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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conversations With Harold Channer Part 4 Jon Hammond Interview

*WATCH VIDEO: Conversations With Harold Channer Part 4 Jon Hammond Interview http://www.archive.org/details/JonHammondConversationsWithHaroldChannerPt4JonHammondInterview Hear Jon Hammond telling Harold Hudson Channer about his days playing Hammond organ nightly in the strip tease clubs in Boston Combat Zone in the mafia clubs as house organist at World Famous 2 O'Clock Club run by mobsters like Teddy Venus and Louie Venus the Venus Brothers. Just back from performing and presenting a Key Note Presentation in Melbourne Australia Ringwood Victoria at Bernies Music Land. Jon brought back a classic Akubra Australian Hat and recorded an album with drummer Michael Jordan LIVE AT BERNIES http://www.amazon.com/Live-At-Bernies-Jon-Hammond/dp/B003K7TMWM and a segment of Jon Hammond Band live in Jazzkeller Frankfurt with introduction by club owner Eugen Hahn featuring Jon's lineup of Joe Berger guitar, Kevin James Mauder tenor saxophone, Heinz Lichius drums and Jon Hammond at the organ
Jon Hammond with Akubra Hat from Australia
Eugen Hahn introducing Jon Hammond Band at Jazzkeller Frankfurt
Harold Hudson Channer and Jon Hammond in conversation
Jon Hammond new touring rig with Hammond Sk1 organ, EXP-50 Expression Pedal, Italian keyboard stand by Bespeco, Flight Case by Gator cases, Kart-A-Bag Super 600 wheels
Jon and Harold looking at the in-studio monitor in studios of MNN TV on W. 59th St. in New York City
Conversations Pt 4 Harold Channer and Jon Hammond
Jon Hammond Band onstage at Jazzkeller Frankfurt with Kevin James Mauder tenor sax, Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at XB-2 Hammond organ
Live At Bernies Jon Hammond (Artist) | Format: Audio CD
Wonderful live recording of Hammond Organ with drums.This classic organ club format was at its zenith in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Live at Bernies captures this unique feel and sound, with the internationally recognized hands of Jon Hammond and Michael Jordan providing expert renditions of many classic favorites. This crystal clear live recording sounds like you have an Organ Lounge in your living room! The performances are excellent and Jon displays his great experience and demonstrates the capabilities of the Digital New B3. The natural live feel is very refreshing. Jon Hammond on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jon-hammond/id4308313 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=569f9Nz0gns Music News Brought To You By Jon Hammond on CONVERSATIONS WITH HAROLD HUDSON CHANNER on MNNTV Intelligent Relevant Television Talk Harold Channer is a talk-show host on public access television network Manhattan Neighborhood Network, or MNN. He is the longest-running producer for the network, having done over 2,200 interviews over 40 years. Speaking here with Jon Hammond *WATCH THE VIDEO: 10 Years Later Tribute To Victims of 9/11 Jon Hammond Band Get Back In The Groove http://www.archive.org/details/JonHammond_TributetoVictimsof9_11_JONHAMMONDBand TONY LAKATOS-tenor sax HEINZ LICHIUS-drums JOE BERGER-guitar JON HAMMOND-XB-2 Organ/Bass *at JAZZKELLER Frankfurt *Note: Special Thanks ... all » EUGEN HAHN-Jazzkeller *Camera by: JENNIFER "Tribute to 9/11" (Get Back in the Groove) composed by JON HAMMOND © ASCAP www.JonHammondBand.com 10 Years Later, Tribute To Victims of 9/11, Jon Hammond Band, Soul Music, Jazz, Blues, Organ, Musikmesse, Frankfurt, New York, Get Back In The Groove ASCAP Audio Portrait http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzRVyWFhkek Fleet Week Air Show Surprise Appearance UAL 747 Jumbo Fly-by and music by Jon Hammond
Fleet Week Air Show Surprise Appearance UAL 747 Jumbo Fly-by and music by Jon Hammond


Fleet Week Air Show Surprise Appearance UAL 747 Jumbo Fly-by and music by Jon Hammond


This is the biggest Fleet Week extravaganza in 20 years on
10-10-10 with the most amazing air show featuring a low fly by of a United Airlines 747-400 over San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge - Special thanks to Captain Joe Sobczak - and a thrilling performance by the US Navy Blue Angels. Video shot by Jon Hammond on the deck of motor yacht Higher Hopes nearby Alcatraz, special thanks Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld, United Airlines, Blue Angels, U.S. Coast Guard. Music by Jon Hammond "Late Rent" and "Six Year Itch" as heard on Jon's daily radio program HammondCast KYOU Radio ©http://www.HammondCast.com ASCAP
Jon says: "The greatest show on Earth and Skies, enjoy!"

Fleet Week, Blue Angels, United Airlines, 747-400, Alcatraz, ASCAP, HammondCast, B3 organ, KYOU Radio, Local 802 Musicians Union


United Airlines 747-400 low fly-by Golden Gate Bridge

Music by Jon Hammond *here at the B3mk2 Hammond Organ

United Airlines Jumbo Jet saying hello just over Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay

US NAVY BLUE ANGELS flying tight formation over San Francisco California. One Blue Angels
Pilot said: "We fly 12 to 18 inches apart" see photo:

Lydia's Tune

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Lydia's Tune in Jazzkeller Frankfurt JON HAMMOND Band



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