JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Monday, May 04, 2009

HammondCast 16 KYOU Radio and KYCY

HammondCast 16 KYOURADIO
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HammondCast 16 KYOU Radio
This episode of HammondCast will feature Organ Shuffle Blues Grooves and is coming from Hamburg St. Pauli Germany just hours before going in to the famous Studio 1 of NDR Radio to record my new Jon Hammond Band album.
Recordings with drummers Bernard Purdie and Ronnie Smith Jr. on the band.
The first track was recorded live at Kimball's East Club in Emeryville California in 1998. A fine example of Bernard Purdie's "Purdie Shuffle" that he is known for with Hammond playing for a hometown crowd on a real B3 organ with spinning Leslie speakers. Also 2 blues shuffle tracks from Jon's "Hammond's Bolero" album: "F.P. Blues" and "Cannonball '99...One More Time!" plus 2 public service announcements I did in Zurich Switzerland that are played at the end of the night to encourage patrons of dance clubs to take a taxi if they had too much to drink.
Jon Hammond is an organ player & accordion player member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher: JON HAMMOND International, Inc.
All music on HammondCast is original and instrumental. "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
*ASCAP Member Jon Hammond Audio Portrait
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