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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Industry Tribute NAMM In Memoriam HammondCast coverage

Anaheim California -- Industry Tribute NAMM In Memoriam HammondCast coverage #WATCHMOVIE HERE: NAMM Memorial Tribute Industry Leaders Lost HammondCast coverage Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/NAMMMemorialTributeIndustryLeadersLostHammondCastCoverage Youtube http://youtu.be/934LYZwSpxs Jon Hammond's coverage of the annual NAMM in Memoriam Tribute to Industry Leaders Lost. Always near the end of day 1 we take time to reflect, NAMM Historians Dan Del Fiorentino and Tony Arambarri put together a special reel showing members of the NAMM Community who have passed, L.A. Bagpipers play - on this clip the audio is original music from Jon Hammond "Lydia's Tune" since Youtube flags the bagpiper's track - for complete NAMM Memorial: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/namm-memoriam-industry-tribute-2015 - HammondCast http://www.HammondCast.com #NAMM CNN iReport http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1213472 Vimeo http://vimeo.com/118886655 NAMM Show Day 1 -- Greg Herreman Event Producer directing operations on the big GoPro Stage just before the annual NAMM Tribute to Industry Leaders Lost - like Secret Service with a microphone in his sleeve, super slick! Getting closer to hit time for NAMM Memoriam Industry Tribute - NAMM Chairman Larry Morton also Kevin Cranley and Debbi Cranley are talking with Dan Del Fiorentino - spotlights are moving in to place, Hats On...Bagpipers ready! Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/HammondPartyNashvilleMovieJonHammondBandPortionInMemoryOfGreggGregoryGronowsky Youtube https://youtu.be/9mqRK9Ezqnw Facebook video https://www.facebook.com/jonhammondband/videos/1473017669393692/ XK-5 Hammond Party Nashville In Memory of 'Gregg' Gregory Gronowski Jon Hammond Portion of Program: original compositions POCKET FUNK + LATE RENT - special event Nashville Tennessee Summer NAMM Show Hammond Organ USA Suzuki Musical Instruments Jon Hammond Band Musicians: Joe Berger guitar, Kayleigh Moyer drums, Chuggy Carter percussion, Jon Hammond XK-5 Hammond Organ with high power model 3300 Leslie Speaker. This is the USA Debut of the model XK5 Hammond organ NAMM Show ©JON HAMMOND Intl. http://www.HammondCast.com *Note: Remembering 'Gregg' Gregory Gronowski - I am planning to play with Joe Berger Wed. Feb. 22nd at the Gregory Gronowski Memorial Celebration concert in St. Charles IL Arcada Theatre - it's going to be a great night of music and memories...family & friends folks! See you in the Land O' Lincoln (suburb of Chicago where I was born actually) - Jon Hammond *it will be a Hammond Organ / Organist extravaganza! Hammond Organ USA @GreggGronowski #GreggGronowski Jon Hammond Band Jon Hammond Organ Group Scott May Suzuki Musical Instruments Info: XK-5 ORGAN: The New Original HAMMOND’s new flagship portable organ is a ground-up new design that draws on original blueprints of the classic HAMMOND B-3 organ to capture its sound and feel with unmatched accuracy and soul. Its patent-pending technologies include an all-new sound engine that combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of the electro-mechanical tone wheel generator plus a custom keyboard action that duplicates the heft, bounce, key travel, and multi-contact behavior of classic HAMMOND console organs. K-5 organ, Heritage Series dual-manual systems, new Leslie K pedal HERITAGE SERIES: Dual-Manual Console Options for the XK-5 For musical applications requiring two manuals and/or bass pedals, the Heritage Series expands the XK-5 (which contains all the tone-generating circuitry) into a full transportable B-3 console. The XK-5 Pro System has a modern look and comprises the XLK-5 lower manual (with same key action and multi-contact system as the XK-5). Its vertically extended side panels replace those on the XK-5, creating a gapless dual-manual organ that can be carried as one piece. The optional XPK-250BK 25-note pedalboard in black finish with EXP-250 expression pedal, and open-footprint black aluminum folding stand with matching bench complete the Pro System. The Model A-3 looks like a traditional B and includes the A-3 lower manual with thicker side panels than the XLK-5, matching wooden