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Friday, August 10, 2018

A Fifty Year Old Story -- at this year's Radio Day festivities. Here is his report

A Fifty Year Old Story -- at this year's Radio Day festivities. Here is his report
California Historical Radio Society  . -- Jon Hammond is a long-time CHRS member who sees the country with his Jon Hammond Band. He's often played for CHRS on Radio Day by the Bay. He is active on Citizens Band (CB) when on the road (and collects CBs too) and also holds an FCC amateur radio license. At Radio Central, Jon found a Radio With A Story -- A Fifty Year Old Story -- at this year's Radio Day festivities. Here is his report . "I went to CHRS swap meet last Saturday; it was very well attended! So when I went around the back, I found a couple of orphaned radios. A JC Penney SSB CB radio 6247 was pretty clean. But he real interesting story is this portable Sanyo 3 band radio that somehow called out to me. I picked it up and saw that the previous owner had labeled it - Thomas D. Mulhern from Fresno. And then another label said he bought it in 1965 in Geneva, Switzerland at WHO Store. It turns out that Mr. Mulhern was a quite well known man who worked on Mosquito Abatement and was part of the World Health Organization, so he was in Geneva at the WHO headquarters and bought this radio there at the store. . "I messed with it a little bit, and then the radio started speaking again. It sounds fantastic! . "I [went] out for a night health walk with it actually. . "Here’s some pics and story from last week and the man and Sanyo Radio model 10G 831L - check it out - thanks, over and outzky, Jon." . -- Jon also passed on a bio for "Tommy" Mulhern, who managed the control of mosquitoes in California and around the world for many decades. He saved many lives in a truly distinguished career. It's nice to know he enjoyed listening to the radio too, and given this "Colorano" ten-transistor radio's bands, long wave in Europe. (The "L" in the model number probably means it receives the long-wave broadcast band). . -- Radiomuseum.org has a page for a version without a long wave band: www (dot) radiomuseum (dot) org/r/sanyo_colorano_10_g_83110g83.html

Thanks very much always amazing California Historical Radio SocietyTeam! It always pays off to come to the CHRS Radio Swap Meets and Events - yes I am the proud new owner of this legacy Sanyo Electric Company3 band model 10G-831L FM/LongWave LW/MW (aka AM) portable radio! Thanks to estate of Thomas D. Mulhern the famous Mosquito Abatement innovator member of World Health Organization (WHO)- *Note: On my health walk the other day, a couple going to their car noticed the Sanyo portable sounding real good walking by them, the woman said: "Wow I haven't seen a radio like that for a long time!" I proudly told her, "Thank you - it belonged to Thomas "Tommy" Mulhern the famous Mosquito Abatement expert of WHO / World Health Organization!" - and now I'm thinking about labeling all my gear - there will come a time, and it adds even more enjoyment to know the back story about where the equipment comes from - Mr. Mulhern actually bought it in Geneva Switzerland in the year 1965 at the WHO Store in World Health Organization Headquarters - and it sounds fantastic today in 2018 I am happy to report folks! Support the good folks at California Historical Radio Society - come on down to 2152 Central Avenue Alameda Radio Central any Saturday, the best! - Sincerely, Jon Hammond
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Mr. Mulhern was real smart to do it (not the greatest speller, but good enough!)


"Previous owner of Sanyo Colorano radio: "Mr. Thomas D. Mulhern of Fresno *read:
Full text of "Thomas D. Mulhern 1908-1993.":

Thomas D. Mulhern (about 1985) 

Thomas Desmond Mulhern died on Thurs- 
day, August 1 2, 1 993, in Morgan Hill, California. 
Tommy, as he was affectionately known by his 
friends and colleagues, was born in Brooklyn, 
New York on June 15, 1908. 

Tommy devoted his entire professional life to 
activities related to the abatement and control 
of mosquitoes. Beginning with his first summer 
job in 1 925, as a mosquito inspector for the Mon- 
mouth County New Jersey Mosquito Extermi- 
nation Commission, to 1949, Tommy contrib- 
uted professionally through the development and 
design of equipment and procedures used world- 
wide for the abatement and control of pest and 
vector mosquitoes. His full-time professional ac- 
tivity began in 1 928 when working with the New 
Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Depart- 
ment of Entomology, as a drainage engineer and 
administrative assistant. 

Among his many professional contributions 

was participation in the design and development 
of the New Jersey mosquito light trap and pro- 
cedures for utilizing traps for the survey and eval- 
uation of adult mosquito populations. He de- 
signed inverted-siphon, self-cleaning outlets for 
mosquito control ditches through sandy seashore 
beaches. He also designed a salt marsh ditching 
system to supplement the natural system, ad- 
mitting saltwater minnows that preyed upon 
mosquito larvae, and designed and developed 
more efficient marsh ditching machines for salt 
marsh and freshwater marsh areas. “ 

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