JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Scott May NAMM Show Interview With Jon Hammond

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Scott May NAMM Show Interview With Jon Hammond

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/ScottMayNAMMShowInterviewWithJonHammond

Youtube https://youtu.be/p9UwYLjEqFU

Scott May NAMM Show Interview With Jon Hammond

Scott May NAMM Show Interview with Jon Hammond
Namm Oral History interview LINK:

Hammond Suzuki USA, Ides of March band

Identifier ScottMayNAMMShowInterviewWithJonHammond
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Interview, Namm Show, Anaheim, Chicago, Ides of March

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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

NAMM Hammond Stand Sunday Morning Head Phone Funk Session

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: NAMM Hammond Stand Sunday Morning Head Phone Funk Session

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/NAMMHammondStandSundayMorningHeadPhoneFunkSession

Youtube https://youtu.be/zoqd6C-tms8

NAMM Hammond Stand Sunday Morning Head Phone Funk Session

NAMM Hammond Stand Sunday Morning Head Phone Funk Session Leslie J. Chuggy Carter percussion Joe Berger guitar Ryan Saranich tenor saxophone Will Galison chromatic harmonica Jon Hammond A3 Hammond organ + bass NAMM Show booth 8206 Thanks Suzuki Musical Instruments , Pmauriat Albest saxophones, TV Jones guitars / pickups Hammond Organ USA #NammShow #HammondOrgans #FunkBand #HammondA3 #HammondB3 http://www.HammondCast.com Identifier NAMMHammondStandSundayMorningHeadPhoneFunkSession Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4
Jazz Session, Namm Show, Funk Band, Saxophone, Percussion, Chromatic Harmonica, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Anaheim, Sunday Morning

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NAMM Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond Coverage

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: NAMM Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond Coverage

Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/NAMMMemorialIndustryTribute2019JonHammondCoverage

My dear friend Andreas Meer master rock photographer sadly passed last year, here's my photo of Andreas on this year's NAMM Industry Tribute Memorial reel:

NAMM Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond Coverage

NAMM Show​ Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond​ coverage - thanks Dan Del Fiorentino​ + NAMM Oral History Team - is there an official list? - JH 
*Note: Music from "Hammond's Bolero" for purposes of copyright, Youtube flagged me for the bagpipe music 2 yrs. ago - Jon Hammond Band​ - songs:
"Soon I will be Free", "Jennifer's Song" (partial) "Six Year Itch"
composed by yours truly Jon Hammond 
**Special Thanks to Mike Mullens​  NAMM Team for list of the deceased on 2019 Industry Tribute  