A-3 legs and wooden bench. The LESLIE 3300 has been a top choice of touring professionals who demand a genuine physical two-rotor LESLIE speaker, due to its 300 watts of clean solid-state power. Producer Jon Hammond Audio/Visual sound, color Language English H.264 download download 1 file MPEG4 download download 21 Files download 4 Original Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondShowFor115FromNAMMAndFrankfurtMusikmesse Youtube https://youtu.be/BP0JcvVhiDs Vimeo https://vimeo.com/189545672 Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/LydiasTuneHeadPhoneLateRentJonHammondFunkUnitNissanStage Views 22 #22 Youtube https://youtu.be/qKjYrk0fOFw 61 views #61 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Lydia, Head Phone, Late Rent, Funk Band, Jon Hammond, Lee Oskar, Harmonica, Hammond Organ, Nashville, NAMM Show, Nissan Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondJonHammond_NAMM.orgOralHistoryInterviewDate_January13_2011FullVersion_0 Views 144 #144 Youtube https://youtu.be/Faq_A58v4sE 275 views #275 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Topics NAMM Oral History, Musikmesse, Mini-B, NAMM, G37, G27, Leslie Speaker, Onions, Jazz, Blues, Musicians Union, Local 802, ASCAP, KYOU Radio, Anaheim, Frankfurt, B3 Organ, XB-2, Leslie Speaker Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/LydiasTuneFullBigBandMeetinghouseJazzPodcastJonHammond Views 16 #16 Youtube https://youtu.be/idKeKk2v_xU 40 views #40 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Lydia's Tune, Jon Hammond, Full Big Band, Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra, #HammondOrgan #FriendsSeminary #ToddAnderson Organist Jon Hammond composed this song in Paris France after flying there aboard Air France Concorde in year 1981, played here now with Meeting House Jazz Orchestra - Arranged and Conducted by tenor saxophonist Todd Anderson. Bob Rosen (tenor) presiding over the Music Program at Friends Seminary 230 year old school on Manhattan's East Side - Greg Ruvolo takes the flugelhorn solo, Jim Piela saxophone, Pat Hall, Art Baron, Alfredo Marques trombones, David Acker guitar, Mike Campenni drums, Charles Lee alto, more names coming! Thank you for playing my song and those listening and watching this Podcast folks! Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP http://www.HammondCast.com/ -- As Seen on Jon Hammond Show MNN TV Channel 1 TV Producers of Manhattan Neighborhood Network [MNN] - Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM AFM Local 6 PROFILE http://afm6.org/member-profile/jon-hammond-wheres-the-gig/ — with Alfredo Marques, Bob Rosen, Greg Ruvolo, Todd Anderson, Mike Campenni, Art Baron, David Acker, Charles Lee and AFM Local 6 at Friends Seminary. Klaus Maier, David Bowie, In Memoriam Industry Tribute Industry Tribute, NAMM Memorial, David Bowie, Dan Del Fiorentino, Gregg Gronowski, HammondCast, #NAMMShow #HammondOrgan

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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Danny Glover Interview with Jon Hammond HammondCast 81 Jazz Blues and Soft News

Danny Glover Interview with Jon Hammond HammondCast 81 Jazz Blues and Soft News *LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: Really Incredible Danny Glover Interview On Jon Hammond's Radio Show Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/HammondCast81 Danny Glover Actor Activist visiting with Jon Hammond on Jon's radio program, touching on a whole range of topics of global importance and locally in San Francisco where the broadcast happened on 1550 AM KYCY and KYOU - revisiting concerts attended at Bill Graham's Fillmore, talking about the music that inspired him while attending San Francisco State University, Chambers Brothers, Aretha Franklin, John Coltrane a shout out to saxophonist Ron Stallings (R.I.P.) and more, a truly incredible in-depth interview covering his work in movies, the ACT Theatre Group, United Nations and works of Richard Wright and his wife at Bomani Gallery. Jon Hammond website http://www.HammondCast.com 45 minutes 16 seconds NAMM Show Carvin Pro Audio Jon Hammond Session with Joe and Chuggy, Friday Funk Unit 4PM CenterStage Daniel and Carson Kiesel - photo Jon Hammond Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/CookingCarvin Youtube https://youtu.be/B90ELBdI1mM Anaheim CA -- Carvin Audio NAMM Show Session: Jon Hammond organ, Chuggy Carter percussion, Joe Berger guitar cooking at the Carvin Audio stand through the new Carvin Amplifiers' powered speakers. Special thanks Carson Kiesel and Carvin San Diego Team Jon Hammond Hilton Hotel Lobby with Bernard Purdie #Purdie #FunkUnit Billy Kaye and Greg Bandy - photo Jon Hammond at Local 802 Undercover Airliner - photo Jon Hammond #Airliner Early AM Bay Bridge crossing - photo Jon Hammond #BayBridge Jon Hammond Senior Center music gig on custom Excelsior Accordion #ExcelsiorAccordions photo by Cheryl Fippen Local 6 Musicians Union - Jon Hammond Accordionist #Accordionist QWERTY Tech Talk with Jon Hammond MacBook Pro Upgrade and Blackberry OS 10 Jon Hammond's mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro upgraded with 1 Terabyte Samsung 850 EVO SSD Solid State Drive and Blackberry Q10 with the OS 10 *note: Photo displayed, recent performance at Japan Musical Instruments Fair playing the new Hammond XK-5 Hammond organ 'B3 of the Future' with ace musicians Koei Tanaka and Tokuichi Inoue the Suzuki Chromatic harmonica masters, Joe Berger on guitar and Jon Hammond at the new XK5 paired with the model 3300 Leslie Speaker with 300 Watts rms high power, 3300W (W stands for: WOOD) in beautiful wood finish. Jon Hammond says: "Flash Memory is the Thing these days folks!" Yes...Flash Drive is the Thing these days, no doubt about it. Jon Hammond's recommendation: Keep your older non retina MacBook Pro - order a new Samsung 850 EVO SSD flash drive (best prices from B&H Photo) - then have it installed in the MBP, do a fresh install of latest OS - right now that would be 10.12.2 macOS Sierra and prepare to have a smokin' hot - blazing fast laptop, yeah! About phones - Jon Hammond long-time T-Mobile Sidekick user, transitioned to Blackberry with QWERTY keyboard, it's a solid phone and very good reception and security - today's recommendations from organist accordionist Jon Hammond - back from Tokyo and Happy New Year 2017! Hammond XK 5 Organ New Demo LATE RENT By Jon Hammond in Tokyo Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/HammondXK5OrganNewDemoLATERENTByJonHammond Youtube https://youtu.be/orMxtJuU_pY Vimeo https://vimeo.com/191437322 Facebook video https://www.facebook.com/hammondcast/videos/10153888659417102/ Hammond XK-5 Organ New Demo LATE RENT by Jon Hammond at Japan Music Instruments Fair in Tokyo Big Sight - MUSICIANS: Koei Tanaka harmonica, Joe Berger guitar, Takano Naoyuki tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond XK5 Hammond Organ in Suzuki Musical Instruments Stand #XK5 #HammondOrgan #TenorSax #Harmonica #KoeiTanaka #Guitar @JonHammondBand http://www.HammondCast.com Producer Jon Hammond Language English Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JapanMusicFairLIVEGetBackInTheGrooveXK5 Youtube https://youtu.be/1x3Xt4yLF8U Vimeo https://vimeo.com/190419463 Facebook video https://www.facebook.com/jonhammondband/videos/1455167981178661/ Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back in The Groove XK5 featuring Koei Tanaka and Joe Berger plus special guest Tokuichi Inoue chromatic Harmonica Masters from Suzuki Musical Instruments - Jon Hammond is playing the new XK-5 Hammond organ and high power Leslie Speaker, the new standard in Hammond B3 digital organ, best modern Hammond organ in history, enjoy! Jon Hammond photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! http://www.HammondCast.com Tokyo Japan -- thanks for photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! - Tokyo Japan -- I love playing this organ XK-5 aka XK5 Hammond, come join us for Day 2 Japan Musical Instruments Fair in Suzuki Musical Instruments stand folks! - Jon Hammond H.264 download Jon Hammond Sit Down Interview With Chico Hamilton Jazz Drummer Extraordinaire Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondChicoHamiltononHammondCastKYOURadio Views 747 #747 Youtube https://youtu.be/wBJf8J9lNik 1,109 views #1109 Drummer, Bandleader, NEA Jazz Master Award Recipient CHICO HAMILTON on HammondCast KYOU Radio, excerpted from interview by Jon Hammond, organist and host of HammondCast Show 7 mornings a week on KYOU. ©2008 *Info: http://www.HammondCast.com Jon's MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jonhammondshow Visit Chico's MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/chicohamilton