JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hamburg Altona Jon Hammond Band performs original funk tune Head Phone in Newessbar Club

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Hamburg Altona Jon Hammond Band performs original funk tune Head Phone in Newessbar Club Jon's archive http://archive.org/details/HeadPhoneNewessbarHamburgJonHammondBand Youtube http://youtu.be/Lpvx1djhN4k Jon Hammond Band in Hamburg at Newessbar performing funky original composition "Head Phone" Lutz Buechner tenor sax Heinz Lichius drums Joe Berger guitar Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ and bass Special thanks Roman Kumutat sound engineer, Olaf Gödecke, Knut Benzner NDR Radio, Jens Borgmann and Sabine Borgmann Route 66 Hamburg *see Jon's T-Shirt http://www.HammondCast.com Gig with Don Pender in the rain, you can actually see the rain coming down - Jon Hammond Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InWvpftTt7I Fall River Massachusetts -- EASY LIVIN' - Jon Hammond Showband circa 1976 — in Fall River, MA Kevin Barrett Did the band cover Uriah Heep's "Easy Living"? Jon Hammond Hi Kevin, hah...I never thought of that to tell you the truth, good one! Jon Ulrich Vormehr is that you on the right side ?? Jon Hammond Hi Ulrich, yep that's me...this was a smokin' band! 2 horns, Tommy Costa drums next to me there, one of the best funky dance drummers in the business, Jon Frankfurt Germany -- 25 years Musikmesse! (and now 26) special thanks Hiromitsu Ono Chief Engineer Suzuki Musical Instruments designed my instrument which took me all around the world many times Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKsX8XgVh94 Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond Band Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2011 in Jazzkeller Frankfurt Tony Lakatos - tenor saxophone Giovanni Gulino - drums Joe Berger - guitar Jon Hammond - organ Oakland California -- Saxophonist/World-Traveler/Entrepreneur Pete Jeffryes and Jon Hammond at CommonWealth Cafe & Pub New York NY -- my neighbor bassist Hide Tanaka and Jackie Williams drums on a Junior Mance gig at Local 802 annual Holiday / Christmas Party - Jon Hammond Anaheim California -- Love this photo! Dan Del Fiorentino, Jay Valle, Jon Hammond - Winter NAMM Show, lots of years of music history between the 3 of us folks! - JH 2012 Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party hosted by Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller Frankfurt "Get Back In The Groove" / Tribute to 9/11 by Jon Hammond with Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Joe Berger guitar, Giovanni Gulino drums, Jon Hammond at the Hammond Sk1 organ, special guest Lee Oskar harmonica. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJT522j_nPQ This performance marks 26 years consecutive attending Musikmesse Frankfurt and it was also on the birthday of Jon Hammond March 20th, 2012 with a big chocolate on chocolate cake baked by Saray Pastanesi Baeckerei & Konditorei bakery on Mainzer Landstrasse 131. 60327 Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt Germany -- Alex Mingmann Hsieh Taiwan and Jon Hammond - All I need is a mouthpiece and some saxophone lessons to "Go For The Sound" PMauriat Saxophones at Musikmesse Frankfurt Youtube with a cat who can really play it, Tony! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJT522j_nPQ Hofheim am Taunus -- Jon Hammond Band - Jazzkeller-Hofheim Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JtoWjSFow0 Jon Hammond's annual Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller Hofheim, here featuring funky Giovanni Gulino breaking it down on Jon Hammond original funk composition "Head Phone" - Jon Hammond Band - Peter Klohmann tenor sax, Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ *Note: Congratulations to Jazzkeller Hofheim 53 plus years of history, check out the book, I am honored to be on page 68. Keep the tradition going in Hofheim am Taunus, dankeschoen Jazzkeller Hofheim Team! sincerely, Jon Hammond — with Jon Hammond Band and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Jazzkeller Hofheim Hamburg Germany -- Midnight Showcase Set at New Ess Bar in Hamburg Altona - Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSPaISJlqEA Jon Hammond Band first time in Newessbar performing original funky composition Pocket Funk Lutz Buechner tenor saxophone, Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ http://www.jonhammondband.com/ special thanks Olaf Gödecke and Roman Kumutat Newessbar Hamischa — with Jon Hammond Band and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Newessbar Hamburg Germany -- Jon Hammond Band kickin' it at Auster Jazz Bar on the Henriettenweg Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZLDW5E7k8c Auster Bar Jazz Bar Michael Leuschner Presents Jon Hammond Band One Night Only on the Henriettenweg Hamburg, very cool scene! Classic Mercy Mercy with Michael Leuschner trumpet, Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at Sk1 Hammond organ and special guest Jonas Schoen alto saxophone reprising the great Cannonball Adderley smash crossover hit: Mercy Mercy - R.I.P. Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley (September 15, 1928 -- August 8, 1975) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannonball_Adderley Jon saw Cannon do it with his quintet Feb. 24, 1968 at Winterland in San Francisco on a show with The Vagrants and The Who. Keeping the Spirit alive here in Auster Bar Hamburg! Special thanks / dankeschoen to Frank at Auster Bar, Knut Benzner NDR Radio, Heinz Lichius, Michael Leuschner wonderful musicians! http://www.jonhammondband.com/ — with Jon Hammond Band and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Auster Bar Hamburg Germany -- Behind the wheel of Jens' Classic Ford T-Bird - Jon Hammond http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Thunderbird The Thunderbird ("T-Bird"), is an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States over eleven model generations from 1955 through 2005. When introduced, it created the market niche eventually known as the personal luxury car. The Ford Thunderbird began life in February 1953 in direct response to Chevrolet's new sports car, the Corvette, which was publicly unveiled in prototype form just a month before. Under rapid development, the Thunderbird went from idea to prototype in about a year, being unveiled to the public at the Detroit Auto Show on February 20, 1954. Like the Corvette, the Thunderbird had a two-seat coupe/convertible layout. Production of the Thunderbird began later on in 1954 on September 9 with the car beginning sales as a 1955 model on October 22, 1954. Though sharing some design characteristics with other Fords of the time, such as single, circular headlamps and tail lamps and modest tailfins, the Thunderbird was sleeker and more athletic in shape, and had features like a faux hood scoop and a 150 mph (240 km/h) speedometer hinting a higher performance nature that other Fords didn't possess. Mechanically though, the Thunderbird could trace its roots to other mainstream Fords. The Thunderbird's 102.0 inches (2,591 mm) wheelbase frame was mostly a shortened version of that used in other Fords while the car's standard 292 cu in (4.8 L) Y-block V8 came from Ford's Mercury division.[4] Though inspired by, and positioned directly against, the Corvette, Ford billed the Thunderbird as a personal luxury car, putting a greater emphasis on the car's comfort and convenience features rather than its inherent sportiness.[4] Designations aside, the Thunderbird sold exceptionally well in its first year. In fact, the Thunderbird outsold the Corvette by more than 23-to-one for 1955 with 16,155 Thunderbirds sold against 700 Corvettes.[5] With the Thunderbird considered a success, few changes were made to the car for 1956. The most notable change was moving the spare tire to a continental-style rear bumper in order to make more storage room in the trunk, and an optional porthole in the removable roof was offered and often selected by buyers. However, the addition of the weight at the rear caused steering issues. The spare was moved back to the trunk in 1957 when the trunk was restyled and made slightly larger. Among the few other changes were new paint colors, the addition of circular porthole windows as standard in the fiberglass roof to improve rearward visibility, and a 312 cu in (5.1 L) Y-block V8 making 215 horsepower (160 kW) when mated to a 3-speed manual transmission or 225 horsepower (168 kW) when mated to a Ford-O-Matic 2-speed automatic transmission; this transmission featured a "low gear", which was accessible only via the gear selector. When in "Drive", it was a 2-speed automatic transmission (similar to Chevrolet's Powerglide). The Thunderbird was revised for 1957 with a reshaped front bumper, a larger grille and tailfins, and larger tail lamps. The 312 cu in (5.1 L) V8 became the Thunderbird's standard engine, and now produced 245 horsepower (183 kW). Other, even more powerful versions of the 312 cu in (5.1 L) V8 were available including one with two four-barrel Holley carburetors and another with a Paxton supercharger delivering 300 horsepower (220 kW). Though Ford was pleased to see sales of the Thunderbird rise to a record-breaking 21,380 units for 1957, company executives