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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HammondCast 38 KYOU Radio and KYCY Jon Hammond Hosting

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HammondCast 38 KYOURADIO and KYCY 1550 AM, going deep in to the Jon Hammond archives in New York City with a special thanks to BEN FONG-TORRES for the write-up in his "RADIO WAVES" column in San Francisco Chronicle. On this episode we go back many years with AL JAZZBEAUX COLLINS to a Live broadcast with LIONEL HAMPTON + PANAMA FRANCIS, ARTHUR PRYSOCK and URBIE GREEN. Big AL playing ukelele and singing with his family, PATTI COLLINS & TEAL COLLINS singer for Mother Truckers "Mississippi Mud" & "When Your Smiling" around the dinner table. JACO PASTORIUS in 1984 on Jon's tv show and PT. 2-BARRY MELTON Interview with. "Right and Left", and a ballad from Jon's new album NDR SESSIONS Projekt.
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