Most Important Jazz Photos In Recent History by Jon Hammond and Film: http://kernelpanichammondcast.blogspot.com/2016/09/most-important-jazz-photos-in-recent.html Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Topics Chico Hamilton, Drums, NEA, Jazz Master, Jon Hammond, Fred Katz, Sammy Davis Jr., Fred Astaire, HammondCast, Lena Horne, Tony Bennett, Danny Kaye, KYOU Radio 512KB MPEG4 download From Jon Hammond Archive, Jon's pictures taken of surviving and then present (2004) NEA Jazz Master legends, many from this list including Horace Silver, Louis Bellson, Anita O'Day, Ron Carter, Cecil Tayloar, Frank Foster, Benny Golson, Roy Haynes, Hank Jones and many more, enjoy! Jon Hammond Chico Hamilton obituary by John Fordham - "Highly individual American drummer, bandleader and jazz visionary who toured with Lena Horne in the 1950s" John Fordhams's Chico oibt: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/nov/26/chico-hamilton : "A hundred years into its evolution, jazz incorporates ethnic and European classical instruments, drum machines and DJs spinning decks. A half-century or so ago, hardware habits were more cut and dried. A jazz big band had trumpets, trombones, saxes and a rhythm section. A small band had a rhythm section, a sax and trumpet, with maybe a guitar or a vibraphone. One that featured a (very quiet) guitarist, a flute or clarinet, a cellist, and a drummer who preferred mallets to sticks seemed a strange beast in the jazz forest. But the groups of the American drummer Chico Hamilton, who has died aged 92, did feature such instrumentation and, contrary to the jazz orthodoxies of the 1950s, they were for a time runaway successes. Hamilton led west coast bands in that decade that came close to the popular acclaim of the area's biggest jazz stars, Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan. He also provided opportunities for many newcomers who became formidable musicians, including the saxophonists Eric Dolphy, Charles Lloyd and Arthur Blythe, and the guitarists Jim Hall, Gábor Szabó, Larry Coryell and John Abercrombie. Some listeners regarded Hamilton's attempts to adapt a musical formula to the marketplace as wasting the improvisational talents of his creative partners. His early work was rarely given its proper due and it was only relatively recently that he came to be recognised as a completely distinctive drum school all to himself – a superb instrumentalist with a highly individual sound, a talented bandleader and a jazz visionary who believed the music could tap a far broader range of resources than it usually did. Hamilton once described the drums as "very melodic … Very soft, graceful in motion as well as sound; a sensuous, feminine instrument." Hamilton played on the soundtrack to the film Sweet Smell of Success (1957); appeared in Bert Stern's famous 1958 Newport festival jazz documentary Jazz on a Summer's Day; and went on to work with musicians from many different backgrounds who had either studied with him or admired his achievements – including the former Spin Doctors guitarist Eric Schenkman and the Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. He was born Foreststorn Hamilton in Los Angeles and went to the city's Jefferson high school, where his contemporaries included the saxophonist Dexter Gordon. He rehearsed with many of the star pupils taught by the school's famous jazz teacher, Sam Browne. Hamilton's models were the swing drummers Jo Jones and Sonny Greer, and when he left school he worked with the swing celebrities Lionel Hampton, Lester Young and Duke Ellington. But during the four years he then spent with the US army, jazz was turned on its head by the bebop revolution. The sound of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie may have dominated bop, but the underpinnings had radically changed too – jazz drumming was now more nervy, unpredictably accented, sometimes as busy as a permanent solo. Journal Frankfurt Article by Detlef Kinsler, LINK: http://journal-frankfurt.de/funkyjazz

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My home away from home 
Jon Hammond zum 27. Mal auf der Musikmesse
Nomen est omen. Der Mann heißt Hammond und spielt eine Hammond. Der Organist aus New York freut sich auf Frankfurt und lädt zur Musikmesse Warm Up Party am 9.4. in den Jazzkeller ein.