felt the car could do even better, leading to a substantial redesign of the car for 1958. — at Kieler Straße 271, D-22525 Hamburg Hamburg Germany -- Classic T-Bird! at Route 66 Hamburg http://www.route66-hh.de/main.htm Jon Hammond — at Kieler Straße 271, D-22525 Hamburg Hamburg Germany -- Some of the Primo cars in Jens' showroom - Route 66 Hamburg - Jon Hammond Oakland California -- Victor "Big Daddy" Zaraogza from KBLX 102.9 FM MC'ing on the main stage at Oakland Art & Soul Festival August 5, 2012 Hollywood California -- Kenny Burrell on the microphone with Jon Hammond at ASCAP Expo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Burrell Kenneth Earl "Kenny" Burrell (born July 31, 1931)[1] is an American jazz guitarist. His playing is grounded in bebop and blues; he has performed and recorded with a wide range of jazz musicians Jon Hammond returns to AMAC The Australian Music Association Conference - here with the new Hammond SK-1-88 making it's first appearance in Australia courtesy of Bernies Music Land - Jon speaking with Bill Ferguson of Carlingford Music Centre a big Hammond organ outlet down under (in the heart of Sydney) and Robert Barbarossa of Bernies Music Land demonstrates some of the other remarkable sounds possible with the full-size 88 key version of the Sk1 Hammond http://www.HammondCast.com/ Sk1-88 at AMAC The Australian Music Association Conference Jupiters Gold Coast 1 Casino Drive, Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia 4218 Youtube http://youtu.be/3uA0SA0gtIw http://www.musicland.com.au Blip TV http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/new-hammond-product-sk1-88-at-amac-australia-hammondcast-6641529 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151620068892102 Photo by Erika Kapin - Joe Berger and Jon Hammond at Junior Mance's Birthday Party & Concert event at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music - thanks for the great shot Erika! http://www.facebook.com/events/372895482815800/permalink/372895486149133/ "Join us as we celebrate the 85th birthday and 75th year of performance of renowned pianist and faculty emeritus, Junior Mance" ... — with Les Paul and Joe Berger at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Visit with Berklee's Innovation Strategy and Technology VP David Mash Jon's archive http://archive.org/details/InnovationStrategyAndTechnologyVPDavidMashHD720p Jon Hammond's Visit with Berklee's Innovation Strategy and Technology VP David Mash in the Corporate Offices of Berklee College of Music Boston MA, kicking off Fall Semester of 2013 http://www.berklee.edu/ Check out David's site http://mashine.com/Mashine/David_Mash.html David Mash is Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, the world's leading institute of contemporary music. In previous roles at Berklee, David was the founding chair of the Music Synthesis Department, the first degree program in MIDI and music synthesis in the United States, now internationally recognized as the premier music technology program of its kind; as Assistant Dean of Curriculum for Academic Technology, David developed the Center for Technology in Music Instruction - a development center for supporting faculty's use of technology in their teaching, and helped design the Berklee Learning Center - the largest networked music learning facility in the country. The unique facilities for teaching David has designed have served as a model for interactive teaching environments at many major colleges and universities. From 1996 - 2005 David was Vice President for Information Technology, and was charged with the successful integration of technology into all college processes. In 2005, as Vice President fro Technology and Education Outreach, he began working to expand Berklee's City Music program into a national initiative through the Berklee City Music Network, which is now providing after-school music programs at no cost to middle- and high-school teens from underserved communities at 32 sites across the country. In order to provide access to excellent curriculum and learning materials, he helped to build the Berklee PULSE music method. Most recently, David led the development of a new online learning platform for enrolled students at Berklee called InsideBerklee. As a leading authority on music technology and education, David Mash has been featured on national and international media broadcasts such as 3-2-1-Contact, Newton's Apple, World Monitor, CBS Evening News, All Things Considered and Voice of America. He has also been featured on Apple Computer's video Macintosh, Music, and MIDI - The Open Door as well as BMG Victor's video Macintosh Music Bible