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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Entwistle "Summertime Blues" on HammondCast Show with Rat Race Choir KYOU Radio

Watch Video *Here:

The late great JOHN ENTWISTLE of The WHO performing "Summertime Blues" Mixed by JOE BERGER with popular NY cover band RAT RACE CHOIR
MARK HITT guitar, STEVE LUONGO drums, JACK HOTOP keys, DAVE CHMELA vocals, Camera Documentation by JON HAMMOND
Fall 1987 at Bottom Line NY Blood Drive Concert promoted by K-ROCK 92.3 HOWARD STERN, Meg Griffin announcing.

Note: This is the famous concert that led to The WHO Reunion Tour after WHO's Manager BILL CURBISHLEY reported back to PETE TONWSHEND who at that time was not on speaking terms with Entwistle how good they sounded. Then Pete sent the famous TELEGRAM to John informing him that if he continued to perform their music with these "American Blokes" then there would never be a reunion. 2 weeks later they were in rehearsal and subsequent Who Reunion Tour. *Note: JOE BERGER introduced JOHN ENTWISTLE to Rat Race Choir Summer NAMM in Chicago then traveled to London with Hammond and the film Master from Vic Theatre performance in Chicago to show Entwistle. They encouraged John to come to America to play together with the very competent original members of RRC known for their WHO covers (Also TULL & ZEP) therefore Joe Berger (and Jon Hammond) are directly responsible for WHO "REUNION 1987" *More Info: © www.HammondCast.com As seen on Jon Hammond Show TV Show (26th year).

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