VinnieAbbott19642018xMusician, Product Endorser
José AntonioAbreu19392018xEl Sistema Music Education Program, Founder
JeffAlexander19622018xSennheiser; Neumann USA, Sales and Marketing executive
RickAlvey19572018xMechanicsville Music, Owner
JohnAmstadter19482018xJamm Distributing Inc., Founder
BobAshworth19462019xLowrey Organ; Regional Sales Manager
ByronAutrey19242018OHProduct Developer, Product Designer, Musician
BobBain19242018OHStudio Musician, Arranger
MartyBalin19422018xMusician, Songwriter
BruceBarris19572018xAudio Professional
JaneBastien19362018OHComposer, Piano Teacher
MaxBennett19282018OHMusician, Composer; Product Endorser
ArneBerg19302018OHTASCAM, Co-Founder/Chief Product Engineer
SergeBichon19352018xBG Franck Bichon, Co-Founder
KenBran19232018xMarshall Amplification, Product Engineer
RobertBull19272018OHSteinway and Sons, Past President
AlBumanis19532018xAMTA, Director of Communications & Conferences/Music Therapist
RoyBurns19352018OHAquarian Drumheads, Founder; Musician
ChrisBurroughs19582018xRainbow Guitars, Shipper; Musician
AceCannon19342018OHMusician, Product Endorser
BillCausey19432018OHThe Band House, President
NduguChancler19512018OHMusician, Product Endorser
CharlesCirbus19542018xAntonia Rose Fretted Instruments, Founder
RoyClark19332018OHMusician, Country Music Hall of Famer
Eddy "The Chief"Clearwater19352018OHMusician, Product Endorser
ChuckCooper19592018xAudio Services Installation, a divison of Mississippi Music, Manager
MikeCooper19482018xMeyer Sound, International Sales Director
JackCostanzo19192018OHMusician, Mr. Bongo
HalCowan19352018OHJenkins Music Company, CEO
LouCurtiss19392018OHFolk Arts Rare Records, Founder
JoeD'ambrosio19462018xBuffet Crampon USA, Division Manager
MarvinDahlgren19242018xDahlgren's Drum Shop, Founder, Method Book Author
DorothyDunkley19242018OHDunkley Music, Co-Founder
HowardDurbin19252018OHElectro-Voice, Executive Vice President
Mary JeanEdstrom19232018xHal Leonard, Wife of Co-Founder Everett 'Leonard' Edstrom
NokieEdwards19352018OHMusician, Product Endorser
MikeEhrhard19532018xDrum Headquarters, Music Educator
GeoffEmerick19462018xAudio Engineer
BobFisher19442018xBlues Angel Music, Consultant
DJFontana19312018OHMusician, Product Endorser
ArethaFranklin19422018xQueen of Soul
C. DarbyFulton19332018OHHammond Organ Dealer, Music Retailer
RandyGenet19482018xMusic Sound World, Founder
BobGiacoletti19372018OHGiacoletti Music, Co-Founder
GiorgioGiannini19332018OHGiannini Musical Instruments, Founder
GeoffGillard19482018xManaging Director, Boosey and Hawkes
RonGist19432018xGist Piano Center, Founder and CEO
PatriciaGraham-Reim19642018xMarketing and Business Consultant, Reim; Graham & Associates
AlanGregory19392018xAlan Gregory Musical Instruments, Founder
BonnieGuitar19232019OHMusician, Record Producer
MoeHaggadone19532018xIndependent Production Manager
BillHardin19332018xBill Hardin Music, Founder
MarkHarmon19582018xIndependent FOH Sound Engineer
RaeHarris Jr.19262018xNASMD Volunteer
EddieHaynes19332018xDrums & Percussion Specialist and Clinician
JamesHeidrich19532018xBad Cat Amplification, Founder
GlendaHerro19522018xHal Leonard, Book Division Manager
ChasHodges19432018xMusician, Product Endorser
GerardHorgan19642018xPrint Room Manager, Zildjian Company
SuzanneHosea19492018xYamaha Music Education, Regional Manager
Lazy LesterJohnson19332018OHHohner Inc., Musician
Sue Jones19262018OHMuseum of Making Music, Docent
DennisKager19432018xDennis Kager Electronic Design, Founder, "The Amp Guy"
KurtKaiser19342018OHWord Music Publishing, Arranger/Songwriter
MitsuoKashara19272018OHYamaha Corporation of America, First President
KazuoKashio19292018OHCasio Computer Co.,  Chairman and CEO
KernKennedy19312018OHSun Studios; Musician
KatoKhandwala19712018xRecord Producer, Songwriter
EdKing19492018xMusician, Songwriter, Product Endorser
StanKitchen19312018OHSound Music Company, President and Founder
GaryKrypel19662018xColumbus McKinnon, Marketing Communications Manager
Beverly Lance19492018xC.F. Martin Guitar Co., Repair Dept. 
DavidLeed19372018OHLeed Representation, Co-Founder
SteveLikens19492018xFields Piano, General Sales Manager
MichaelLipe19482018OHLipe Guitars, Founder
DougMacCallum19562018xOne Systems, Co-Founder & President
SteveMadaio19482019OHMusician, Product Endorser
VivianMajeski19252018OHMusic Trades Magazine, Former Vice-President
EllieMannette19272018xFather of the Modern Steel Drum
JohnMarshall19272018xDirector of Marshall Music
KoosterMcAllister19512018xRecord Plant Remote, Founder/Chief Engineer
VinceMcBryde19412018OHSelmer Band Instruments, Vice President
