 2004 Igor and I met at Port Authority Bus Station and took the bus out to WBGO radio in Newark NJ. I was assigned to the task by Gary to bring Igor in time for a broadcast interview that morning. Gary was my initial connection to Igor so they are old buddies as you can see in this photo I shot outside of WBGO at 54 Park Place in Newark. I'll be returning to Moscow to play with Igor again this coming July. 

Jon Hammond and Igor Butman on Russian TV

Igor translates for Jon on Russian television as he speaks about how it is to be in Russia performing with Igor Butman. The power of the universal language of music has brought it all together, and Jon is explaining his wish to dedicate original composition "Soon I Will Be Free" to the peoples of Russia and the former USSR. 

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JON HAMMOND at the Hammond organ!

Jon Hammond at his studio in Times Square New York. 
photo by Teddy Fung

JON HAMMOND at the window

Jon Hammond at the window of his 27th floor studio in Times Square NY with his Sennheiser headphones in hand and trusty Revox A700 tapedeck.
photo by Teddy Fung

JON HAMMOND live at Le Bar Bat New York

on Hammond in performance at Le Bar Bat club New York - April 28, 2003
photo by Teddy Fung

JON HAMMOND Band "Hammond's Bolero" release party

Jon Hammond Band at Le Bar Bat, left to right:
Joe Berger, Alex Budman, Ray Grappone, Jon Hammond
photo by Teddy Fung

JON HAMMOND on the mic

Jon Hammond doing a voiceover on his Superlux Tube Microphone
photo by Teddy Fung

JON HAMMOND with Telecaster

Jon Hammond with his Telecaster Custom in doorway of his Times Square studio
photo by Teddy Fung

RAY GRAPPONE getting down with JON HAMMOND

Drummer Ray Grappone getting down with the funky beat on Jon Hammond Band at Le Bar Bat New York
photo by Teddy Fung


Jon Hammond holding his new cd album entitled Hammond's Bolero on Ham-Berger-Friz Records at Le Bar Bat nightclub release party April 28, 2003
photo by Teddy Fung

JOE BERGER getting down on the JON HAMMOND Band

Joe Berger, co-producer of Hammond's Bolero, getting down on the guitar on Jon Hammond Band at Le Bar Bat New York
photo by Teddy Fung

JON HAMMOND at home with XB-2

Jon Hammond at home with Hammond XB-2 organ that has been on many gigs in 14 countries
photo by Teddy Fung

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Boots Hughston on HammondCast KYOU Radio


Boots Hughston interview with Jon Hammond on KYOU Radio HammondCast (excerpt). Boots is former partner of Chet Helms' Family Dog Productions and organizer producer of Summer Of Love 40 Year Anniversary in Golden Gate Park. Recorded from the broadcast by Mr. Hammond personally on SONY CFS-D7 Boom Box.


JON HAMMOND on radio KCSM 91.1 FM



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