Video - Volume 1 . He has been a pioneer in music and multimedia and composed the score for the digital movie Maria Lionza that won the 1992 International QuickTime Movie Festival award for best documentary, and is available on CD-ROM from Sumeria QuickTime: The CD 1992. He was affiliated with the Kodak Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine, and taught the first music and multimedia courses offered at the center. David has collaborated on development and artistic projects with leaders in the multimedia and music industries such as Kodak, Adobe Systems, Digidesign, Opcode, and Korg and has consulted on product development for many manufacturers of music technology products. Rolling Stone magazine has called David "the industry's leading evangelist for the marriage of music and technology." David was named an AppleMaster by Apple Computer for his contributions to the fields of music, technology, and education. David is past International Chair for Electronic Music for the International Association of Jazz Educators, and maintains an active schedule as speaker and presenter at national and international clinics and workshops on art, technology, and education. He has also been the recipient of grants, fellowships, and awards including a finishing grant from Apple Computer, the Arts Partnership grant for Composition/Performance, and Jazz Composition Fellowship from the Mass Council on the Arts and Humanities. David's publications include • Musicians and the Internet, Warner Brothers • Musicians and Computers, Warner Brothers • Musicians and Multimedia, Warner Brothers • Musicians and Computers Interactive, Warner Brothers • Macintosh Multimedia Machine, Sybex • Computers and the Music Educator, Warner Brothers • "Guide to Instructional Computing"; National Association of Jazz Educators • "Digital Music Workstations as Creative Classroom Tools"; National Association of Jazz Educators • "Future Class"; Berklee Today • "Kurzweil 250 User's Guide"; Kurzweil Music Systems • "Technology for Teaching: Software, Synthesizers, and Sound Design"; Music Educators Journal Hammond and Mash at Frankfurt Musikmesse Hammond and Mash at NAMM Show Recent Berklee Alumni Dinner, San Francisco California - Berklee's Beverly Tryon on in foreground Blip TV http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/visit-with-berklee-s-innovation-strategy-and-technology-vp-david-mash-6639066 Youtube http://youtu.be/rVUvButN9Ak 2 Detroiters: David Mash Dean of Technology Berklee College of Music here in his office with Larry Fredson, photo by Jon Hammond *Note: David did the deal with Apple to make Apple Mac Powerbooks standard for Berklee curriculum, and passed out 2,000 Apple Powerbooks to kick it off http://laterent.blogspot.com/ Jon Hammond 1974 Berklee — with David Mash at Berklee Film Scoring Jon's archive http://archive.org/details/ReturnOfTheStudentJonHammondVisitWithTonyGermainHD1080p Jon Hammond visit with his piano teacher Tony Germain: "So good to see my piano teacher main man Tony Germain 40 years later from the first day we met on Scheduling Day 1973, looking good Tony! Greatest piano and Hammond organ teacher folks! Tony taught so many players well and created the organ department (long story!) Chairing the PIano Department, (he has a nice chair in his office and superb Steinway Grand Piano) - if you are lucky enough to be a student at Berklee and get to study with Tony Germain, then you are living under the lucky star - Tony is the Man!! Thanks for everything you showed me Tony, straightened me out big time" - Jon Hammond *Return of the Student - Here I am with my Piano Teacher main man Tony Germain 40 years to the day later from the first time we sat down together folks - interview coming soon, many thanks Tony! Jon Hammond http://www.berklee.edu/people/tony-germain Position: Assistant Chair Department: Piano "I think I might have been one of Berklee's first graduates with what today is called the performance major in piano. So as assistant chair, I have a vested interest in making sure we're still preparing piano, keyboard, and organ students, without being in any way style prejudiced. I also took the position to have a little bit more involvement with the curriculum—to see what I could personally add or help create." "When I went to Berklee, Ted Pease, Phil Wilson, and Mike Rendish were my role models and my teachers. They set the standard for what I'd become and how I would teach. They were all very good to me, and I could see how much they loved it. Here at Berklee, I'm giving back to something that has given me everything. I often describe Berklee as a musical Fantasy Island. I just don't