JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program HammondCast on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM, 7 days a week at 4AM PST.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ertegun Brother Tribute Hammond Cast KYOU Radio Jon Hammond Hosting

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HammondCast Early Edition KYOU Radio, STAN GETZ "Darn That Dream" duet with RON CARTER in tribute to Ertegun Brothers Ahmet & Nesuhi, also SYLVIA SYMS "Skylark" backed up by BOBBY SHORT for Nesuhi, and PHIL COLLINS solo "In The Air Tonight" JON HAMMOND at cocktail piano hour playing "Witchcraft" & "Misty" Vintage "Blues Hour" segment from Jon's cable TV show on NYC Street, Jon Hammond Band at Birdland "BBQ Lily" in Hamburg Germany. Studio Jam and HORACE SILVER "Liberated Brother", Jon's group "Girl From Ipanema" at the old Trident in Sausalito CA Horizons with 2 original members of Sons of Champlin Terry Haggerty guitar, James Preston drums, also Marc Baum tenor and Barry Finnerty guitar.
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Elmar Lemes Photo Jon Hammond playing XK-3 Organ at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session

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