JOURNAL FRANKFURT: Was war für Sie zuerst da - die Frankfurter Musikmesse oder Auftritte im Jazzkeller?
Jon Hammond: Die Musikmesse. Ich kam 1987 zum ersten Mal nach Frankfurt, zusammen mit Joe Berger, der auf der Messe für Engl Amplifiers spielte. Wir flogen mit der Lufthansa ein und teilten uns ein Zimmer im berühmten Prinz Otto Hotel am Hauptbahnhof. Schon in der ersten Nacht stellte mir Joe den großen John Entwistle, den Bassisten von The Who vor. Es wurde eine lange Nacht, in der wir Cognac tranken und Erdnüsse knabberten in eiern Suite des Marriott Hotels. Ich habe Joe bei einer Session mit John und Ringo Starrs Sohn Zak Starkey im Dorian Grey Club gefilmt bei einer Soundcheck Party. In den ersten paar Jahren spielte ich nicht oft live weil ich noch keine transportierbare Hammond Orgel hatte vor 1991 als ich den Prototyp einer XB-2 Hammond Orgel bekam mit der ich dann um die Welt reiste. Hauptsächliche dokumenierte ich aber die Messe für meine Cable TV Show in New York, die inzwischen im 29. Jahr als The Jon Hammond Show -- Music, Travel and Soft News präsentiert. Die harten Nachrichten überlasse ich CNN und den großen Networks (lacht). Vom ersten Jahr an fühlten wir uns der Musikmesse eng verbunden, haben seitdem eine tolle Zeit hier, kommen jedes Jahr wieder bis wir kleine, alte Männer sind.

Das Jazzkeller-Konzert am Vorabend der Musikmesse ist zu einer netten Tradition geworden - wie kam es dazu, was bedeutet es Ihnen und wir werden Sie dieses Jahr diesen Abend im Jazzkeller zelebrieren?
Ab 1991 lernte ich mehr und mehr Musikmesse-Menschen kennen und die mich und auch einiges von meiner Musik. Einige von ihnen ermunterten mich, doch auch für Auftritte nach Deutschland zu kommen weil es hier doch ein Interesse an Hammond-Orgel-Groove-Music gab. Mit der schon erwähnten, kleinen, kompakten aber sehr kraftvollen Orgel war das alles möglich. Zudem machte ich in New York gerade eine schwere Zeit durch, mein Vater war gestorben und ich hatte das Gefühl, einige Veränderungen könnten meinem Leben gut tun. Also kam ich nach Frankfurt mit meiner XB-2, allerdings mit einem Rückflugticket falls etwas schief gehen würde. Ich rief viele Musiker an, ließ sie wissen, ich bin jetzt da, lasst uns zusammen spielen. Das war für mich der Anfang einer langen, sehr speziellen Beziehung, vor allem zum Frankfurter Publikum nach ersten kleinen erfolgen im Jazzkeller und einer kurzen Auftritt im Hessen Report im Fernsehen. Beatrix Rief verdanke ich dieses "lucky light on me", eine tolle Erfahrung. Seitdem nenne ich Frankfurt "My Good Luck City" und im Jazzkeller begann auch alles für mich als Musiker. Deshalb liegt mir der Club auch so nah am Herzen, deshalb hatte ich auch die Idee, meine "Musikmesse Warm Up Party" dort zu realisieren, immer in der Nacht bevor die Messe startet was zu einer schönen Tradition wurde. Im ersten Jahr, in dem ich dann auch ein wenig Sponsoring von Philip Morris bekam, konnte ich damit einige Flugtickets für befreundete Musik bezahlen. Darüber war ich sehr glücklich. Dabei rauche ich selbst gar nicht.

