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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tokyo Big Sight: Hammond B3 of The Future XK-5 Made Daily Appearances Suzuki Musical Instruments

Tokyo Big Sight: Hammond B3 of The Future XK-5 Made Daily Appearances Suzuki Musical Instruments Jon Hammond Organ Demo Hammond B3 of The Future XK-5 as seen at Tokyo Big Sight Japan Musical Instruments Fair #WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show Preview 11 26 From Tokyo Japan Funk Soul Music New XK-5 Hammond Organ And B3 Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondShowPreview1126FromTokyoJapanFunkSoulMusicNewXK5HammondOrganAndB3 Youtube https://youtu.be/uY7y-uLol2o Facebook video https://www.facebook.com/hammondcast/videos/10153902968662102/ Tokyo Japan — Jon Hammond Broadcast for MNN TV Cable Access, 34th year Friday nights at 01:30AM (Sat.) Channel 1 - first segment from Tokyo Big Sight Japan -- Very special dedication at Musical Instruments Fair Japan Second Day to my good friend Waichiro Tachikawa aka Tachi - reprising 10 years later Mercy Mercy with the great Suzuki Chromatic harmonica masters Koei Tanaka and Tokuichi Inoue (Stevie Wonder's friends and harmonica makers!), Joe Berger playing custom guitar built by Tor Arne Engdal and Jon Hammond at the exciting new Hammond organ product, the XK-5 aka XK5 presented in the full blown version Heritage Pro System with high power model 3300 Leslie Speaker daily onstage in the Suzuki Musical Instruments stand - enjoy this Full High Definition Film that will bring you right there to the bi-annual fair in the Big Sight convention and exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan - the largest one in the country! See you again in 2018 folks! These instruments are available now from your local Hammond Suzuki representitives - Jon Hammond *Note: We will also be appearing at Winter NAMM Show, Frankfurt musikmesse Prolight + Sound and Summer NAMM Show 31st year - this is the New B3 of the Future, now! “The New Original” - JH Jon Hammond is playing the New Hammond XK-5 Organ product from Suzuki Musical Instruments with “Modelled Tone Wheel 1” (MTW1) Tone Generator. MTW™ (Modeled Tone Wheels) Second segment: Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back in The Groove XK5 featuring Koei Tanaka and Joe Berger plus special guest Tokuichi Inoue chromatic Harmonica Masters from Suzuki Musical Instruments - Jon Hammond is playing the new XK-5 Hammond organ and high power Leslie Speaker, the new standard in Hammond B3 digital organ, best modern Hammond organ in history, enjoy! Jon Hammond photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! Third segment: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo -- LATE RENT Theme Song in famous Hammond orgasm​ #Hammondorgasm Rock Club Tokyo Japan - Hammond B3 organ lounge where the late great Keith Emerson used to hang out - MUSICIANS: KOEI TANAKA harmonica, - Koei Tanaka​ JOE BERGER guitar, - Joe Berger​ KIMIAKI TOBE drums, - Kimiaki Tobe​ JON HAMMOND B3 organ - Jon Hammond Special thanks: George Massahillo Oya​ & Atsuko Oya​ - Hammond orgasm Team - Shinjuku Tokyo - "Shinjuku is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. It is a major commercial and administrative centre, housing the busiest railway station in the world and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building,” Producer: Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND Intl. http://www.HammondCast.com Producer Jon Hammond Language English Announcing Special Guest Lee Oskar for big Center Stage at musikmesse First Day 1 PM on Jon Hammond AllStar Band Folks, I'm happy to announce that our friend Lee Oskar will be joining us onstage on the big Center Stage at musikmesse first day Wednesday April 5th with Joe Berger, Peter Klohmann Giovanni Totò Gulino! See you there, my 31st consecutive year - Jon Hammond *Showtime: High Noon 1PM! http://jonhammondband.com/blog.html/jon_hammond_all_star_band_at_the_musikmesse_2017_center_stage_wednesday_april_5_at_12_noon/ Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/WhiteOnionsInstrumentalWithSpecialGuestLeeOskar Youtube http://youtu.be/zy8OSck8_TA Jon Hammond Band original "White Onions" with special guest Lee Oskar harmonica - Jon's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in the famous Jazzkeller Frankfurt - Joe Berger on guitar playing his custom JJ Guitars, Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone by PMauriat Saxophones Pmauriat Albest, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Jon Hammond at the organ ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP Hammond B3 Of The Future XK5 Slated to Make Daily Appearances Jon Hammond Organ Group Winter NAMM Musikmesse ProLight + Sound B3 of The Future, XK-5 Slated Appearances, #JonHammond #NAMM #Musikmesse #HammondOrgan #XK5 Cookin' At The Arcada Theatre Jon Hammond Band Playing Benefit For Gregg Gronowski Family On Sound Soul Summit Hammond Extravaganza Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/CookinAtTheArcadaTheatreJonHammondBandPlayingBenefitForGreggGronowskiFamilyOnSou Sending it straight up to Gregg -- St. Charles, Illinois -- Cookin' at The Arcada Theatre Jon Hammond Band Playing Benefit for Gregg Gronowski Family on Sound Soul Summit Hammond Extravaganza Gig for Gregg Gregory Gronowski - Remarks about Gregg from Jon Hammond and "Cookin' at The Arcada Theatre" - tenor saxophonist Steve Eisen, Samuel Jewell drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the Hammond XK-5 Hammond Organ - dedicated to the Gronowski Family - Thanks Ron Onesti Onesti Entertainment for this beautiful venue and Team - we mourn the passing of Gregg Gronowski on Friday, August 19th 2016 and celebrate his life in music! Jon Hammond Hammond choking back the tears - mourning a friend Joe Berger ripping a solo for Gregg Cookin' at The Arcada Theatre - Jon Hammond Group Shot -- St. Charles, Illinois Hammond Extravaganza #HammondExtravaganza Arcada Theatre St. Charles, Illinois -- Cookin' at The Arcada Theatre Jon Hammond Band Playing Benefit for Gregg Gronowski Family on Sound Soul Summit Hammond Extravaganza Gig for Gregg Gregory Gronowski — with Gregory Gronowski and Hammond Organ USA at Arcada Theatre Jon Hammond and Gregg Gregory Gronowski Incredible Program Hammond Extravaganza #HammondExtravaganza #GreggGronowski Jon Hammond shaking Steven Eisen's hand after performance - mahzel tov Steve! Beautiful player!! Steve Eisen tenor saxophone of Chicago IL Youtube https://youtu.be/QgNXszsRpaY Vimeo https://vimeo.com/205695306 Facebook video https://www.facebook.com/hammondcast/videos/10154156719462102/ Cookin’ at The Arcada Theatre Jon Hammond Band Playing Benefit for Gregg Gronowski Family at Arcada Theatre from Jon Hammond 1 hour ago Cookin', Blues, Mourning a friend, Arcada Theatre, Hammond Organ, Leslie Speaker model 3300W, St. Charles Illinois Next Stop: Frankfurt Germany! L to R Jon Hammond, Lee Oskar, Joe Berger - Frankfurt musikmesse ProLight + Sound Musikmesse ProLight + Sound, B3 of the Future, Sk1, #XK5 #Harmonica #Blues #Jazz #HammondOrgans #NAMM #Musikmesse #Frankfurt

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