know where else I'd be happy." "Prior to becoming assistant chair of the Piano Department, I taught pretty much everything across the board for 33 years: harmony, ear training, arranging, ensembles. I created the Harmonic Ear Training course and taught it from about 1978 until I became assistant chair. I'm equally in love with private and classroom teaching, and have done it all my adult life. I probably get more out of it than my students do. But hopefully I inspire students to further their interests in whichever style of performance they desire—it's my job to prepare them for the long haul. I still teach Survey of Piano Styles: History of Jazz Piano. I didn't want to give it up. And I didn't want to not teach entirely, because you lose touch if you're out of the classroom." Career Highlights B.M., Berklee College of Music Performances with Judy Garland, Herb Pomeroy, Joe Hunt, and Dick Johnson Musical director, Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well, Charles Playhouse Pianist and keyboardist with jazz and commercial groups Recordings include Forces with Jerry Tachoir; Risa's Waltz with Danny Harrington; Until Further Notice with Steve Rochinski; Sasha Sings Dinah, A Tribute to the Queen, Dinah Washington with Sasha Daltonn; Happy Talk with Christine Fawson; At Last with Kimberly Keating; Read Between the Lines with Jan Shapiro; Live at the Firehouse with Danny Harrington; The Berklee Great American Songbook series; and for Acuff-Rose, Nashville Published articles in Keyboard and Berklee Today magazines Professional performing and recording artist Television and radio experience, including Community Auditions/ Dave Maynard Talent Showcase, WBZ, Channel 4, Boston; Jack Harris Show, Detroit; Nick Clooney Show, Cincinnati; Music America, WGBH Radio, Boston; and Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Performer and clinician, Berklee on the Road programs in Umbria, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles Leadership Stephany Tiernan Chair Tony Germain Assistant Chair — at Berklee College of Music http://www.HammondCast.com/ — at Berklee College of Music Youtube http://youtu.be/TppXGPzVaK8 http://www.facebook.com/jonhammondorgangroup Hamburg Altona, Heinz Lichius, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Jazz, Funk, Soul Music, Sk1 organ, Youtube, Archive, NDR Radio, Sessions, Projekt, Local 802, Musicians Union

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MNN TV The Jon Hammond Show Australia Germany Boston New York City and San Francisco CA

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: MNN TV The Jon Hammond Show Australia Germany Boston New York City and San Francisco CA Jon's archive http://archive.org/details/JonHammondMNNTVTheJonHammondShowAustraliaGermanyBostonNewYorkCityandSanFranciscoC/ Youtube This video is about MNN TV The Jon Hammond Show Australia Germany, Boston, New York City and San Francisco CA on this episode! http://www.jonhammondband.com/news.html Appearing on this episode: Tony Germain Assistant Chair of Piano Department Berklee College of Music - Tony was Jon Hammond's piano teacher 40 years ago, Joe Franklin King of Radio and TV, The Blue Angels with music by Jon Hammond Band with special guest Lee Oskar - Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone, Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 organ "Get Back in The Groove" Jon Hammond solo wakeup music at AMAC Australian Music Association Conference in Gold Coast Australia.Early Bird Jazz Session at Local 802 Musicians Union - tonight Ladies' Night I got to play with some wonderful lady musicians: great saxophonist / flautist / bandleader Carol Sudhalter on my left and on my right Carol's excellent guitarist guest visiting from Italia Giorgia Hannoush - welcome to America Giorgia! Sounding really great on guitar, primo! (pronounced like Georgia so of course first thing we played was Georgia on My Mind) and thanks to Greta M. Herron for sitting in on drums, lots of fun tonight, thanks ladies! Jon Hammond — with Carol Sudhalter and Giorgia Hannoush at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM - special thanks to great musician Deep Singh who came in to play this evening, we had just wrapped but great to see Deep, looking forward to our first play soon! Jon Hammond (at the Hammond organ) — with Carol Sudhalter, Giorgia Hannoush at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM MNN TV, Cable Access TV, Boston, Berklee College of Music, Piano, Organ, Australia, Funky Jazz, Get Back In The Groove, Blue Angels, New York, San Francisco, Local 802, Musicians Union

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