ArnoldMcLerran19432018xDistrict Sales Manager, Yorkville Sound
Big JayMcNeely19272018OHMusician, Songwriter, Product Endorser
AndreasMeer19502018xMusic Industry Photographer
LarryMelero19682018xInstrument & Amplifier Technician
BobMetzler19342018xAudio Precision, Founder
GottholdMeyer19232018OHMusik Meyer GmbH, Past President
Michael "Mick"Million19582019xFOH Engineer
ShirleighMoog19362018xWife of Bob Moog, Author, Record Producer
SusanMorgan19462018xMorgan Sound, Co-Owner and Vice President
PaulMorris19522018xPCM Marketing, Founder
BertNeidhardt19322018OHGerman American Trading, President
NelsonNewby19452018xCentral Music, Founder
NickNixon19412018OHVocalist, Songwriter; Regular NAMM Artist
GeoffOakley19312018xRose Music, Brash Holdings & Steinway London; Director
Masaaki "Mac"Ohmura19432018xMac Corporation, Founder and Consultant
JoeOsborn19372018xMusician, Product Endorser
Alan R.Pearlman19252018xFounder, Product Engineer, ARP
NickPeck19332018OHPecknel Music, Founder; NAMM Past President
RandyPratt19632018xDrums & Percussion Buyer, Musician's Friend/Sweetwater Sound
Georgia R.Prentice, MD19412018xPrentice Practice Pads, Co-Founder
BobRaap19342018xSelmer; Brook Mays, Manager
LizReisman19632019xCreative Music Center, Owner
HerbRemington19262018OHRemington Steel, Founder, Musician
JerryRiopelle19412018xBeamz Interactive, Founder
ScottRodgers19582018OHFOH engineer
BudRoss19402018OHKustom Amps, Founder
SethRye19542018xFletcher Music, Store Manager
JohannesScherzer19222018OHBuffet Deutschland GmbH, Trumpet Maker
SallySchiff19292018OHAll County Music, Co-Founder
AnnSchmid19442018xMusic Workshops Ltd.; Stringalong Weekends, Co-Founder
WillSchmid19402018xMusic Workshops Ltd.; Stringalong Weekends, Co-Founder
RobertSchulein19422018xFormer President, AES
FrankSerafine19532018xHollywood Sound Designer
JackShallat19182018OHBuddy Rogers Music, Past Vice President
JeanineShea19582018xVintage Guitar Magazine, Production Layout and Advertising
JoyceShelven19272018OHGibson Guitar Company, Factory Worker
FredyShen19422018OHRemo Inc., Vice President
ShepShepherd19172018OHMusician, Songwriter
DannSkutt19532018xGrover/Trophy Music Company, Executive Vice President
MacSmith19672018xSteve's Music Store, Drum Expert
Peter B.Smith19332018OHEdition Con Fuoco, Co-Founder, Composer
GlennSnoddy19222018OHFuzz Tone, Inventor
RussSolomon19252018xTower Records, Founder and CEO
John "Jabo"Starks19352018xMusician, Product Endorser
HarryStoneham19302018xLowrey Organ London; Product Endorser, Studio Musician
MurraySunshine19242018OHCoret Music, Founder
BuzzTarpley19332018OHTarpley Music, Former President
ArturTeller19262018OHPresident, Josef Teller Music
HorstTeller19312018OHWolfgang Teller Giatarren & Zithern Company, Luthier
JerryTrestman19292018OHTrestman Music, Founder
DavidVan Koevering19402018OHMarketing Manager, Moog Music
JohnVitale19542018xBag End Systems and Full Compass, National Sales Manager
CarlVotaw19432018xVotaw Music and Votaw Tools; Founder
ChristianWächtler19682018xThomann Music, Purchase Manager for Guitars
TomWheeler19472018xAuthor, Guitar Player Magazine, Former Editor
BariWilson19502018xDean Markley, Executive Vice President
Mary BethWilson19602017xJantzen Internatinoal, Ltd., Owner
RobertZadel19342018OHConn Organ Company, Director of Marketing
ROY CLARK Interview with Jon Hammond: https://youtu.be/dPFiUlSe-98

Roy Clark Television Interview with Jon Hammond just before Roy appeared on the American Eagle Awards in Nashville Tennessee during Summer NAMM Show - Roy Clark an American Living Legend and long-time member of The Grand Ole Opry and The Country Music Hall of Fame - Roy's wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Clark Roy Linwood Clark (born April 15, 1933) is an American country music musician and performer. He is best known for hosting Hee Haw, a nationally televised country variety show, from 1969 to 1992. Roy Clark has been an important and influential figure in country music, both as a performer and helping to popularize the genre. During the 1970s, Clark frequently guest-hosted for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and enjoyed a 30-million viewership for Hee Haw. Clark is highly regarded and renowned as a guitarist and banjo player, and is also skilled on classical guitar and several other instruments. Although he has had hit songs as a pop vocalist (e.g., "Yesterday, When I Was Young" and "Thank God and Greyhound") ..

Namm Tribute, Industry Tribute, Deceased musicians, Musical Instrument companies, Anaheim Convention

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