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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Summer of Love 50th People Gathered in Support of Boots Hughston Park Permit Hearing Which was Denied Flashback to 40th from Jon Hammond

San Francisco CA -- Summer of Love 50th People Gathered in Support of Boots Hughston Park Permit Hearing Which was Denied Flashback to 40th from Jon Hammond Photo credit Chris Smith - L to R Jon Hammond, Donny Baldwin, David Freiberg (Jefferson Starship) earlier today at San Francisco City Hall #WATCHMOVIE HERE: Summer of Love 50th People Gathered in Support of Boots Hughston Park Permit Hearing Which was Denied Flashback to 40th from Jon Hammond Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondWestFestPt2of2byJonHammondHammondCastKYOURadio Part 2 of 2 West Fest Celebration of 40th Anniversary of Woodstock free concert in Speedway Meadows Golden Gate Park Oct. 25, 2009 covered by Jon Hammond HammondCast KYOU Radio releasing of the doves, Jefferson Starship, Lester Chambers, El Chicano, Paul Lobster Wells, Bruce Lattimer shots by Mr. Hammond backstage and from crowd going to #29 bus ©JON HAMMOND Intl. - special thanks Boots Hughston, Terence Hallinan photo credit: Jude Gold / Ipek Davaz, Designer Wow...Rock Historic Photo from Chris Smith this morning folks!: "Chris Smith Donny speaks! He actually had no idea they were going to ask him to speak. He totally improvised and hit it out of the park. Go Donny! Peace and love! ❤️ (Donny Baldwin)" San Francisco City Hall​ -- 50th Anniversary Summer of Love​ of Love Support for Boots Hughston​ permit hearing - Jefferson Starship​'s Donny Baldwin​, David Freiberg​ , Chris Smith​ keyboards for Starship - photo: Jon Hammond​ - if all goes smooth we'll see ya' June 4th in Golden Gate Park for the big gig folks! "Summer of Love Event Permit Hearing Open to Public 10am February 16th in Room 416 San Francisco City Hall, show up! Jon Hammond c u there" http://jonhammondband.com/blog.html/summer_of_love_event_permit_hearing_open_to_public_10am_february_16th_in_room_416_san_francisco_city_hall_show_up_jon_hammond_c_u_there/ Photo by Lawrence Gay -- Jon Hammond​ Tomorrow folks! 50th Anniversary Summer of Love​ Event Permit Hearing Open to Public 10am February 16th in Room 416 San Francisco City Hall, show up! Jon Hammond c u there http://jonhammondband.com/blog.html/summer_of_love_event_permit_hearing_open_to_public_10am_february_16th_in_room_416_san_francisco_city_hall_show_up_jon_hammond_c_u_there/ Summer of Love Event Permit Hearing Open to Public 10am February 16th in Room 416 San Francisco City Hall, show up! c u there, Jon Hammond Breaking News By Sam Whiting folks / SFGATE http://www.sfchronicle.com/art/article/Parks-commission-gives-Summer-of-Love-anniversary-10938889.php?cmpid=gsa-sfgate-result Park Commission says no to Summer of Love anniversary concert By Sam Whiting, San Francisco ChronicleFebruary 16, 2017 Updated: February 16, 2017 7:02pm Julius Karpen, who was the manager for Big Brother and the Holding Company, speaks at a rally by supporters of a proposed Summer of Love concert on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 before attending a meeting of the Recreation and Park Commission to appeal a decision to deny a 50th anniversary concert in Golden Gate Park. Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle: A City Hall rally followed by two hours of impassioned testimony that included a man on his knees begging and a sing-along to “Give Peace a Chance” failed to convince the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission that it should allow a free 50th anniversary Summer of Love concert in Golden Gate Park. By a unanimous vote Thursday, the commission upheld a staff decision to deny promoter Boots Hughston a permit for his planned June 4 event at the Polo Field in Golden Gate Park. Because of concerns over public safety, traffic, lack of organization and a wildly fluctuating crowd-size estimate, Hughston was advised to find a partner with more concert promotion experience and submit a new application. This almost certainly means a free concert will not happen during the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, he said. “We’ve given them everything already, but I’m willing to do it again,” Hughston said after the vote. He promised to resubmit an application, “but I don’t see what difference that will make.” Hughston said he has spent nine months on the event and planned to pay the $200,000 cost out of pocket. Because he had put