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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Music News Brought To You By Jon Hammond Jim Chapin Memorial Teacher Scholarship Inaugural Event Hard Rock Cafe NYC

For Immediate Release -- New York City:
Music News Brought To You By Jon Hammond Jim Chapin Memorial Teacher Scholarship Inaugural Event Hard Rock Cafe New York City February 17, 2010

RIP Jim Chapin July 23, 1919 - July 4, 2009 "The Father of Independence" ironically died on Independence Day
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Dom Famularo at the podium officiating, Jim Chapin on cover of VINTAGE DRUMMER

Dom Famularo, Bernard Purdie, Carmine Appice photo by Jon Hammond

Anton Fig
Bernard Purdie and Carmine Appice
Jim Chapin and Joe Berger at Winter NAMM 2004
Jim Chapin Memorial Evans Drum Head signed by numerous drummers friends of Jim
Jim Chapin Web Page

Jim Chapin on Wikipedia

Percussive Arts Society

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Dom Famularo on FaceBook

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Dom reading "Poem For Jim's 80th Birthday" by Terry Bozzio

"Poem For Jim's 80th Birthday" by Terry Bozzio:
He created the dawn of creation,
He's got a little gong from the guy who wrote "lonisation".

His memory is lucid - mind like a trap
Spouting accurate details, little-known facts.

With his sticks and his pad and his Moeller rebounds
He has always a kind word, even for the clowns

Who gather and bother and sit at his knee
Saying, "Hey play me a 5 over 4 over 3!"

Which he'll easily do, 'cause he's got it down pat,
But says, "Now show me a musical context for THAT!"

I think it was the NAMM Show of '92...
A jam session was called, so what did he do?

Jim called out a tempo that was so freakin' fast
The piano man (half his age) cracked up and gasped!

As his fingers cramped up and got all tangled with each other
He couldn't seem to play one note after another!

And all the while struggling, how was he to know?
That Chapin thought the tempo was "just a tad too slow!"

If you don't believe me, Morello was there.
Famularo had to go and change his underwear!

'Cause we all knew well about the legend of his hands,
But NONE of us had ever seen him BURN with a band!

If the Hindi are correct about reincarnation,
I'd like to come back as Mr. Jim Chapin!!!
© Terry Bozzio
thanks Terry! JH

Joe Morello

Swiss Chris (on MySpace)

Tom Chapin

Sam Ulano

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