Wie würden Sie Ihr persönliches Verhältnis zu Deutschland und Frankfurt beschrieben?
Lassen Sie es mich so sagen: ich liebe Frankfurt und die Frankfurter waren immer gut zu mir in all den Jahren. Ich könnte ein ganzes Buch über die Zeit schreiben, in der ich in Bornheim wohnte und Nacht für Nacht in der alten Jazzkneipe in der Berliner Straße auftrat. Das war der Treffpunkt, wo auch die Musiker der HR Bigband hinkamen und es gab eine generöse Chefin in der kleinen Kneipe. Auch Regine Dobberschütz und Eugen Hahn im Jazzkeller waren wahre Jazzengel für mich, die mir so vieles ermöglichten in der Zeit. Wir konnten auch in den Studios von AFN Radio spielen, waren die einzigen Musiker, die das - mit einer Sondergenehmigung des US Militärs - durften. Für ein wenig Promotion für die Musikmesse. Wir nannten das Programm für die AFN "Profile TV "-Show "Sound Police". Wir hatten viel Spaß. Kein Wunder also, dass ich Frankfurt als my home away from home begreife und ich mich jedes Mal wieder freue zur Musikmesse zu reisen, in diesem Jahr übrigens zum 27. Mal in Folge. Und ich bin diesmal besonders aufgeregt, heim nach Frankfurt zu kommen weil ich gerade 60 Jahre alt geworden bin.

Wer wird in diesem Jahr zum Gelingen des Konzertes mit teils komponierter, teils improvisierter Musik, so nehme ich an, beitragen und was für einen Sound wird die Band präsentieren?
Ich habe etwa 90% der Kompositionen geschrieben, die wir spielen werden. Es ist die Musik, die man auch in meiner New Yorker TV-Show hören kann und die mich mehrmals um die Welt getragen hat. Meinen Stil nenne ich "Swinging Funky Jazz and Blues" und featurert die ganz wunderbaren Solisten in meine Band: Tony Lakatos, den großen ungarischen Tenorsaxophonisten, der auch Mitglied in der hr Bigband ist, dann meinen alten Freund Giovanni Gulino, diesen tollen Schlagzeuger, der schon für fast alle Großen der Szene getrommelt hat. Ich liebe diese Jungs. Als Gitarrist ist mein alten Freund und Kollege Joe Berger dabei, den man auch als The Berger-Meister kennt. Auf diese Formation bin ich wirklich stolz.

Werden Sie im Jazzkeller wieder eine Hammond Orgel spielen?
Ja, sicher, das neueste Modell, eine Sk1, die exakt so klingt wie die legendäre B3. Ich liebe sie. Und sie wiegt nur noch sieben Kilo (Anm. des Autors: Das Original, ein echtes Möbel mit viel Holz, mussten immer zwei Menschen mit viel Muskelkraft die Treppen rauf und runter hieven), ein deutliches Indiz, dass wir in der Zukunft angekommen sind. Da stecken viele Jahre Forschung und Entwicklung drin, auch Bühnenerprobungen. Ich ziehe den Hut vor den Ingenieuren von Suzuki, ein unverwüstliches Instrument erschaffen zu haben. Und das unterziehe ich jetzt einen echten Härttest (lacht).
27. März 2013
Interview: Detlef Kinsler

Michael Leuschner and Jon Hammond at Alte Burg Penzlin centuries old castle just before concert with Landesjugendjazzorchester Mecklenburg Vorpommern HammondCast, Danny Glover, Jazz, Blues, Soft News, #Radio #TV #NAMM #Musikmesse #HammondOrgan

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