on a 40th anniversary Summer of Love celebration in the park, he believed his permit probably would be granted and announced the concert a few weeks ago. Performers were to include Eric Burdon and War, and the original rhythm section of the Santana Blues Band. But his permit application had not been approved, and on Feb. 7 Rec and Park sent Hughston a terse rejection letter. Turns out the bands were no more agreeable than Rec and Park. Michael Carabello, conga drummer with the original Santana band, read about the show in The Chronicle and called to say, “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” On Facebook, Burdon’s wife and manager, Marianna Burdon, wrote: “This world is full of deluded characters spreading false information for their own opportunistic purposes. ... Eric was never confirmed, as I declined the appearance immediately and the fact is, War was never even mentioned in our discussion.” But Hughston had another Eric up his sleeve: Clapton. His name was bandied about, along with the Dalai Lama, at Thursday’s hearing. The day had started with great promise. After the rain, about 100 flower children — yes, they still exist — carried placards to the steps of City Hall. After a rally, they checked their placards at the door and proceeded to a fourth-floor hearing room. The capacity of 63 was soon met. When commission President Mark Buell asked how many planned to testify, 63 hands went up. So he set a two-minute maximum for each speaker. “That should get us out of here by late tonight,” he said. When advised of these rules, Brian Rohan, who described himself as a “hippie lawyer” starting with client Ken Kesey, said, “I understand what the rules are. I’ve been breaking every rule in this city for 40 years.” But everyone calmed down and was nearly put to sleep by a long budget discussion that preceded the appeal. Many of the speakers, who overflowed into a secondary room, took their full two minutes just to give their Summer of Love credentials, though none could top Buell’s own. Not only was he here, he said, but also his stepdaughter was born during the Summer of Love. Her name is Summer Tompkins. One by one they lined up to vouch for the reputation of Hughston, 68, a real estate flipper living in Mill Valley who was a colleague of the late Family Dog promoter Chet Helms. “The whole world is watching us. How can we not have a Summer of Love concert?” said Trina Robbins, 78. “The worst thing that might happen is that a bunch of senior citizens get stoned on pot.” The thought of this reduced Ann Cohen, one of the founders of the San Francisco Oracle underground newspaper, to tears. “We are all in our 60s and 70s,” she pleaded, “and we want to do it again one more time.” But even tears could not stop Boots from getting the boot. Which is rare, because of the 55,000 Rec and Park permits sought each year, less than 1 percent are denied. “The commission did not deliberate for one second,” said Kenneth Wine, attorney for Hughston. “This was a setup from the get-go.” Wine said he is advising Hughston to take the Summer of Love to Oakland. “Whatever heart was beating in San Francisco got put to rest by the Park Commission today,” Wine said. Sam Whiting is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: swhiting@sfchronicle.com Instagram: @sfchronicle_art See Boots Hughston pleads his case for a Summer of Love anniversary concert: http://bit.ly/2lpfqA6 Mill Valley CA -- Very powerful photo of my friends Nick Gravenites and Julius Karpen at Memorial for my old friend Ron Polte - 2 icons of Blues and Rock, #NickGravenites @NickGravenites (The Electric Flag) #JuliusKarpen (Manager of Big Brother and The Holding Company) transplanted to California from Chicago just as myself and Ron as well - great to see Nick & Julius! Jon Hammond​ http://jonhammondband.com/blog.html/breakfast_with_ron_rest_in_peace_ron_polte_manager_of_quicksilver_ace_of_cups_wild_west_fest__jon_hammond/ "Breakfast with Ron, rest in peace Ron Polte manager of Quicksilver Messenger Service - Band​, Ace of Cups, Wild West Fest - Jon Hammond" "-- RIP my friend Ron Polte - manager of Quicksilver, Ace of Cups, Wild West Fest - Jon Hammond (my band opened for Copperhead on one of the very few live gigs they played in 1972 at The Longbranch Saloon) Tam Junction and Piatti Mill Valley Restaurant - Breakfast with Ron, rest in peace Ron Polte - Jon Hammond : *Note: We had a lot of fun in the old days at 759 Harrison Street San Francisco when we shared rehearsal space with The Quicksilver Messenger Service at Bruce Hatch's San Francisco Radical Laboratories aka SF Rad Lab in years 1968 / 1969 (not to be confused with radiation lab folks! I am still in touch with QSM guitarist Gary Duncan, sending my condolences Gary! - JH" Jon Hammond goes organic with the Osterizer model 442 Beehive classic blender....danger I'm back in the kitchen folks! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osterizer Osterizer is a brand which has been used by Oster Manufacturing for its line of blenders since 1946. It is claimed to be the first mainstream brand of blender,[1] though technically the Waring blender brand was introduced in 1937. In 1946, Oster acquired the Stevens Electric Company, which had received a patent on the liquifying blender in 1922. Oster itself was bought by Sunbeam Corporation in 1960. Osterizer blenders tended towards heavy construction and motors. While this raised cost, many early-model Osterizers still function today, and are more powerful than a majority of contemporary consumer blenders. Oster Platinum Face 60-Minute Timer celebrated the 80th Anniversary on December 2010. - Oster Anaheim, California​ -- Good to see my friend Achim Gleissner​ at Winter NAMM Show​! Jon Hammond​ #Sennheiser #evolutionmicrophone http://jonhammondband.blogspot.com/2016/09/sennheiser-evolution-microphone-jon.html Sennheiser​ evolution microphone Jon Hammond Breakfast Interview I am deeply saddened to lose my good friend and fellow musician Rudy Lawless folks - Rudy Sheriff Lawless - Rudy was a shining light of inspiration and my go to man for council for many years - he played with more dynamics than any drummer I've ever played with and right up until the end he was taking his drums all around NYC on the same Kart-A-Bag wheels we all use - most generous and swinging cat...my heart goes out to Gloria and all those who loved Rudy - Rest In Peace Rudy! Sincerely, Jon Hammond Session at Canopus Drums NAMM Show with Arno and Heinz - Photos by Lawrence Gay http://jonhammondband.com/blog.html/namm_show_canopus_drums_session_by_jon_hammond/ NAMM Show Canopus Drums Session by Jon Hammond #WATCHMOVIE HERE: NAMM Show Canopus Drums Session by Jon Hammond Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/NAMMShowCanopusDrumsSession Youtube https://youtu.be/noZRV3WW7OQ Vimeo https://vimeo.com/200553239 NAMM Show 2017, Camera Credit: Jesse Gay, thanks Jesse! -- Thanks to our good friends at Canopus Drums for the Organ Trio Session today with Heinz Lichius drums, Arno Haas tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond​ organ - powered by TecAmp USA neo bass cabinet - and beautiful Italian designer Keyboard Stand by Bespeco Professional, Alex Mingmann Hsieh / P. Mauriat 保爾‧莫莉亞 Taiwan Terence Hallinan SF DA pic by Jon Hammond HammondCast Summer of Love 40 special guest Boots Hughston http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-318893 By hammondcast | Posted August 23, 2009 | San Francisco, California *LISTEN TO HammondCast HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzxbtNsPovo HammondCast 129 KYOU Radio, special guest BOOTS HUGHSTON organizer of Summer of Love 40th and West Fest - the Woodstock 40th anniversary celebration in San Francisco, LYDIA PENSE & COLD BLOOD "Face The Music", "It Could Be YOU", TERRY HAGGERTY & SONS OF CHAMPLIN "Things Are Getting Better", JAMES BROWN "I'll Lose My Mind" James at the organ, BILL DOGGETT "High Heels" JON HAMMOND "White Onions" © www.HammondCast.com Anaheim, California​ -- Sunday Blues and Jazz Session in Hammond Suzuki NAMM Stand 5104 with Jon Hammond​ at the Sk1 Hammond organ, Joe Berger​ guitar, Chuggy Carter​ percussion, Koei Tanaka​ master chromatic harmonica player from Tokyo aka Suzuki Santa - Photos by Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show http://jonhammondband.com/blog.html/summer_of_love_event_permit_hearing_open_to_public_10am_february_16th_in_room_416_san_francisco_city_hall_show_up_jon_hammond_c_u_there/ NAMM Show​ - Hammond Organ USA​- Suzuki Musical Instruments​ Awesome photos by Lawrence Gay - Joe Berger playing in Hammond Organ USA Stand number 5104 at NAMM Show traditional Sunday Session, - we'll all be playing Feb. 22nd Memorial bash in memory of Gregg Gronowski at Arcada Theatre - hope to see you there! http://youtube.com/jonhammondband L to R Jon Hammond - Donny Baldwin - David Freiberg Donny Baldwin, David Freiberg, Jon Hammond, Summer of Love 50th, #SFCityHall #BootsHughston #HammondOrgan #RockHistory

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